Messy Happenings

helllo loves! 3 things - ONE - there is A LOT going on at MessyDirtyHair right now, so be sure to scroll alllll the way to the bottom to check out all the Messy Happenings! 
TWO - MessyDirtyHair is now going to be selling various ' EmbraceTheMess' Products!!! Starting with 'EmbraceTheMess' bracelets.....& coming in the near future will be adorable t-shirts & more! You can check out the very first bracelet from the Messy Shop HERE

and THREE - I am now specializing in Custom Blog Design for Blogger & Wordpress!! You will be able to check out all my work on the 'extras' page of my blog! 
 { The Messy Shop is also apart of the 'extras' page }

I have been building websites for small businesses for over 2 years now through my side business TechSocial OC & figured why not put my skills to work on blogs as well. I recently just finished doing a blog for the hilarious Tab over at My Cliffnotes.  Soooo I am super excited about this new venture & cannot wait to start creating! 

CLICK for More Info! 

Costume Party & Giveaway HERE

$50 Giftcard to Sephora HERE

Sephora, CASH, Starbucks, Ad Space & More HERE

Fabulous Leather & Chain Bracelet HERE

Secret Santa Gift Swap HERE

VOTE, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LIKE my 'Date Night' Outfit HERE


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Clarissa said...

So exciting! I might have to hire you :)

Niken said...

you're awesome!

Jamie said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Jenna said...

Next time I need a blog facelift, you know I'm coming to you! And I can't wait to see what other amazing things are coming to the shop :)

Jen said...

How exciting!!! :)

Jessica Who? said...

congrats on your new adventures!! can't wait to see more of your shop! xx

Ashley said...

holy cow!! you are one busy lady...good luck with the design work!

Kait said...

congratulations beautiful! this is all so exciting :)

Ocean Dreams said...

Sounds like some great things, exciting! Love your layout by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I've been throwing the idea around of getting a pro design. I'm so bored with Blogger's templates.

Angela Joy Holmes said...

This is so exciting K!!! I can't wait to explore some more!
Expect an email from me sometime soon ;) ;)


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