life according to maxx

oh hi i didn't see you guys there...it's early, what time is it? Noon?... i didn't mean for you to catch me in bed, but i was still sleeping... like always as my gran would say

but since i'm already awake guess ill get up.....'yawn'

ok ok im awake. whats up everybody, im maxx....my mom calls me maxxy poo & my dad calls me bean.....you can call me whatever you want if you rub my tummy. 

since my mommy isn't here im taking over this weird machine thing that glows for the day. my mommy is always playing on this machine so i wanted to see what all the bark was about. 

i still don't get it....i can be a little slow, i still haven't mastered 'sit' yet...and my mommy keeps pointing at my leg yelling shake...i just can't handle the pressure...thank god she gives me the treats anyways....
some may say...(gran) im sort of a lazy dog, but i really just like lounging around in my mommys bed under the covers, close up next to her as possible so she can't move..thats when im most comfortable 

but then sleeping time is over and my mommy gets outta bed which means one thing.....time to go to the bathroom! it sure can be hard holding your pee in all night long, but im such a good boy that i never pee on the carpet

please dont judge me. i don't chose to wear these things called clothes...my dad hates it too, the only time i get to be naked is when hes here....'wimper' 

ok im being dramatic i rarely wear clothes, only on cold days

after my morning pee its time for some sort of thing in which my mom yells starbucks and we get to go drive in a car with the windows down.

besides my walk this is my favorite part of the day...wait no what am i saying..eating is my favorite time of the day...speaking of eating, can i get a treat?

after our drive to some place that is always crowded with people...we go back home and my mommy gets on the glowing machine for hours on end without taking a break..sometimes she even sits on the bed with it...

ill sit with her, and play with my bone toy 

and then finally its time to go outside and take a walk...thats my cousin Lucy

and if we're lucky we get to go to this place where theres water and birds and the ground is all mushy & soft on my feet 

i never got my treat..im still hungry...my gran says im always hungry...they call me fatty sometimes...im okay with it.

but when my mommy is being annoying on that stupid glowing machine this is the face i give her when its time to feed me...it works every time...who could be mad at this adorable face?!...i use it at every advantage 

finally eating, won't take me long though...im usually done in less than a minute...

 after dinner its back on the bed for cuddles while my mommy stares at an even bigger square that glows...but this square talks

and then the square with the loud noises goes away and its quiet and i jump on my fluffy pillow bed & go to sleep.....

okay okay who am i kidding....i never sleep on this thing, my mom made me stand here & take this picture...i wasn't really happy about it...its back on the bed under the covers for me....

okay im tired now, it was a busy day....see you next time...until then peace out dudes

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the dirty tay

And to think Messy Dirty Daily Tay was a nickname I tried 
so hard to get away from in middle school.
You wear your hair in dreadlocks for two months after coming home from a family vacation to the Bahamas and suddenly everyone thinks you have dirty hair....
Thirteen year olds can be so mean.

My name is Taylor and I am no longer in middle school 
(thank God)

I am actually twenty five and I live in Chicago with my two guys, Chris and Harlow.

Chris is pictured above in case you weren't sure.
And Harlow (below) is my assistant and partner in crime.
He makes sure I stay active and carry enough plastic bags with me at all times.

But enough about that, let's talk about the evolution of my 

messy dirty hair.

Figure 1- The time the hairdresser talked me into getting a "Bob."
I called it the five-year-old-Bobby cut.

Figure 2- (right beside it) This is me growing out said Bobby.
I call it the San Diego shag because that's where I was living at the time.
I was also working for the Men In Black it would appear by my sunglasses.

Figure 3- (below Bobby) This is the product of me growing out the shag/cutting my own bangs.
It didn't work.

Figure 4- Jessica Simpson hair extensions in the house!
Sadly the box did not warn me about swimming in the ocean with these on spring break.
They didn't make it home from Acapulco 2007.

Figure 5- More homemade bangs.
And glued in extensions...

Figure 6- The "big city Chicago" cut. 
No more extensions. No more bangs.
For now...

I also just started a site called The Browse,
the blogging society at its best.

You should stop by and see who's being featured this week, maybe it's you!

Thanks again, Kelly, for having me on your wonderful site!

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F*ck it! It's Friday!

FRIDAY! thank god you are here! This week has been busy busy building blogs & company websites! I think I even pulled a muscle in my back from sitting at my desk too long because it is KILLING me....but take a look at the most recent blog design I just finished for a FABULOUS girl who is just starting her blog so go & say hello!...& sidenote: this is just a picture from my iphone, so please excuse the poor quality 

Mascara & Moscato

andddd Welcome Back to the second edition of Fearless Fashion Friday linkup with Lindsey & I!!!! Thank again to everyone who linked up last week, it was so much fun seeing all your posts! 


Follow your hosts
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What is fearless fashion fridays? Well have you ever seen a trend that you LOVE but are too afraid to try it yourself? Or have you tried a new trend & wanna strut your self? Or are you just obsessed with fashion!? Well that's what FFF is all about. It doesn't matter how you display it we just want to see the fashion! 

sooo today I am going to talk about another trend that I am dying to try this summer! It is an old fashion look but it's coming back ---

High Waisted Swimsuits! 


in all honesty i absolutely HATE being in a bikini, which sucks for me considering I am at the beach 24/7...so I really love this alternative look to a tiny bikini because it covers up a little more skin but not enough to make it a one piece. Plus it's just so trendy & fun. I love being fearless when it comes to clothes, it really gives me a chance to be original. 

Sooo if I had to pick one of the swim suits above I would want this print because is has such a hippy feel too it but minus the open ties on the side...thats a little much for me. 

so that is the trend I will be trying come this summer....I just need to find the perfect one & see if I can actually pull it off since I am short. Would you try the high waisted swim suit trend? Linkup with us & let us know your fearless fashion!

 photo hhh_zps4ecd2a77.png

so moving on from fashion to another one of my favorite things - these girls! I seriously have the best messy girls. They are all hard working, independent woman who are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well & that's what really matters. I really enjoy getting to know my girls on a 1 on 1 level & all of these girls are just amazing with such fun personalities! So grab a cup of coffee or wine, whatever you prefer, get comfy & meet some new bloggers you're going to love! PLUS they are all are giving away some stuff we all lala love so without further ado meet my 

I'm Kim, and you can find me over at K.O. Jewelry. I make jewelry that I sell on Etsy, and I'm a wedding planner starting up my own business soon.  Some more exciting facts: I'm married to a beer distributer / brewer, I'm a huge Arkansas Razorback fan (Go Hogs!), and I grew up in Alaska! Just hop on over and check me out if you want to read about my husband's eating disorder, my life advice, and how I like to embarrass myself

Hey guys! I'm Christine and I have a blog that has to do with a little bit of everything. I'm a coffee addict, bookworm, music lover, travel dreamer, celebrity obsessor, fashion admirer and all around social media addict. I have way too many TV shows that fill up my DVR and too many amazing people in my life to allow me to actually get through it all. I blog about all of these things and more so when you have a chance I'd love for you to stop by because I love meeting new people and making new friends. 

Hey ladies & gents! I'm Kristen aka "KV" and my rambles can be found on my blog, KV's Confessions. I'm your average 25 year old with above average dreams and my blog is a tell-all about my journey as I attempt to make them a reality. I love strong coffee, winged eyeliner, and anything vintage, but most of all I love to design pretty things. Come say hello, won't you?

Hello Messy Dirty Hair readers I am Myranda and I blog over at Pretty Living PDX. I blog about it all, and I really like to make fun of myself! I have the cutest daughters and the hottest piece of man candy in the world, so come on over and say hello because I love meeting new friends!

Hey hey ya'll!! I am heather from Lawless Life!!! My bloggity blog is all about my life, my faith and my family (together the mister and I have 4 kids..so theres alot to talk about). I am completely random... kinda coo-coo (just ask my husband) and I LOVE my mascara...and I might step on toes sometimes when I tell you what I think..but I promise you'll love it. And if you dont you get all your money back, I promise ;). If you check out my little space on the interwebs...you will see my heart, my love for Jesus and my love for others. And whats better than a bunch of love? Nuthin Honey.  



 aren't they just the sweetest?! Okay so let's recap - these fabulous girls are giving away a total of

so you know what to do & if you're new around here I HIGHLY suggest being logged into you email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram accounts before you start the giveaway - it will make your life SO much easier....you can thank me later :) 

& be sure to stop by & say hello to the sweet seven...TGIF lovers

wanna be a messy girl? you can do so HERE

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#TheMessyProject --- 2 into 1

its baaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!!

Welcome back to Round 7 of #TheMessyProject!!! If you are new around here & have yet to hear about the project, you can check out all the info HERE..... but here's just a quick little intro to help you get more acquainted to the project  ----> 

new button coming next month!!!!! 

so i'm not gonna lie, i wasn't really sure what I wanted to do for this round of the project. i had a few ideas i was going back & forth with but then i saw this. Its was simple & plain but the possibilites were endless. You could literally do anything with it. Plus I wanted to touch on a trend that a lot of people love but have yet to take the leap & try it....what's that trend you ask? Ohhhh well that would be the Chambray shirt, but I upped it a little & got a Chambray Button Down Shirt Dress with Tie!

so many options were going through my head as to what to do with this fabulous light weight shirt dress....so in true messy project fashion I challenged myself, stepped outside of the box & turned this shirt dress into a normal button down shirt!
sooo i tucked it in & removed the tie...the shirt dress was light weight enough to be tucked in without any bulge ( ie making it totally obvious that I just tucked in a freaking dress ). Then I decided to pair it with my dark flared jeans to contrast with the light jean & added my leather, open toed Steve Madden wood platforms for a spring feel.
I love the way gold looks against this blue color so I added gold accessories, which included 2 long necklaces....& finished my outfit with the perfect pair of gold rimmed Ray Bans. 

action shot - messy hair - day 5
so as you can see this shirt dress has many different way to wear it because it's not only a dress but it can also be worn as a shirt, so it's like 2 outfits in one! 
How would've you worn the shirt dress? Have you ever taken an item clothing & changed it into something completely different than what it was?
Wanna see how everyone else did?!....& boy did they all do something different! Take a look >>

Christina @ My Life, Laughs & Love

Marisa @  Socialite & the City

Hayley @ Hayley's World

Erin @ Just a Few of My Favorite Things
#TheMessyProject is currently booked through the year, however if you want to take a look at the new MINI project you can do so HERE
ALSO after you're done checking out the other girls....stop by this BLOG for an amazing giveaway from yours truly! 

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