pink hair!

 hellooooo loves! the time has come...i know i have been teasing you about it all week so today ill reveal my new hair color! first let me tell you my hair stylist is beyond amazing...i showed her a picture of what I wanted & she literally did exactly that..i couldn't have asked for a better stylist & friend. If you have time check out Kelly my stylists blog & website. She is so talented & one of my favorite people to be around. Kelly has such a calming vibe when you're around her. She just makes me feel peaceful. She just went on maternity leave so she will be missed greatly but I am SO excited for her new chapter....but you better come back Kelly hehe

Is she not the cutest preggo girl you've ever seen!? So tiny! (pre hair change)

So this is the inspiration I gave her to work from - I wanted something different that I never tried before, but still keeping some blonde & not going completely dark...

These are the before pictures - as you remember my hair was pretty bleach blonde...i was so curious as to how this new hair process was going to happen...because it does involve different shades of color in different sections of your hair...

we cut off some hair too...i literally hate getting my hair cut..it had been over 2 years since the last cut
Soooo after about 4 hours the final product was done....& I'm sure you already can guess what color I did buttt here are the after pictures -

soo I'm pretty much obsessed....even better the color on top is probably the closest to my natural color its ever been!
Ok so I found this picture of my mom from when she was about 16-17 years old & it just reminded me of one of the photos I took to show off my hair...everybody thinks we look alike, however we both do not see it at all....What do you think?

so there you have it my new color! to be honest I think this is by far my favorite color I have ever been..so of course after I got my hair done & its all straight I like to have a photoshoot - so coming up within the next week or 2 ill be showcasing a professional shoot I had with some new fall items I purchased...

Also every time I get new clothes I always clean out my closet. It just makes me feel so much better about buying my new clothes....guilt trip anyone? So I usually give them to friends or my sister because I do take REALLY good care of my clothes so they're in great condition...however this time I thought I'd do something different...so I cleaned out my closet, my sister cleaned out hers & I went through my Moms vintage collection & put together some fabulous items that I am going to be selling within the next week or 2 on the blog - with brand names from Free People, Splendid, J Crew, Banana Republic & more...so keep your eyes peeled!

Sooooo what do you think of the new do?

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hello lovers!! happy Tuesday! so i know you all want to see my new hair change & really I cannot wait to show you but today is not that day...boo hiss i know....but before you get upset & peace outta this bitch i have a fabulous giveaway today from my favorite boutique!

so a week ago I stopped by The Lincoln Street Boutique for the Back School Sale! Yes i am not actually going back to school but i still back to school shop...plus I know the owner & she's amazing so i had to stop by & say hello!
Haley & Mendy (Owner) - Haley & I..(pre-hair change)
She had a delicious candy bar set up & some soda pop for everyone...who doesn't like shopping while munching on some sweets!?

I'm obsessed with this boutique. The reason i love it so much is because the pieces she buys are original pieces that i don't normally see when I go into department stores. You can tell that she really takes her time when she goes to buy for the store...& even better the prices aren't out of this world either, they're actually reasonable! I literally wanted EVERYTHING in the store. I was dying...take a peek for yourself -

dying right?! there is literally something for every style - from girly to rocker, to classic, to beachy & just plain sexy..she's got it...so of course I had to try on some things...

ahhh obsessed! i didn't want to & was trying SO hard to contain my shopping addiction but i failed & of course I got some stuff...2 of the items I got i tried on...can you guess which ones I got?.....so funny story, I'm not suppose to shop & I made a promise to my mom i wouldn't buy a single thing.....well i didn't really plan ahead & think how I was going to sneak these clothes past my mom....so i come home & my mom gives me a look right when I walk in the door - like what did you buy...& of course I denied denied denied...but she's my mom & knows me so she knew I was lying...so I gave in & told her 2 of the 4 things i bought.....fast forward a few days & I'm chatting with my mom to see what kinda mood she is in & its good one so i tell her I have a confession....the first words outta her mouth were "what did you do".....so with my tail between my legs i told her about the rest of my purchases...& she replies with "you're crazy"....crazy for fashion you mean..haha...so a weight was lifted from my shoulders...& now I can enjoy my new stuff openinly & not secretly stuffed in the back of my car trunk....

So because there is only one location of this store & its in San Clemente I wanted to let you know that they do ship so if you see something you love & MUST have contact Mendy, the owner & she will get you all set up - you can either call the store at (949) 705-7753 or contact her directly via email at mendy@lincolnstboutique.com 

so because Mendy is so wonderful she has offered to giveaway something from her store! I was beyond excited when she gave me what she was going to give away because its something I have become obsessed with & I know you will too!

So today you have a chance to win all 3 of these beautiful pieces - a Gold Side Cross Necklace, Gold Side Cross Bracelet & a Gold Cross Top Finger Ring


if you follow me on instagram (@messydirtyhair) you'll remember this picture I posted last week of my new necklace! So now you can have one too plus the bracelet & ring!

celebs sporting the side cross necklace

soo you know what to do & if you're new around here i HIGHLY suggest being logged into your email, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest....GOOD LUCK.....oh yeah & tomorrow ill show you my hair :)


Photobucket white
This is How my Garden Grows


its TAKEOVER time!

oh hello there Monday, it is NOT nice to see you...but i am pretty excited that September 1st is almost here...to me once we hit September its fall time...it all begins...some stuff I'm looking forward to this Sept-DEC is my mom &sisters birthdays, Halloween with Dolce (I can't wait to explain this to you guys....) the colder weather, bringing the UGGS out, Starbucks Christmas cups, bringing out my Michael Buble Christmas CD & all the stores filled with  decorations....ahh just talking about it gets me so excited!!

sooo my new hair change turned out even better than I imagined! i cannot wait to show you guys later this week.....but enough about me....today my messy girl of the month is taking over the blog so I'm done talking. no more. this is me leaving....take it away Melissa!

Hello everyone!!! It's Melissa from Scribble-n-Dash and today I am going to be talking about something that I take pride in, my personal style.

I would not say that I am the most fashionable
girl out there, in fact probably far from it. Most of the time you'll find me
in my sweat pants/shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. During winter, it's hoodies
galore. I tend to sport hats whenever I can! That's not to say that I don't
appreciate dressing up. When it comes to going out with the ladies or a
date night with my husband, I tend to go all out. Which usually involves multiple
outfit changes & having a room that looks like my closet exploded all over
my room. Seriously, it can be pretty scary.

One of my fave hats!///Closet explosion///All dressed up///More hats :P

For me, my style is all about being comfortable & confident. I do like
to try out current trends from time to time but it's not something that I will
break my back {or my bank account} to do. I like to feel happy in my
own skin and the harder I try to look just "right" the less I feel
like me. Isn't that what it's supposed to be all about? Finding yourself in
what you wear and how you OWN your own personal style! 

Here are just some ways I've owned it...

Cousins wedding///ladies night///Date night///concert
Stop by the blog sometime to see more of what makes me, ME!!

Just a quick THANKS to Kelly for having me, I have had an absolute BLAST sponsoring you this month!!

Isn't she so adorable!? Make sure you check out her blog & give her some love! Let her know Messy.Dirty.Hair. sent you!

Also after much thought Nicholl of The Chiffon Diary & Me have decided to not continue with the Click a Pic Challenge. We thank you all who linked up with us when we were trying it out!


its like crack

hello loves & happy Sunday! So today I am off getting my hair dyed! oh yes that time has come again...however i am not just getting my roots done...it's time for a change...if you remember i have had an array of color changes throughout the years with my hair, from red to black to brown...you can check out all my previous hair colors HERE

so Ive been bleach blonde for about 2 years now which is way longer than usual...i usually change it up every year but i haven't been...

so I've decided its time to change up my hair color....what color you ask? well of course I'm not gonna tell you...you're gonna have to come back next week & see...but I will leave you with a hint....its something i haven't done yet, so its gonna be new..I'm excited.

ok moving on....so today I am back linking up with Neely & Ashley for Social Sunday..today's topic is online themed so lets get social!  
Sunday Social

1.     What is the first website you log on to each day?
It would defiantly be Google to check my email, then I go to twitter & see what’s going on in twitter land…this is usually done in bed on my phone right after my alarm goes off…obsessed much?...then I proceed to read these blogs here, here & here....& then here, here  & here :)

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about
I feel like I don’t go to funny websites...i never venture out & look for random things online...I'm usually online for a reason...boring i know..

3.    Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
Pinterest – it’s like crack. I just love looking at all the pretty pictures & colors plus there isn’t pinterest drama like there is with facebook


3.     Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Both...they're both fabulous in their own ways – twitter because I feel like you have way more freedom to say what you want plus following celebs is so fun & instagram because you can post as many pictures as you want without looking insane like you would on facebook filling up peoples news feed.
4.     Favorite YouTube video...posts it!
This is my favorite wedding proposal & this video makes me cry every.single.time....its about 5 minutes, but you have to watch the whole thing...let me know if it made you cry too

5.     Biggest online pet peeve?
Girls who constantly talk/post about being insecure but yet they post thousands of pictures of just themselves in all these seductive poses..Sorry hunny you’re not fooling anyone...people who post their entire lives & people who are constantly changing their profile picture weekly, even daily. Like really?!

via...i am guilty of the "duck face" once in awhile

that's it for today...tomorrow I have my Messy Girl of the Month taking over the blog showcasing some her style & I have a very special giveaway on Wednesday from my favorite boutique...you will not want to miss out on this!

Also don't forget Click-a-Pic Challenge is back this week on Tuesday, the challenges are Friends, Awkward, Travel, Fun & Late Night...click some pics & linkup with Nicholl & I on Tuesday!



This is How my Garden Grows


show me your t*ts!

ok before i go into today's fashion post i have a funny story i just have to tell you...so i was driving home last night from work, sitting in traffic...i was just driving along listening to my music & enjoying my Starbucks cool lime refresher when i look to my right...& a piece of crap old grey car pulls up next me...there was a shaggy haired boy wearing big black sunglasses who looked about my age in the car....he looks at me & all of a sudden he holds up a sign in bold letters that reads "Show me your Tits!"..oh yes you read that right....i was dying of laughter..so much so that i accidentally spit my drink all over me...i looked at him, with my hand over my mouth still laughing & shook my head no...he then proceeded to point to the sign with a come on look...again I laughed while shaking my head no...clearly it wasn't gonna happen so he gave me the hang loose hand gesture & drove off into another lane looking for his next victim...i was still dying of laughter....only in California...

via....(not me or anyone i know)

ok moving on...so its no secret i love music. classic rock to be exact. i live for music. whether i am driving in my car, cleaning my room or at the office my music is always blasting....just to name a few of my favorites - The Beatles, Zeppelin, Crosby Seals & Nash, Hall & Oats, Elton John...i could go on. If you wanna hear more about my music OBSESSION you can check out this post HERE...

so have you seen the movie Almost Famous? well if not please stop reading this post & go rent it RIGHT THIS SECOND...you can thank me later....for those of you who have, penny lane - yeah I wish i was her..on top of me wishing i was a hippy, being a band groupie has always been a fantasy too...& not a groupie in toady's music, back in the 60s & 70s....

back in high school i was SO that girl who went to concerts all the time & followed all the underground bands...back in the day we called them EMO....some of my favs were Saves the Day, Julianna Theory, Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate (still my absolute favorite)...those kinda bands

 So a lot of my style & the looks i put together are inspired by that rocker look..i like to call it Rocker Chic ...i have a fun pinterest board dedicated to my love of rock & roll called I'm with the band....with inspirations to add some Rockto your outfits...

Top: Feel the Piece ::  Leggings: H&M :: Booties: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack :: Lace Bra: Urban Outfitters
Originally that was a top I got from a good friend of mine, but since I am such a shorty I decided to pair it with leggings & turn it into a tunic....I cannot tell you the amount of times I am shopping & a girl picks up a longer shirt & goes "what on earth would I wear with this?! its so long"....ladies, either tuck it in with some high waisted jeans or pair it with some leggings...just because the shirt is extra long doesn't mean you have to pass on it...one of my favorite looks is a long top over leggings - its comfy, easy & chic....& i know a lot of people do not think leggings are pants, & you're right but with the right top or dress they can be pants...try it sometime & have some fun!

Giveaways going on HERE, HERE, & HERE

Linking up with the fabulous Kori of Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday



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