ok so.

ok so you must be asking yourself what's this blog really about....well it's defiantly not about me or my life. and no it's not really about hair either. i just love messy hair. it has such flavor to it. what you will find on this blog is everything that i think is cool or that people should know about. yeah im sure you're thinking who cares what she thinks is cool, well then, don't follow my blog.

 ive had a lot of life experiences some good, a lot bad. however i wouldn't take any of it back because it brought me right to where i am now and i love where i am now. but with every experience good or bad you learn from it so i guess you can say some posts will be advice. and feel free to email me questions about anything - everyone i know always says i give the best advice, however be warned im blunt. ill tell you exactly the way it is. so if you can't handle the truth then you might not want to ask me any questions.

 i don't care about spelling, grammar, lower/upper case letter so don't be surprised if you find mistakes throughout my blog - English majors beware....

but have fun and welcome to this crazy adventure...

oh and right now im going through a weird Indian faze hence the picture

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