Maxi Dresses for Winter?


As winter approaches, it gives those interested in fashion the perfect opportunity to update their wardrobe with all of the latest trends. There are some people that seem to think that they have to compromise their style credentials over the winter period as a sacrifice in order to stay warm. However, that is simply not the case. There are some great garments out there that are super fashionable and catered for the cold months. In fact, the art of layering is one of the most trendsetting and important ingredients for any top fashionista. 

One of the best trends to follow this winter is a maxi dress. A lot of people seem to think that maxi dresses are a fashion garment that is only suitable for the summer. Whilst it is true that they make the perfect addition to any holiday suitcase, which is not the only use they are great for. There are some fantastic maxi dresses that are suitable for the winter period as well. And to be honest, they are probably more chic and fashionable.

If you look in clothing stores around the US or on the Internet you will see that there are lots of different maxi dresses available to choose from. You can even get maxi dresses from sustainable clothing brands. This is great because it means that there is bound to be something to suit everyone; no matter their style or taste. However, it can also make it a lot more difficult for those who are at a loss regarding what style maxi dress to buy. Nevertheless; don’t worry, as that is where this article comes in!

For those who are just testing the water with a maxi dress it is probably best to go for a plain one in a simple color, such as black. This gives you a great platform to dress up the maxi dress as much as you like. Moreover it will be a versatile piece which means it can be used again and again to create different looks and styles, yet people won’t even realize that you are wearing the same dress! 

If you want to go for something different then you should try a maxi dress with some sheer elements. Sheer fabrics are extremely fashionable at the moment and they are great for emulating a quirky style or putting together an outfit for a formal look. Alternatively, you could opt for a lace maxi dress. You don’t need to go for overall lace, there could merely be some lace detailing on the neck or other parts of the dress. And finally, if you are feeling bold and brave and want to look super fabulous then you should opt for a printed maxi dress. It’s up to you what print you go for; just remember to stay true to your style.
All in all, if you consider the points mentioned in this article then you should no trouble finding fantastic maxi dresses. All you need to do now is get searching for a show stopping dress.


The Kookiest Trends in Fashion

The world of fashion is built upon trends. The largest fashion houses dictate the trends that will appear on the high street two seasons in advance. What you see on the catwalk in the Fall of this year will appear on the high street in 2020. Of course, they won’t appear in the same concept fashion style as on the catwalk, with the foil collars, the all in one fluorescent boiler suits and skirts for men. Catwalk shows are all about pushing the boundaries, yet the high street retailers will take their cues from the larger designers. Take a look at the kookiest fashion trends in history.

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Low Pants

In the 90s, someone thought it wise to wear their Levis two sizes too big so that their legs appeared clown pant like and their waist allowed their pants to sag even with a belt. There was some sort of kudos in allowing designer boxer shorts to shine through from your behind. This odd fashion trend began in American prisons apparently, as convicts were not allowed to wear belts because of the risk of suicide. However, this could be nothing more than an urban legend. However, this trend has been embraced by the American rap and hip hop scene, with music videos showing many artistes with their hordes of girls surrounding them as they rap in their lowest rise pants with their Calvin Kleins poking through.

Body Piercings

When you think about body piercings in a practical sense, the idea of putting holes in your skin, ears, and other less visible parts of you can seem abhorrent. Yet, body art has become massively popular, especially since the dawn of the twenty first century. What was once seen as standard to have your ears pierced to show off a stunning pair of earrings on a night out, has turned into a way of life for some people. Many people are now choosing to use their bodies as works of art, and they see body piercing as the number one way of doing this. It's not super expensive either. You can pick up cheap nose rings online that look achingly cool, from a rainbow steel hoop to a titanium nose screw. While these piercings sound painful, once they are healed, they can look stunningly beautiful.

Celebrities have chosen to pierce their bodies and relish being part of the body art scene. Millennials are often adorning magazines with nose studs, eyebrow hoops and tongue piercings. For many, this isn’t just a fashion statement, but also a lifestyle and a way to show off their personality.

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The Cone Bra

Who can forget Madonna wearing a cone bra in the 1980s. For Madonna, she had to exude her sexuality and what better way to do this than by wearing her bra over her clothes? What was then seen as risque is now seen as hugely kooky. However, Madonna wasn't the trendsetter when it came to cone shaped bras. These were first introduced into the fashion world in the 1940s, although the ladies that wore them over seventy years ago wore them underneath their clothes. This gave them a pert, sweater girl look; wholesome and natural but exuding a femininity without showing off too much of their modesty. The cone shaped look was hugely fashionable for two decades, but the more natural look became more popular in the 1960s, so the cone bra was put to the back of the wardrobe until Madonna decided to reinvent it.

Shell Suits

The shell suit was once deemed the height of casual fashion. We look back on this 1980s monstrosity now, and know that this is one fashion trend that will never see the light of day again. The shell suit was an oversized tracksuit that had a shimmery external layer that was highly flammable. The shell suits weren’t safe and were dangerous for kids to wear, and yet they were all the rage. Kids TV presenters would wear them, people down the gym would show off their collection of shell suit jackets when working out on the treadmill, and paired with some cool trainers, people were pulling off the ultimate 1980s sports casual attire.

This was a fashion trend that was a real flash in the pan. When people remember their foray into the world of shell suits, it’s a time that they would prefer to forget. They have been banished to the fashion faux pas history books forever.

Fashion trends come and go, with many coming back around and some staying firmly in the past. Kooky can be cool but it can also be cringeworthy. Who knows what kooky fashion trends lie in wait for the 2020 fashion season.



stop settling


Recently a girl reached out to me about her long term relationship and some issues she was dealing with. I felt honored that she respected my thoughts enough to want my opinion on everything....and then it got me thinking. This wasn't the first time I have had this talk with other girls. Hey, I even went through this exact feeling in my last relationship. Its something that I know is VERY hard to admit, not just to others but to yourself....and I hope in writing this and being open about it everyone who may be experiencing the same thing can find solace in the fact that you're not alone.

I have always been in love with love. Falling in love, being in love. Its one of, if not- is the best feeling in the world. Its a certain feeling you only feel with a select few. When your whole body is filled with butterflies and your stomach is constantly tied in knots. When just the mere touch of their hand on your shoulder runs tingles up and down your spine. Just the thought of them makes your body feel warm and your face light up. All you can think about is them. It's like you're living in a dream.

Love can be the most exciting thing in the world. But it can also be the scariest thing in the world. Being that open and vulnerable with someone. Its terrifying. Especially if you have been hurt before in the past.

I've told you before how I stopped believing in love after my last serious relationship. I just didn't think it existed anymore. I use to believe in soul mates. I really did think there was that one person out there for you and some how God was going to bring that person into your life. But here's where things went off track for me.....I knew the guy in my last relationship wasn't the one I was suppose to be with, yet I stayed with him..& put up a happy front. Why I chose to stay as long as I did, is something I still deal with. I knew deep down inside he wasn't the one for me. He wasn't my soulmate. I wasn't even in love with him. Sure I loved him as a person, as my best friend but I didn't have any of those crazy out of control feelings you experience when you're really in love. I mean, I did at first. Maybe the first few months of our relationship but even then things started out really shitty and I think the feelings were more one sided on my part than him.

Now I know those crazy feelings you feel in the beginning do not last forever. I get that. But it had gotten to a point where I didn't even want to kiss him. I didn't even want him to hug me. It just felt wrong. That can't be love....to not even want to kiss. And here I was staying with him, doing everything for him and for our relationship. But why? Why was I so content on making this thing work, when I knew in my gut he wasn't the one. My gut would scream at me..."kelly! he's not the one! what are you doing?! this is wrong and you know it!"

But I chose to ignore it. I made the intentional choice to ignore what my gut was telling me. I would try to justify it with stupid excuses. I was a fucking idiot to say the least. I wasted so much time with someone who never should've had me to begin with.

I realized I was staying in this relationship because it was comfortable. It felt safe. I told myself I rather be with him than get hurt again.

What the fuck was I thinking?

When I really sat down and thought about why I was trying to make it work with this person I knew the answer behind it. I was scared of being single. I was scared of dating shitty guys again and getting hurt. I was scared of being alone. I was basically risking true love and happiness because I was a fucking pussy. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. So I stayed in a relationship way longer than I should've and wasted my time.

However, there is a happy ending as you know....one day it just clicked. That was it. I wasn't going to settle anymore. I wasn't going to try and make this so called "relationship" work. I didn't love this person. This person clearly didn't love me....and did not deserve me. I was done being scared. I wasn't going to let the single life scare me anymore. I realized that I rather be alone and happy then to settle.

So I ended it. I finally did it. It was actually one of the most freeing days in my life. I knew I made the right choice. Thats what happens when you listen to your gut. All of a sudden everything in the world seems right again. There isn't that one thing weighing you down anymore. You're free.

Im telling you this because I know some of you are in the same situation right now and I want you to listen to your gut. Don't settle for good when you can have great. You know the truth deep down. Don't push it aside like I did.

Now the single life as I have expressed many times before has been intense. Dating is harder than ever....& the first few months of being single were hard...BUT it was better than being with him. I never once regretted my decision. And now as it inches towards almost a year since its been over....i am ready to love again. Of course I'm scared shitless to put myself out there and to fall in love....but I have started believing in love again and that feels good. I've learned so much over this past year and I finally feel confident in myself that I won't be settling for anything short of the best. Its going to be scary and there will always be ups & downs...but as How I Met Your Mother said it -

Loves the best thing we do. 

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naked pictures


Okay so I want to touch on a subject that has been happening a lot around me and to tell you why I think it has to stop.


Now there is a wide range of types of sexting. There's texting semi/nude photos, videos, texting dirty, sending dirty snapchats....and I am sure there's more that I just don't know about.

Personally I have never been a sexter. Its not my thing. But I know a lot of people who do it. Now it's one thing to get flirty via text but its a whole different game when you start to take it too far. Especially when your sexting with someone you aren't even serious with.

I just can't see the logic behind it as to why girls feel the need to text naked photos of themselves to guys they're talking too. Right off the bat you're already giving them the wrong impression. You girls, & I know not all of you, but the ones that are looking to settle down, what part of you thinks texting a naked picture to a guy gives the right message? You want a guy to take you seriously and like you for you, yet you're texting him naked pictures giving him the impression you're just looking for some fun.

Men are not going to take home the girl who texts naked photos to his mother. He's just not. But what I want to understand is WHY do we feel the need to do that? Is it because we are just so desperate for some attention we will risk everyone seeing that naked text just to hear 'hot' from the guy we like? Has it really come to that?

Come on girls, we are better than that! What happened to a little mystery? There are enough of those types of girls out there already....#sorrynotsorry

It's time to be different. Some how along the way we have lost sight of being the nice girls our parents brought us up to be. There aren't enough of those girls left anymore, but it doesn't have to continue being like that. We can be traditional when it comes to relationships. We don't have to succumb to what everyone else is doing around us. 

Different is a good thing.

Let's make being nice cool again. Being a hussy doesn't make you cool. Having respect for yourself and your body does.

Remember that.

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worth the wait.


In my last post I touched on sex and waiting until you're in a serious relationship to have it....& I had a friend ask me a question in regards to the post. She wanted to know that when put in that situation when things start to get all hot and steamy whats my reason?

My reaction was what do you mean whats my reason? You need to have a reason as to why you don't want to give your body to someone you're not sure about? It got to me because I feel like we as women feel the need to explain ourselves about something that doesn't really need explaining.

Let me explain.

Its one thing to be honest with your partner and let them know whats going on, but what I am referring to is that guy you've been hooking up with for a few weeks, that really hasn't even acknowledged what you are to him. That guy. We have all been 'with' that guy. I put 'with' in quotes because you and I both know you're not sure if you're officially with him or if you're just a hookup. Its that guy who always plays the 'why not' card. Who just assumes that after a few fun drunken hookups you're going to go all the way with him....& what I am trying to say is you don't have to explain and feel bad for what you're feeling.

Think about it girls, its like we feel bad for not being ready. Its like we're scared that they're going to get mad and leave us.......re-read what I just said - "we're scared that they're going to get mad and leave us"....does that really sound like the person we should be sleeping with? If a guy that you're interested in, that you have been hooking up with doesn't understand why you're not ready to sleep with him , he is not the guy you should be with. If he truly did want to be with you, he would be willing to wait because he knows that

You know I use to think guys like that didn't exist anymore. Guys that respected girls and weren't just after getting laid. When my mom would preach to me about it, I would roll my eyes and tell her that if those guys did exist they weren't living around me. I think I used to use that as an excuse as to why I would give it away so easily. Tell myself that everybody's doing it. Im never going to find and keep someone if I don't.

Stupid. So stupid. Because that wasn't true. It isn't true.

Those guys do exist we just have to wait to find them. We have to stop settling for what we have and wait until we get the real thing. I stopped believing in love after my huge breakup a year ago. I stopped believing in the real thing....but I realized if I truly wanted the real thing I had to work for it. And that meant having respect for myself and realizing that I am worth the wait.

We're all worth the wait.

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sex talk


So I want to talk about a touchy, kinda personal subject but I think its something that needs to be discussed openly.


It's everywhere. It's all everybody is doing & talking about. If you're not having sex, something is clearly wrong with you, right?


Before I go on though, let me start by saying I like sex as much as the next person but what i'm talking about is something different.

Lets go back to when you were a virgin. Holding onto your virginity was a big deal & not something you gave away so quickly. In my first serious relationship I was with my boyfriend for 8 months before I gave it away. I mean it could've been longer but nowadays thats like forever to some people.

I feel like after you lose it, it all goes downhill from there. You're not so quick to hold onto it for so long when you're in a new relationship. You kind of have the mentality of 'fuck it, i've already done it once'....and I did have that mentality for awhile. Giving away the milk for free. I've talked about it before, how the old saying 'why buy the cow when you get the milk for free'...is true. Its so simple yet so hard to practice.

SO why do we feel like we have to give it up so easily? Now I know a lot of girls aren't like that & are pretty classy about it all, but I also know a lot of girls that give it up way too soon and they wonder why the guy starts to disappear after.

I understand what its like to get caught up in your emotions & the moment...been there done that too many times...but let me tell you this --- every relationship that started where I gave it up too quickly, never, ever, worked out. They either ended right away...& let me tell you that's a brutal feeling, or they lasted a few months....that in reality, was just a shitty game of cat & mouse.

Its frustrating & hard. Your heart takes a few beatings, thats for sure...but when things aren't working in my life and I keep getting the same result, I change it. Change can be tricky. Especially when you're so use to living a certain way. But I was tired of the same old shit, so I figured why not.

I decided that I wasn't going to be sexually intimate with anyone unless I was in a committed serious relationship. I talked about commitment the other day & how important it is to have one when you like someone...and as I reach the last year of my 20s I can't be fucking around anymore. I had some amazing times, but I also had some really hard times and I was done playing this game of cat & mouse.

We as women are such incredible creatures. We deserve everything we want. And feeling comfortable in your relationship & knowing he's not going to peace out on you when you give it up is something I know we all want. But in order to achieve that we have to be strong. We have to be able to say no and wait until we have that commitment before anyone gets to experience the amazingness of us. I know saying no can be hard but think about it this way, don't you want to be with the guy who respects you for saying no & willing to wait than the guy who gives you shit for it & makes you feel bad? I feel like by sticking to something so simple as saying no we can save ourselves from a lot more heartache & wasted time with someone who was not the one.

Its worth a try.

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