Did You See Her Arm....

Okay so today starts off the first day of my guest weekly blogger...MY SISTER! im really excited to have her blogging weekly because I feel she will bring a more serious note to my blog & touch on subjects that many others don't like talking about, but should be talking about. Welcome to Social Issues with A...

I think it’s safe to say that the biggest OMG moment during the Oscars was Angelina Jolie. She made a sneaky attempt to take away focus from the real issue at hand by exposing her leg multiple times throughout the night.  I don’t think it was a shock to anyone, as Angelina is known for her arrogant demeanor and nonchalant riskiness, but I think the absence of her arm on stage is what really threw everyone for a loop hole.

In our fast paced society it’s definitely easy to forget a meal once in awhile or to workout religiously due to high stress levels, but do individuals know when it’s gone too far.
There are two problems here:

 1. Angelina Jolie’s arm was skin and bone with no muscle or meat, &
 2. Jolie is in the public eye constantly, and she is adored my thousands.

What intrigues me about this situation is the idea that the media has no problem supporting the “anorexic” look. They don’t care that the viewers who are watching this are sub consciously thinking “My arm doesn’t look like this, why doesn’t it look like that, am I eating too much.” The media plays a role in all of this, and their biggest duty is to set the agenda for what viewers should be thinking about. You see, they are very sneaky because they of course don’t tell us to be as thin as her, but the fact that they show it on national television is implicit enough.

Let’s all remember that eating is good for you and having both arms is essential for functioning.

- A


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