spring fever


Spring has official sprung! I love this time of year....love is the air, the days are longer, the weather starts to warm up, & all the new spring clothes come out! That is probably my favorite part - the new spring trends! 

There is SO much color this year...bright yellows and greens. Corals and blues. It all screams spring time! Besides new clothes, new jewelry trends come out as well. Again, a lot of pretty bright colors are being found in the necklaces and rings. Along with a lot of gold. I believe an outfit is not complete without some type of accessory. I don't think you should over wear accessories because remember less is always more,  but adding a little bling is always a good idea. 

While browsing the web I came across this great site  that has all this gorgeous jewelry & with so many different unique pieces. I was loving all the gold and the Birth Stone pieces they have. 

Its no secret I am obsessed with my birthday so I love wearing my birthstone in jewelry pieces. You can shop by your birthstone & they have every birthstone.

So I wanted to put together some classic spring looks & show you how to incorporate the right amount of jewelry into your look, using pieces from this new site I found. 

The first look I put together using pieces only from the Birth Stone Collection. Since my birthday is in May my gem is an Emerald. 

So this outfit is the perfect day time outfit, out about on the weekend or a day party. 

spring color





Since the dress is simple I would layer necklaces - { left to right } I chose this Emerald Bead necklace & would then layer it with the Emerald & White Sapphire Pendant w/ Chain with matching ring & then I loved this Elephant Link gold bracelet with emerald eyes. It was the perfect piece to complete the outfit. 

Even when you're having just a casual day hanging around the house or pool you can still accessorize. 

casual spring

$130 - jades24.com



$38 - black.co.uk

since this look is more casual I didn't want to get too crazy with the accessories so I chose this simple silver chained "laugh" tag.  I love accessories that say stuff like love, hope, wish. Dont you? So I added these multi strand silver bracelets & I am obsessed with this sterling silver cross ring. And I completed the look with some adorable flower studs. 

so this next look is my favorite. Its perfect for a date night or a day wedding. I wanted the look to be very girly and summery, so I wanted the accessories I added to have the same feel.
tutu love

$1,280 - harveynichols.com

$53 - vanmildert.com


$530 - brownsfashion.com

$4.53 - hm.com

I wanted to add this adorable flower statement necklace because of all the pretty colors so I kept the tank top a simple white. Then I added a simple thick gold bracelet...{ which has a cool magnetic clasp } to one wrist and on the other these fabulous hand painted multi colored bangles. And completed the look with a beautiful Citrine gem statement ring which is also the gem for Birthstone month November.  

And lastly I put together a perfect spring outfit for a more dresser occasion. When you have a more dresser look you can get a little bit more crazy with your accessories

summer nights

$88 - warehouse.co.uk

$1,160 - harrods.com


So of course I wanted to add a statement necklace to this simple black dress, so I chose this gold & turquoise bead necklace...I loved how it looks like there are spikes hanging from it, matching the look of the gladiators. Along with the gold bracelets from above I wanted to add this thick chain "Arpa Oro" bracelet for a bigger statement, along with a gold watch on the other wrist....& of course a gold statement ring. I really love the oval shape of that ring, its simple yet can be worn with anything. 

So as you can see adding a few statement pieces to your spring wardrobe is the perfect addition to your bright spring clothes. 

What are your favorite pieces? 

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holding nothing back


Ah remember TGIF back in the day? So many good shows. So I loved hearing what makes everyone scream yesterday....its good to know I am not alone! 

SO I haven't linked up for Friday Letters in forever, but instead of the normal Friday Letters I'm giving it a twist....

Friday Letters Celebrity Edition!

Dear Kim Kardashian: YOU ARE PREGNANT  Start dressing like it....& stop with all the throwback photos of you when you were skinny. Its weird that you keep doing that. Embrace your pregnancy. 


Dear Lindsey Lohan: I don't know how you do it. You're one lucky girl but trust me eventually all this luck will run out....& why are you so smug? 6 mug shots isn't attractive. 

Dear Selena Gomez: Spring Breakers? You are still very much associated with Disney. Stop acting like trash & be a role model...at least while you're still involved with young children


Dear Justin Bieber: Why are you being such a little shit - spitting on people?!....i can see you going down a very bad path

Dear Justin Timberlake: Can you please make an appearance on SNL every week?! 


Dear Maria Shriver: Your Christmas lights are still up....& you put them on!!!!?!?....another thing that needs to be added to my things that make me SCREAM list

Dear Adam Levin: As usual you are looking as hot as ever on The Voice

Dear Ryan Seacrest: I am still sad about the breakup with Julianne. Why didn't you just put a ring on it?!

 Is there anything you want to say to a celebrity?


One of my favorite things about sponsoring blogs & having bloggers sponsor me is I get to meet new people. When this girl sponsored me I had no idea who she was or what her blog was about. However, after doing my usual creeping looking around her blog I was in love....& that never would've happened if she didn't sponsor me <---- a reason why I think sponsoring others is a great idea

She is one of the coolest bloggers I have come across & one of the most supportive bloggers as well. She is ALWAYS promoting & help out other bloggers as much as she can. She's such a genuine, honest, real person with a super fun personality.

But my favorite thing - her love for Disney. She has a whole post dedicated to Disney Princess Inspired Nails!!! IT IS AMAZING! 

She is BEYOND talented in the nail departement & is defiantly beauty crazed. She has become one of my favorite people in BlogLand & I know you'll lover her too.....so without further ado meet 

I'm messy, you're messy & I'm glad we can all embrace our mess together! I'm Ange and I can be found obsessing over beauty products and my nails over at Hairspray and High Heels.  I live with the husband, where I'm a happy little housewife trainwreck and I try not to burn our apartment down with my crazy concoctions on a daily basis. I'm obsessed with big hair & animal print which makes my NJ stomping grounds the perfect place for me. I hoard nail polish, seriously, I have over 300 bottles it's taking over so if you know the number for nail polish-aholics my husband would love for you to pass it along. 

I'll be the first to tell you, I have Chanel taste on a Revlon budget so I can mostly be found writing about drugstore makeup finds, DIY Beauty Tips, the current skincare products I'm obsessed with to combat my unrealistic fear of wrinkles at 28, how crazy I really am and  my nails always my nails which on Wednesday's coincides with my absurd love of the movie Mean Girls so I wear  pink on Wednesday's

 A few of my many manicures - I'm obsessed, I told you! 

I'm in love with blogging and the community that comes along with it. Meeting new women through blogging has been one of the most precious gifts I have found over the past year, so I give you my top 3 pieces of blogging advice: 

Be Yourself: Nobody wants to read the same scripted review 50 times, make it your own. Make your readers want to stop what they're doing, get up and go get whatever it is your talking about. 

Don't Take ANY Shit: Any community, being primarily full of women is going to get bitchy. Stand your ground, hold your own & refer back to my first piece of advice. <-----another reason I love her

Love it or Leave it: If you don't love what you're doing, stop doing it. Don't make it a job, make it yours, make it fun and most of all make it all about you. 

To learn stalk more about me, come visit Hairspray and High Heels & we can hang out & talk nail polish!


Isn't she SO amazing with her nail polish skills?!? I wish she didn't live in Jersey so I could have Disney Inspired Nails everyday...& i LOVE the blogging advice

SO because Ang is a makeup beauty freak - its only natural that she is giving you messy readers a chance to win a $25 Sephora Gift Card!!!!

Feeling Lucky?!

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tgif lovers & have a wonderful Easter Sunday

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i just want to SCREAM


Do things ever happen to you that just make you want to SCREAM!? I consider myself a pretty happy person but there are things that annoy me.....& then there are certain things that make me want to SCREAM out loud for the world to hear. To be honest, just like I think its okay to cry sometimes....come on we allllll need a good cry every now and then - I also believe sometimes we just need to SCREAM...to let all our emotions out. Try it sometime....it really does help you feel better. 

SO I put together a short little list of things that make me just want to SCREAM
{ & seriously this is just fun, please take no offense if you do any of this } 

Chipped nails after freshly painting them....nothing makes me scream more!

When people stand in line for quite some time & then when they get up to the register to order, they STILL do not know what they want to order......so unbelievably rude

Fake stories & people who lie....honesty is ALWAYS the best policy 

People who don't use turn signals

When someone wants the truth from you....so you give it, but then they're mad at you......seriously?

Anyone who likes to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they go to Disneyland.....this is huge for me, I cannot stand it when someone says lets drink before Disney...its a place for children, to act like children...why the hell do you need to be under the influence to have fun there? I feel sad for you....& don't even get me started on the fact that California Adventure sells booze. 

Blackboard...my school peeps know whats up

When black clothes fade...they're just not dark enough!! 

When my DVR messes up a recording.......all hell does break loose 

Parents who don't watch their kids at the park

One way conversations.....hello there are 2 people here!

People who do not adopt & rescue animals.....seriously, there are SO many homeless animals that need homes, help them before you pay a ton of money for a breed. 

People who say they don't like drama, they're not drama, they don't get involved with drama etc......EVERYBODY will have drama in their life no matter what....sooo Get.Over.It. 

People who post their contact email like this - messydirtyhair {at } gmail { dot } com......it makes me scream just typing it......i don't get the point


The law against gay marriage.....LOVE is LOVE!!!!!!! 

doesn't that just make you want to scream!? Of course there are other things that make me want to scream and I could seriously put together a whole list of just things that make me scream in BlogLand....

What makes you want to SCREAM!??!


so moving onto one of my favorite blondes.

i have been following this blonde girl for awhile now. I really enjoy her blog. She has a mix of fashion, life, animals & everything else in between. She is such a sweet girl with a hilarious sense of humor. I really love keeping up with her life via instagram and if you're a animal lover like me then you'll love her feed too. 

Even though she moved away from the best place ever...California - i still love her. 

She's like your girl next store that everyone loves...not to mention she is so adorable & I wish I could rock bangs like her. So without further ado meet -- 

Hi, I'm Nadine and I blog over at Back East Blonde.
To put it in sorority terms (because I'll always be a sorority girl)...
oh hey girl heyyyy

stole this pic from her blog - I wanted you to see her rocking those awesome bangs

After graduating from college in California, I set my heart on the east coast. So I sold almost all of my stuff, packed the rest of it in the trunk of my honda accord, and drove the 3,500 miles back east.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I came to the east coast for a love of brick houses, the occasional snow storm, oxford shirt wearing boys, and most especially, my family. 

Naturally, just when I wasn't looking for a guy, I found one.
Our love story is unconventional (for the blog world).

It's not sweet. It's not romantic.

It's mostly a lot of drunkenly making out in bars.  

Like I said, not super romantic.

It got romantic later, I promise.

Plus, during the day we had to pretend like we weren't doing that stuff, 
since we sat about 3 cubicles apart at work.

It's like the Where's Waldo of who's about to make out. Thanks, Atlantic City!

I even wrote a post once about 
7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Date a Guy from Work
including but not limited to:
HR already did the background check for you!
Do it.

Since things were going so well, we bit the bullet, moved in together,
and brought home our first born child.
Meet Archie.

Okay so he isn't that little anymore (oh how I wish he was!)
But if you aren't a fan of puppies, you might not love my blog.
You also might not be human.
If you want to want to see an absurd amount of adorable, head to my Instagram.

As a person, I do an outstanding job of embarrassing myself.
You know those people who are kind of awkward and clumsy and it's endearing?
I'm not one of them.
Here's proof.

Sometimes I do an outfit post or two.

Stole this photo too...sorry Nadine...how cute is she in her yellow skinnys?!? 

Occasionally I'll share my thoughts on serious stuff like
why I'll take my husband's last name, mormon bloggers
and even why I left California.

I know Kelly, I'm crazy for leaving. <------ Haha you are!!! 
(your beach pics do make me envious)

Though I'm not an expert,
here are 3 things I've learned since I started blogging:

1. Women just want to relate to other women. There are lots of us out there, and beings supportive of one another is the best thing we can do! The blog world has a lot of support to offer. There are friends to be made!

2. Set your Blogger account to send email notifications every time you get a comment. Then (God willing the person isn't a no-reply blogger), you are able to respond back to the comment via email. This is how the friendships in blog-land are formed! I learned this one way too late.

3. Social media is your friend. I get a lot of blog traffic from twitter. I also love to use my twitter account to share articles I think are funny or posts I love by other bloggers. And here's the bigger secret: I schedule some of my tweets using Hootsuite. I feel like it helps to maintain an online presence since I avoid tweeting at work.

Have I convinced you that you should come join in the fun?

If not, this might not help my cause.

Here are 10 People Who are Cooler Than Me.

Thanks for having me, Kelly!
Is she not the cutest thing EVER!?!  & are you not obsessed with those bangs?!?! So today Nadine is giving away a $25 TARGET Gift Card because she's just cool like that
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

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