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Ho Ho Ho.....today is the day!!! If you participated in the Secret Santa Gift Swap hosted by myself, Janna & Tabitha then today you get to find out who your Santa was!!!! I know some of you have yet to get your stuff but hold tight its on its way & this linkup will stay active on my blog for a few days! 

First off thank you SO MUCH to my Secret Santa for sending me some fabulous jewelry...I have yet to find out who you are.... 


Soooo I got to play Santa to 3 different bloggers which was a lot of fun because they all were so different! So I was Santa to

I hope you girls liked your stuff & have a wonderful Christmas! 

Now it's your turn --- go around to everyone who has linked up so you can find your secret Santa & don't forget to linkup you post so you can be found too! 

 Thank You to everyone who participated! This was the first gift swap linkup I hosted so we really appreciate everyone who played along...& THANK YOU to Janna for being the leader of this linkup & keeping us all on track!!!! love you gf!! 


Can you believe Christmas is less than a week away? I am so excited yet so sad because that means December is almost over. Thankfully though I have finished my shopping & don't have to bare the craziness at the mall with all the last minute shoppers. 
Along with the last minute shoppers is a mad rush for the girls to find the perfect New Years Eve outfit.To be honest I am not a fan of NYE....like at all. I never have been. I think its overrated. Sure I've been to my fair share of NYE parties & events, but I just feel like the build up is always bigger & better than the actual day. However, I LOVE dressing up. Any time I can get all fancy makes me happy...& NYE to me is a dress up day!
This NYE the BF & I are going out to a late dinner at this fabulous modern restaurant in our town called Nicks. They have aaamazing steak so that's what my NYE will look like....& I can't wait! Are you all big NYE people or do you agree it's overrated? 
So I know the theme for NYE outfits will most likely be glitter/sparkle enthused. Which I love, but if you're broke after Christmas like most of us & you have to wear that simple black dress you have in your close,t then let me show you a little way to spruce up that simple black dress....& this is 8 day hair no washing #embracethemess

so as you can see it's a typical plain black dress. BUT I added different types of gold bracelets & a big statement ring to add some flare & color to the dress. To top it off I decided to add a headband & wear it like a flapper, because for some reason I feel like a flapper in this dress, plus the flower detail on the headband add another flare to the outfit.

So as you can see just adding some simple gold jewelry & a headband took this plain black dress & gave it some life! So don't be upset if you can't buy a new dress for NYE, just take your black dress to the next level & accessorize like crazy.......I put together a quick little collage of some statement accessories you can add to dress up your outfits. Just remember if you're going to do big earrings, don't do a big necklace. Only one piece should be a big statement & everything else should compliment the statement piece. 

All pictures via
Check out December's #TheMessyProject HERE

So le blog is going to be going on a Christmas Break starting today through Xmas so I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas & get everything you asked Santa for! 
& before I go I am offering $5 off ANY ad  (besides the XS) until the end of the year using the promo code 
- messynye - all lowercase. You can check out all the info HERE

Join the Mess for 2013 & start your year off right!! 


Stephanie {Life, Actually} said...

Secret Santa is always fun! I missed out on this one, but I will be ready for next year. :)

Niki Caron said...

NYE is my favorite holiday (after my birthday - if that counts as a holiday) but I think it's because of the parties and getting dressed up! I love your outfit - gorgeous as always! You prove that you don't have to sparkle to shine!

Sarah said...


As far as my NYE plans, no idea yet actually. I probably need to figure that out.

Also, i am loving the tights. I have been thinking about getting a pair of patterned/colored tights (other than grey) for a while now, and I think you just pushed me over the edge to get some..

happy thursday!

My-cliffnotes said...

1. I love the dress.

2. I love and so agree with having either a statement necklace or earrings. So true.

3. I love you!

4. Have a great break.


Socialite and the City said...

Your outfit is cute! You know me...I'll be covered in sparkle & glitter. I even have a special glitter spray for my hair. Lol! xoxo

Janna Renee said...

That outfit is sooo you! I like NYE because I get to spend it with my lover ;) Thanks for the praise, but I totally saw it as a group effort! Love you gals!

Kelly Ann said...

What a great photo shoot, you look so pretty!

Sparkles and Shoes

Summer Martin said...

Love your outfit! Remind me of a 1920s flapper! Followed via Yours Truly

Summer x


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

LOVE your outfit!!!!! Merry Xmas!

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

Ow Ow!! You look hawt girl. Your dresses never wear you - YOU wear the dress! Anyone tell you got mad swagger? ;) Happy New Year girlfriend - I hope you had a beautiful Christmas! xo


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