i can see your bra

it's that time againnnnnnn

welcome back to the second edition of the MINI project....not sure what the MINI is? Here's a little backstory ----
The MINI project focuses only on accessories....but I don't mean just jewelry - tights, hats, sunglasses, headbands, bows, scarfs, shoes, belts, gloves are alllll accessories as well.
so you get the gist....

The Deal
1 Accessory
4 Girls
4 Different Styles
1 Major Blog Day
so this time I upped the game a little bit....i wanted to get something fun & fresh. Since summer is almost here I wanted to get something that was full of bright colors & was perfect for when summer time comes around....
so I got these fun, floral black leggings! 

this was my first time trying the floral pants trend so I was excited to try them out & see how much i like them. I chose to get the leggings rather than floral pants. Leggings to me are just more comfortable. 
And I chose to get the leggings in black rather than a bright color because I felt the black was more practical yet still fun & trendy....plus how beautiful are the colors in these leggings....its like summer colors all packed into one...
here's what i did -----

so I really love the coral color in the leggings but since the majority of the colors are coral I decided not to pair them with a coral top. Instead I chose to accent the touches of green leaves you see throughout the pants. 

So I added a sheer lime green top..& chose to be a little risky & not add my typical black tank underneath, just a black lace bra.

The greens may not be exactly the same color but it still blends perfectly with the coral & other colors. 

i added my black open toed wooden platforms to go with the summer feel.....then at the last minute I wanted to do something different than I normally do with my hair so I added a straw hat...& the perfect summer bag to match. 
Since my theme for this outfit was summer...no summer outfit is complete without some sunglasses & beach waves. 

how would've you styled the leggings? Have you tried the floral pants trend out yet? Do you like them? Why or why not?

wanna see how the other 3 girls did!? And they're all SO different....you will be amazed -- check them out & show them some lala love

Jessica @ Jessica Who?

Christina @ My Life, Laughs & Love

Kim @ Latte & a Prayer


Do you wanna be apart of a MINI project? 
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you're a dirty girl

Hello there you Dirty Girls, you!
{I'll try to keep this short. 
Because I'm pretty sure no one in the history of blogging has ever said, 
"Nooo, I wanted that Guest Post to be LONGER!!!"}

My name is Michelle.
But since we're friends now, you can call me Mish, if you'd like.

Most days, I look like this:
{Fits in nicely with the Messy Dirty Hair theme, no?}

Why do I look so disheveled, you may be wondering?
Well, for the last 3 months, I've been living out of my suitcase.
No, I'm not homeless...
Actually, technically, yes, I am homeless.
Reason being, my main man and I decided to quit our jobs and sell everything we owned so we could travel the world.

So with these new circumstances, showers don't always happen.
Even though every place we've stayed at has a perfectly acceptable shower.
Except maybe the shower/pooper combo bathroom we had for a week in Malaysia.
Let's just say many excuses were made to not shower in that.

Okay, enough about my hygiene.

I'm very happy to meet you and I hope you can come say hi and keep me company while I'm galavanting around the world!

Thanks for having me, Kelly! :)


Due to Popular Demand.....

THANK YOU so much everyone for all your amazing comments regarding my blog birthday. I was so overwhelmed by all the love. 
I had asked in the giveaway what you would like to see more of this year from MessyDirtyHair. 
There were 2 things you said - more posts about my everyday life & more of #TheMessyProject.
so due to popular demand #TheMessyProject will be held TWICE a month!!!!
SO starting June 2013 - I will be holding 2 Projects a Month - it will be $40 to be apart of the project for 2013. 
#TheMessyProject is not only a lot of work for the girls, but is A LOT of work for me, which is why I was hesitate about having another project. SO please know - I run the project on a VERY tight schedule & in order for everything to turn out perfectly you have to stay in contact with me & keep up with deadlines. 

Again this project is open to everyone - NOT just fashion bloggers - it's a project for all of us to come together, challenge ourselves, and have fun!!! 

So you wanna join?
EMAIL - TheMessyProject@gmail.com with the subject line - project2 to reserve your spot
CLICK to read all about #TheMessyProject

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can't believe its only been a year...

hiiiii everyone!!! thank you so much for coming to my birthday party!!! Today MessyDirtyHair is 1 year old!!! I can't believe it!

I still remember just trying to think of a name for my blog & here we are a year later. It's crazy how much has changed.

Since starting my blog, it's no secret that #TheMessyProject has been my biggest & most favorite accomplishment. When I started the project in July, I never thought the outcome would be as big as it has become. I love this project & have SO much fun doing it so thank you for all your support with #TheMessyProject & the new MINI project.

None of this could've happened without the support of all of you! so THANK YOU to everyone who has supported MessyDirtyHair. 

SO let's celebrate!!!!!!

& to celebrate my birthday today these fabulous girls & I have come together for you to have TWO chances to win a $200 VISA GIFT CARD....because what party is a party without party favors?!?

& as another thank you from me - the first 10 people to use the promo code - MESSYBIRTHDAY - will get $10 off ANY AD!!! 
buttt if you're already too late for that special promo - get 15% off any ad TODAY only with the promo code - CELEBRATE

& to end this celebration with a bang - enter to win this beautiful gold necklace

thank you for celebrating with us!
until next year....

Embrace The Mess. 


trendy or trashy?

that's TOMORROW.....SO don't be a square...hopefully i'll see you there!

& if my cool rhyme doesn't entice you then just know there will be giveaways, prizes & FUN!

Remember that next week is our Thrifty Edition of Fearless Fashion Fridays!

We are going to have a first, second and third place prize! We are going to incorporate voting and the outfits with the most votes with be the winners!

Be sure to check back next Friday to see the prizes and link up your thrifty fashion finds!

Who: ALL OF YOU linking up with US!
What: Create an outfit from vintage/thrifted duds
Perception Is Everything
Messy Dirty Hair
Peace Love Sequins

When: March 1st
Why: To prove that style is more than fashion.


And now link up with this weeks edition of Fearless Fashion Fridays!

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While not mandatory, it would great it you checked out a few of the other link ups and spread the love!

so today is a hair trend that I have wanted to try forever but haven't because of various reasons....one reason being I feel too old for this trend. So today's FF (fearless fashion) for me is....

PINK...in your HAIR


so as I was pinning around for pink hair I realized there are a few different varieties of pink hair you can have. You can go all pink, just the tips pink or just a few strands of pink throughout your hair. My favorite is LC's...its very light & very subtle but still adds a fun little twist on hair color. 

I think my main reason for wanting pink streaks is because i am obsessed with the color pink. i can't get enough. No matter what it is my first question is always - 'do they have pink?' ....but then again pink in your hair might just be too much of an overkill, especially for the profession I am in.

I think if I was a rock star I would totally rock pink streaks....actually there are so many things I would rock if I was a rock star....ah if only

however in the picture on the top row all the way to the right I feel like she really took the pink tips look and turned it into a very fashionable look. Its very trendy, but with her current hair style & bangs plus with the coral lip color she's sporting, I really think she pulls it off fashionably. 

buttttt....I don't think I will ever dye pink streaks in my hair...but it's fun to dream.

What do you think of the pink hair trend? Would you ever try pink or another crazy color in your hair? Why or why not? 

so moving on from pink hair to one fashionable lady....i lala LOVE this girls style. Its classic & chic and she always looks so cute....not to mention she's a mommy. She writes a fabulous fashion & lifestyle blog displaying her adorable looks with some mommy fun in between...so there's something for everyone....& lucky for you - you can check out some of her looks below. So without further ado meet 

Well hello there! My name is Meagan and I have a personal style blog called Because of Jackie. I'm a mom, a part time stylist, a reader, a QVC watcher (and ring collector), a wannabe writer and an adorer of all things Target and H&M and every other store out there that sells clothes. And shoes! And accessories! I'm a sucker for all that stuff. Could that be why I am currently doing a 30 day no shopping challenge? Yikes. Don't remind me. 

I'm also a sucker for this whole blogging thing! I know everyone says this, but I seriously adore writing posts every day and taking awkward photo's while my children play...

I've written some posts on Blogging 101that you can find that here and here

If you're curious about the girl behind those backyard photo's you see above (and maybe about my weave, have I mentioned my love for weave's?) you can read this and this.

And then! Come join me on Twitter, enjoy my random photo's on Instagram and my cozy socks and leggings pins on Pinterest

So come on over and say hello, why don't 'cha. Then you can find out where I'm moving to in June (hint, a cold place!) 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

.....doesn't she have like the best clothes?! everything she has i either have something like it or I want it....its always fun to find other fashionista's who have the same style as you....& can you believe she's a mom!? Talk about drinking from the fountain of youth! Make sure you stop by her blog & say hello...let her know MessyDirtyHair sent you!

& i'll see you guys tomorrow for the PAR-TAY!!!!

tgif lovers. 



#TheMessyProject ----- A Mullet?

its baaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!!

Welcome back to Round 8 of #TheMessyProject!!! If you are new around here & have yet to hear about the project, you can check out all the info HERE..... but here's just a quick little intro to help you get more acquainted to the project  ----> 

so this round I tried a trend I wanted to try for awhile with #TheMessyProject but I knew it was going to be a challenge for the girls. PLUS when you get an item like they did, it can be very hard to see the MANY different ways it can be styled...but its possible & this months girls are going to show you how...5 different ways!!!! 

So this month the girls were sent a "mullet" dress as I like to call it - long in the back, short in the front....& just because we are still in the mist of winter in some places it doesn't mean you can't still be wearing dresses....you just have to think outside of the box. 

so like usual I love adding themes to my Messy Project outfits....when I looked at this dress & then looked in my closet two different looks came to mind - I could totally turn this into a rocker dress with a leather jacket & my biker boots OR I could turn this into 1970s glam....

i went glam. 

BOOTS - Jessica Simpson

since the dress was short in the front & I didn't want to wear tights, but still wanted to cover most of my legs I chose to wear my over the knee boots. Over the knee boots can be tricky because you have to pair them with the perfect outfit so it's not overlapping or taking over too much of your body. A 'mullet' dress is perfect for high boots. 

Then to go with my 70s glam theme I put my faux fur vest over the dress - which by the way is THRIFTED.....& I added dark, smokey makeup to my eyes to give it a night time disco feel. I completed my look by dressing myself in gold jewelry.... & one fabulous piece you can purchase today! 

The gorgeous crystal necklace is a NEW item from KO Jewelry & the rest of jewelry is from LSB

{ Purchase the Crystal Necklace HERE...& get 15% off of everything using the code MESSY15 }

so what do you think? 

how would've you styled the dress? are you a fan of the 'mullet' look? 

Wanna see how everyone styled the dress?? & they're all SO different so you'll be able to see that a simple dress like this can have 5 DIFFERENT looks!

Show them some lala loveee ----> 

Melis @ Mila Rose Designs 

Nikki @ Bedazzles after Dark 

Amanda @ The Pretty Pinhead

Kat @ Shop.School.Sleep.

#TheMessyProject is currently booked through the year BUT check out the baby to #TheMessyProject -- the MINI here 

ALSO if you noticed the word 'Thrifted' was linked....wanna see why? Check out the Special Edition of FFF -- HERE

use promo code - HAPPY - for $5 off! 




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