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messy people!!!

I'm Charissa and I blog over at The Smashbook, where I teach recovering perfectionists to embrace a messy life. 

I am soooo beyond stoked to be guest posting for Kelly today over here at MDH! 

I'm 24 years young, a Denver resident and I believe in screwing the lines on the paper. I grew up hating art class (really, I cried in a third grade art class. scarred me for life). Now, I teach people to create really freakin' awesome art. I know, it doesn't make sense. 

I'm out to change the world, much like Kelly, with the belief that MESSY is GOOD, and MESS can be CELEBRATED! I create pieces of art based on my daily activities (like my starbucks order...) or when I filed for divorce this past year. 

I've created through what I like to call  "trauma drama", which is the "blah" moments in life. I've had my share of mess (divorce, miscarriage, suicide, abuse, etc!) so I promise you that you're in like company, no matter the journey you're walking!

 Through all of that crap, I've learned that mess is natural, normal and even a good thing! 

I teach people that things are okay when they're not exactly perfect. In fact, they can be better when they're messy. 

I've created art in a storyboard, in journals and with a lot of different materials. I love meeting people that tell me they "can't do art". 

guess what? I can't do art either. I just make art, the way I want to, without any rules. 


All art is AMAZING art, simply because YOU created it... and no one else can do it like you do it!

I am a stand for the most pure, authentic love. the love that comes from embracing your mess and letting others see it. 'cause in real life, we are ALL messy. I curate an online space that shows you my mess. 'cause I can. and you know what happens when someone's mess mixes with yours? 

it is magic. 

I work surrounded by a tribe of messy loving, paint slinging, journal stomping, radical artsy mess makers. I hope you will come check it out!

Oh-- and because I'm a social media FREAK, you can follow me here too!


#TheMessyProject ----->> tan lines

its baaaaackkkkkkkk!

Welcome back to the one & only #TheMessyProject

SO If you are new around here & have yet to hear about the project, you can check out all the info HERE..... but here's just a quick little intro to help you get more acquainted to the project  ----> 

so for this round I went with something completely different than the lace skirt from last week. As I was looking around I was drawn to this fabulous tiffany green jean vest. I have been wanting a jean vest forever, so I stepped it up a bit and decided to go with a fun bright color for summer!

SO since it is summer time and around these parts most of the time is spent in our swim suits I decided to dress around one of my swim suits. Who says you can't still be in style while going to the beach or pool?!

Vest: Forever21
Shorts: Hollister & Co
Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret
Gladiators: Sam & Libby for Target
Sunglasses: Rayban
Jewelry: Lincoln Street Boutique 

So I am not big on mixing jean on jean but since this jean vest was a mint color I put it with my destroyed jean shorts...which by the way I have had since high school. I decided to pair the vest with my ombre swim suit which has a tint of the mint color in it. 

since it is a beach look I didn't want to add a lot of accessories so I just added a few beaded bracelets and a gold long necklace with a mint skull on it. I completed the look with my gladiators and white sunglasses. I also really liked the way the vest looked buttoned up as well. Both were perfect for the pool or beach! 

so what do you think of the vest as a beach look? would you wear a colored vest? how would you have styled the look?! 

NOW go & check out the other girls & see how they styled this fun vest!

Brynne @ Fashionisms 

 Hannah @ Wonderfully Sewn

Brenda @ Totally Brenda

Wanna sign up for a future round of #TheMessyProject? Fill out this form
 HERE to be added to the waiting list or email TheMessyProject@gmail.com 

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take me to the circus


Have you ever been to the circus? I haven't....I've been to the Britney Spears Circus Tour though and that was pretty amazing!

SO for this months CaraBox the theme was Carnival/Circus/Fair chosen by yours truly. I thought it would be a perfect theme since summer is just starting. However, once I went out to start looking for fair themed stuff I realized I was going to have to get creative.

SO for this month I got to send a box to the lovely Mandi over at All My Happy Endings...& I got a box from the fabulous Ashley at Wannabe Green. I couldn't wait to get my box and see what she did since I had such a hard time with mine.

When I opened the box I was so excited! Everything was so freaking cute!!! She really went above and beyond! Take a look --->>

This was my absolute favorite out of the box! I LOVE stickers so I was so excited to see this pack on over 100 circus stickers! The cards and paper were just so adorable.

How cool are those corn holders!? She really found the perfect stuff for this fair themed box. The ranch popcorn seasoning is aaamazing too.....but really, what isn't amazing with ranch?!

that magnetic board is really cool and perfect for my new paper! I thought those ring crayons were so fun! I brought them for the kids I babysit to play with and they had a blast...not gonna lie I loved them too. Who says you can't still color at this age?

and she completed the box with lollipops and tattoos! Plus she wrote such a sweet note. It really was a great CaraBox and I think she did fabulous considering the theme was a little difficult!!

I highly recommend signing up for CaraBox. Its a lot of fun and great way to meet new bloggers! CaraBox is put on every month by one of my favs, Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals and July's theme is SO fun!!! You can check it out HERE 

See you all tomorrow for #TheMessyProject!!!! 

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bring on the tulle

If I could live in a tulle 'tutu' like skirt, I would. The picture above is just pure perfection. I need to get my hands on one of those skirts immediately!!!!

SO I love to shop......duh that's an understatement. I love following the latest trends and finding new stuff that not a lot of people have.....& when I came across Shabby Apple I was in LOVE. Some of you may already be familiar with Shabby Apple, but for those of you who aren't get ready for your world to be rocked.

Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses.  Check out some of their vintage dresses, you'll feel like you just went back in time. 

To me, its straight out of the 50s. The clothing is so fun but with a modern twist. I went on their site a few days ago and couldn't stop going through the pages of dresses and skirts. Everything was so pretty and girly & unlike anything I have seen before.

My favorite thing about Shabby Apple is that their style of clothing is so unique, its not something you would find in your typical department store. Here are a few of my FAVORITE pieces right now ---

and I don't know about you but I have been looking for a fun retro swim suit this year and I just haven't come across the look I am looking for until now ---

Is it not the cutest stuff you've ever seen.....i die.

and because Shabby Apple is awesome they are offering you lucky messy readers the chance to win a $75 gift card to their online boutique!!! Let me just say I am SUPER jealous I can't enter this giveaway...i want EVERYTHING!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SPONSOR MessyDirtyHair for July! Use promo code - MESSY25 - to get 25% off any ad!! Check it out HERE 

Don't forget the second round of #TheMessyProject is LIVE on THURSDAY!! 

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Girl Power


For decades on television, women were shown as helpers, sidekicks and even victims, but rarely shined on their own as strong personalities to be emulated. While female portrayals have yet to infiltrate all programs, many of today's women characters are shining examples of strong women who are independent and get what they want. Get Direct TV at home or Netflix to watch these leading ladies whose characters have admirable traits.

Peggy, 'Mad Men'

Little Peggy may have started out the series quiet and unassuming, but she quickly bloomed into a liberated woman in this '60s iconic show. Instead of being satisfied with a secretary's job, she has carved a career in the most old-boy-network possible, Madison Avenue advertising agencies.


Olivia Pope, 'Scandal'

Olivia Pope is the ultimate in strong women. She started out as White House Chief of Staff, had a love affair with the President of the United States, and left the office to start her own management firm. She uses her own myriad contacts in Washington to achieve justice for her clients, no matter who opposes her.


Claire Underwood, 'House of Cards'

Claire Underwood is one half of the ultimate political couple: wired into every place that counts, able to pull strings her husband Frank can't touch, and still pushing her own agenda. She runs the Clean Water Initiative, a nonprofit organization while working on her husband's career behind the scenes. Ever the pragmatist, she coldly acknowledges her husband's affairs as the cost of doing business, knowing all the time they have a strong bond: POWER!


Elizabeth Jennings, 'The Americans'

A character trying to bring down the United States government may not seem like one worthy of admiration, but Elizabeth Jennings is a strong woman doing what she does best and sticking to her morals as she sees them. Raised in the Soviet Union, she is trained to be a sleeper spy from a very early age. Planted in the United States with a virtual stranger as her "husband," she must create a typical American life on the outside while continuing to follow her spy instructions on the inside. Elizabeth is fiercely in love with her mother country and would never consider betraying her beliefs, even for the easier life of a true American citizen.


Temperence Brennan, 'Bones'

Temperence Brennan began this series as an almost emotionless forensic anthropologist, living in a world of logic and straightforward thoughts. She's come a long way since the series began, falling in love with her partner, Seeley Booth, having a child with him, learning to have a sense of humor, becoming a fiercely protective mother and going into hiding with her daughter when danger threatens and becoming a bestselling author. Always awkward and extremely intelligent, Brennan is the woman most of us root for when it comes to odd underdogs. She seems to have everything, but what she really deserves is happiness.


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#TheMessyProject ------>>> Rock On

its baaaackkkkkkkkkkk

Welcome back to the one & only #TheMessyProject

SO If you are new around here & have yet to hear about the project, you can check out all the info HERE..... but here's just a quick little intro to help you get more acquainted to the project  ----> 

SO as you may already know #TheMessyProject is going to be held twice a month now so I wanted to make sure both rounds each month had something completely different clothes wise. Since its summer of course I wanted to get something summery, but also something that I am seeing everywhere....which is LACE. Its a big trend right now so I decided to go with this adorable lace A line skirt ---

this skirt is so fun and girly....but I wanted to put a different spin on it. Who says you can't be girly with a touch of punk? 

skirt: forever 21
jacket: nordstrom BP
tee: marc jacobs
boots: mia 
jewelry: express 

As you can see I gave this skirt a little bit of an edge by adding my leather jacket & biker boots.

Then to continue with the rocker feel I added a simple white tee with skulls on it. I decided to tuck it in so it doesn't overpower the skirt & I added some bold jewelry to complete the look.

so what do you think of turning this girly skirt into something more edgy? how would you have worn the skirt? 

NOW go & check out what the other girls did with the skirt ---->>

Lindsey @ Peace Love Sequins 

Vanniee @ Viva Beauty

Maddie @ The Whimsy One

Wanna sign up for a future round of #TheMessyProject? Fill out this form HERE to be added to the waiting list or email TheMessyProject@gmail.com 

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