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happy friday everyone! this week has been such a slow week...its driving me crazy. I am so excited for the 4th of July Holiday, I cannot wait to have some time off of work & some time off of the computer...camping is just what I need!

So today I am linking up with Ashley at Adventures in Newlyweds for Firday Letters so let's get started!

Happy 4th of July!


dear dad: i miss you, it'd be nice to get a call from you sometime

dear weeds: words cannot describe how excited I am that you're finally back...except I'm so sad this is the last season...what am I going to do without some Mary in my life?!  

dear iphone: i love you but i hate you...i need to get off you


dear rachelle: thank you so much for thinking of me & using me as your makeup model

dear hair: i know i know, it's been over 2 years since I last cut you...i promise you'll get a trim soon


dear boyfriend: it was such a surprise when you brought me lunch this past week at work....I'm going to miss you this weekend while you're away & you're probably on the plane right now talking to the pilots :)

dear obama: thank you for fucking up our world even more...hope you've enjoyed your 1524687195 family vacations as President #NOBAMA
dear san diego bloggers: i cannot wait for our first event in august! I am so excited & honored to be included!

SD Style Blogger

dear mouth: shut up! seriously keep it shut...you really can't trust anyone these days so if you have something to share, keep it in the family & thats it.


dear life: i need a pause button...PAUSE! PAUSE! PAUSE!


Also for everyone participating in The Messy Challenge - you have until JULY 6th to get your pictures in with how many days you went!!


that's it for today...Ill be back Sunday for Social Sunday with the lovely Neely & Ashley...wanna join in on the fun?! find out the details HERE...see you then !



Round 2

hi loves  happy thrsday
Today I am just finishing off your questions from last week so hope you enjoy the Vlog!



hello? hello? are you there?

hi loves & welcome to all my new followers! Super excited to have you! So I'm feeling really overwhelmed right now & I need a mini social media break so I am sorry for being quiet in blogland & visiting your blogs, I promise i'll be back ....


So no post here today, but I am guest blogging for Jess while she's away in Paris over at Avat-Garde Living so go & check out what I am loving right now!

I will be back tomorrow with a Vlog to answer the rest of your questions! If you have something you wanna ask, just comment below!

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don't blame the men...

I feel like I am writing its Monday again so often. Time needs to SLOW down! Ok moving on… sooo today is super exciting because I have my lovely sister Ashley taking over Messy.Dirty.Hair.!
This video is fabulous & so dead on about society. The entire video is only about 5 minutes & to me the end is the best….& hey I even made an appearance I didn’t know about until I saw it! So without further ado, take it away Ash!
As you all know I am Ashley, Kelly's sister that she is obsessed with hahahaha I'm JK { you can see why HERE }....and I am very excited to participate in her  blog!

Although she talked up my video, I am excited to share it. Last quarter I took a documentary film making class, and our final project was to make a documentary that provided the audience with a premise, climax and resolution.

My group decided to focus on self esteem & where negativity towards ones image comes from. Our hypothesis was that men were the main contributors to low self esteem, but we were proven wrong. The film focuses on the cosmetic industry and how it has led to an obsession with perfection.

The video gets kind of intense at the end because we wanted to make an attempt at providing a conclusion. See if you can figure it out!

sooo what did you guys think?! We’d love to hear your take on the video! 


There is still time to participate in The Messy Challenge

Step outside of your skin & embrace the mess.

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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

happy sunday lovers! I am off to LA today to visit a good friend...but don't worry...today is another day of Social Sunday with Neely & Ashley...make sure you go & link up! I am expecially excited for this weeks questions because they are all music related & well music is my LIFE! so let's get social!

love concerts!

What is your all-time favorite song?
It’s REALLY hard to pick just one song that is my all time favorite, but it would probably be

"Konstantine" by Something Corporate

I have loved this song since high school. It still to this day takes me back to exactly the first time I heard it...I got to see them play it live for the first time ever about 2 years ago...it was beyond amazing...who else knows this beautiful song?

Here are a few of my other favorite songs - new & old because one thing about me is I mainly only listen to classic rock.

“ Baby I’m Going to Leave You “ – Led Zeppelin


“Don’t let me Down “ – The Beatles


fun fact: this was the last song they sang together live on top of a roof for everyone

“Almost Cut my Hair “ – Crosby, Still, Nash & Young


“ I Won’t Make You “ – Something Corporate


“Wonderwall” – Oasis


Download NOW!

What is your favorite singer/band?
Without a doubt, hands down, no questions asked The Beatles. I am obsessed! Check out my Everything Beatles pinterest board HERE



 And if I had to pick a band from nowadays it would be of course Something Corporate/Jacks Mannequin. They have been my favorite since high school & still are today...& i got to see their reunion tour 2 years ago so here are some pics from that...it was everything I had hoped it would be!

What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?
This question is kinda hard for me…there are song versus & lines that describe my life, but a whole song…hmmm…I would have to say "Freebird" by Lynyad Skynyrd...one of my favorites lines is  “....cause I'm as free as a bird now
And this bird you can not change”


What songs put you in a good mood?
Anything by Britney Spears or Lady Gaga...both I have seen in concert - Britney I've seen every one of her shows...so enjoy some pictures from they're most recent shows!

I love Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”


& I thought it would be fun to list what songs I listen to when I’m in a bad mood & that would be anything by Taking Back Sunday or The Used.



What is your favorite road-trip music?
It depends on who I am going on a road trip with. If it were a girl’s only road trip than anything girly & fun that we can sing too. Like Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry. But if it was with my BF or family then def The Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd etc....i saw Katy Perry last summer in concert & Rihanna about 2 years ago so check out some of the pics from their concerts....both know how to put on fabulous shows!

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
Well I’m not really embarrassed to admit this, I just hate hearing everyone say crap about her because well I love her & her music…still…so it would have to be anything by Ashlee Simpson….oh yes. I even saw her in concert back in the day & she was fabulous ( & no she did not lip-sync)…start making music again Ashlee!!

Sooo can you tell I love music?! It’s more of an obsession. I even have a pinterest board called "I'm With the Band"...its groupie inspired...haha..check it out HERE

I was seriously born in the wrong era...& sadly a lot of my favorite bands I will never be able to see because well a lot of them are not alive anymore, but mark my words I will see Paul McCartney & Elton John in concert before I die...#bucketlist

So what are your favorites?!

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& so many of you have been talking about The Messy Challenge
{ I lalala love it! } & I want everyone to be able to have a chance to participate so if you’re new to hearing about the Challenge click HERE for info…& if you’ve already accepted the challenge, grab the button & display it with pride!


& of course this is me with no washing or brushing for 6 days…I’ve embraced it, have you?

See you lovers tomorrow for a very special guest post from my sister Ashley…you’ll love her



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