Steps You Could Take To Improve Your Relationship

Whether your relationship is currently at a high or a low, there are always improvements that you can make. You can always strengthen your bond with your partner, and you should always aim to do that if you want to enjoy a happy relationship on a long-term basis. A healthy and happy relationship must constantly grow as you and your loved one continue to grow. It can’t stay the same over the years because you and your partner won’t stay the same. So, you have to take your relationship in the right direction. You have to ensure that it keeps changing in a positive manner. These are some steps you could take to improve your relationship.


Spend Time Together
Make sure you and your partner spend time together if you want to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. You might have busy lives, but you need to make time for each other. Even if you live together, that doesn’t mean it stops being important to go on vacations or simply go on dinner dates. You need to put the effort into keeping your relationship strong. Enjoying each other’s company is a big part of this. Your partner is more than just your roommate, and it’d be wise to remember that. Simply relaxing on the couch at the end of a long day and laughing at a funny Netflix show, for example, can be a great way to maintain a strong connection.

Support One Another
It’s crucial that you and your partner remember to support each other. You could improve your relationship by simply improving your communication. Many couples avoid communicating properly because they want to avoid conflict, but shying away from a problem won’t make it go away. You have to face your issues together. Life isn’t always easy, as everyone knows. Your partner should be there for you, and you should be there for them. This is the true test of any relationship. Communicating well with regards to sex, for instance, is essential. Of course, it’s also important to communicate when it comes to problems that might be persistent. For example, unhealthy habits should be discussed before they become damaging to your relationship. You might want to join a partner support counseling group if your loved one has an addiction to sex. It’s important that you feel supported, too.


Make Intimacy a Priority
Many people view intimacy as a luxury, rather than a necessity, and this can be a very damaging mentality in a relationship. We’re complex creatures, but we have basic needs. That’s why it’s so important to make intimacy a priority in your relationship. Simply being close to your loved one in a physical sense can make such a big difference to the wellbeing of both your body and your mind. So, if you and your loved one are struggling in that department, then make time to be physically intimate with one another.

You might not be in the honeymoon phase anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer important to show your love for one another. Yes, you’re best friends, but you’re also lovers. Remind yourself of that on a regular basis. Schedule time for intimacy if that’s what it takes. You might be busy, but you should always be able to find time to maintain your connection with your loved one. And remember that intimacy is about more than sex. Even cuddles on the couch are important. If you want a healthy relationship for a long time, then make it your priority to stay physically intimate with your partner. Emotional intimacy is essential, too, of course, but even that is linked to physical intimacy.

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Five Reasons Women Lose Their Hair


There is nothing worse for a woman than losing her crowning glory. Women lose their hair for so many reasons and visible loss can be distressing to deal with. It’s not just men, either. Women deal with hair loss at a variety of stages in life, and while it’s more common for men to lose their hair as they age, us women don’t get an easy deal of it, either.

For women, most hair loss occurs in their late 50s early 60s, but there are still other stages in life that involve hair loss. For example, pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in life, and yet most women have to deal with a severe amount of thinning later on. There have been studies that show that female pattern baldness is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women and it gets worse as they age. Women who are affected by it are often in a period of grief for their hair! We rely on our hair to make us look beautiful (though, obviously, we are anyway) and it is a big part of our identity. To lose that is to feel like we are losing our womanhood, and that’s not always easy. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at five common reasons that women lose their hair.


1.) Aging
What’s one of the most common reasons? Age. As women age, hair loss spreads from the parting and spreads across the scalp, thinning it out and making more scalp visible. The skin changes that occur as we age makes for a flakier scalp, too.

2.) Hormones
When menopause hits - or in pregnancy as we mentioned previously - hair is affected. Thinning hair occurs as a result of hormones changing, and when you pair aging with the menopause, you get two for the price of one.

3.) History
If you’re worrying about female pattern baldness, you may not want to hear that it runs in families. If you have women in the family who deal with thinning hair at a certain age, then there is every chance that you will deal with the same.

4.) Stress 
Physical and emotional stress can affect your hair and your body attacks itself in those cases. When you feel physically stressed, your body reacts with pain and thinning hair is one of the other ways that it’s affected.

5.) Bad Diet
We rely on the right vitamins and minerals for our hair to stay healthy and nourished. When your diet is poor, your hair suffers for it. By ensuring that you are eating well, you can make sure that your hair stays your crowning glory and looks as beautiful as ever.

If you notice any hair loss that is unusual for you, speak to your doctor. They will go through your history with you and run tests to see if you are lacking in any vitamins. They’ll also be able to give you the right advice as to how to make your hair feel healthy once more.

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Is Your Love Life An Epic Fail?

People are usually single because they enjoy the bachelor lifestyle, they are too busy with work, or they are still mourning the breakup of their last relationship. There’s someone out there for everyone, as the saying goes, but what if your sex life isn’t that great when you do meet someone and wish to take things further with them?

With any problems in the love life department, you mustn’t beat yourself up about them. Instead, it makes more sense to tackle any issues head-on by working out why things might not seem great and getting any help you need to resolve them. So, how do you improve your love life and end up meeting (and staying with) your soulmate?


Boosting Your Confidence

It’s not unusual for any sex problems to manifest themselves due to a lack of confidence. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to intimate relations with other people! If you feel that your sex life is lacking due to your low self-esteem, the good news is there are many ways to overcome your lack of confidence.

The following suggestions might seem a little radical, but they do help people to overcome their low self-esteem in the bedroom department:

Use an Erotic Chatline Service

The advantage of such services is you don’t know the people at the other end of the phone, and you don’t have to meet them in person. Although that’s not to say you won’t instantly “click” with people using such dating services! As can be seen with ChatlineDating lines, there are many niche chat numbers you can phone.

Watch Some Adult Movies

Let’s face it: sex education in school is anything but educational. It’s usually embarrassing, and most people in the class would rather be anywhere but there at that point in time! Sometimes, it can help people to boost their confidence in bed with others if they get some inspiration from adult movies.


Removing Stress from your Life

Another reason many people find it challenging to maintain a good sex life is that they are stressed! If you are one of those individuals, it’s time you did something about removing that stress from your life. Examples of how you can do so include making some lifestyle or career changes, taking up meditation or yoga, and not packing in so much into your daily routines.

Other ways you could de-stress include following a regular exercise program such as jogging, swimming, or power-walking in your neighborhood each morning.

Seeking Professional Medical Help

Lastly, you might not know it, but your dissatisfaction with your performance in bed could be down to a medical problem. Men, for instance, may find they cannot sustain an erection. And women may feel like they are never “in the mood” for sex and so have to “fake it” for fear of upsetting their partner in bed.

If you feel you may have a medical reason why your sex life performance isn’t where you’d like it to be; it’s time to seek some professional medical advice on the matter.


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How To Boost Your Confidence & Feel More Attractive In 2020

Starting 2020 off with the most confidence possible will ensure that your year provides you with a whole host of opportunities and happy memories. Figuring out how to feel more attractive and increase your levels of self assurance can seem like an almost impossible task, as getting yourself into a rut of low self esteem is difficult to climb out of. Loving and believing in yourself is such an important part of life, and fortunately it doesn’t have to be a hard task to change your ways and hold your head up high. If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps and want to know about how you can improve your confidence levels and feel more attractive in the new decade, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips and tricks that you can make the most of to feel like a million dollars in no time at all! 


Add Exercise Into Your Schedule 

Many people have a very negative relationship with exercise, taking part in little or no sport or cardio at all. This is extremely unfortunate, as exercise can provide you with so many benefits both mentally and physically. Each time that you get your heart racing and start to sweat, your body will release so called ‘happy chemicals’ better known as endorphins, which will give you a boost of energy and potential feelings of positivity. As well as this, regular exercise increases your chances of gaining a healthy physique, which may help your confidence and encourage you to feel more comfortable about your body image. Noticing changes in your weight after working hard is also an exciting experience, and it can motivate you to continue your work out journey. 

Try Something A Little Different 

There are a few alternative ideas that may just help you to feel more attractive, and they’re the perfect choice for those of you who might be a little more open minded and up for something different. First of all, The Chatline Numbers adult lines may give you the opportunity to explore your wild side and become more comfortable with your sexuality without the usually commitments and hassle of dating in real life. If you have body confidence issues, perhaps a photoshoot may be a concept that can help to transform the way that you feel about yourself. There are many photographers that offer the whole experience of getting glammed up to have your pictures snapped, and these can follow a specific theme such as boudoir. Even looking at the pictures months or even years after can give you that small boost you need to get your mojo back and feel as attractive as can be. 

Becoming more confident and self assured in 2020 couldn’t be simpler when you make the follow the steps detailed above! Exercise is one of the best things that you can do to improve the health of both your mind and body, and it can change the way that you feel about your image. Don’t be afraid to try out some alternative methods too! 

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The Changes We Make: 2020 Vision Needed!


Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and it’s less to do with the twinkly lights wherever you go, and more about the fact that just after Christmas, New Year awaits. The New Year is - for some - just another year, another chance to have fireworks, another chance to dance and sing Auld Lang Syne and shed a tear for another year doing life. 

For others, the promise of a New Year is the turning of a page. It’s a fresh sheet of paper in front of you; which you can use to write down all your wishes and make them come true. It’s a chance to restart and make the changes you’ve been promising that you would make. This can be anything you want, from going after the job you want to finally plucking up the courage to attend the narcissistic abuse recovery program you’ve been eyeing for a while. Your whole future is yours to write and live, and the New Year is a chance to make that happen. It is good to remember that next year isn’t just a New Year: it's a new decade. This is a whole new chapter of your story to write and it’s so empowering to know that once midnight strikes, you can close the 2019 chapter and start another, bolder time of life.


You may not be the kind of person who goes for New Year Resolutions, and you don’t have to be. This part of your life isn’t about resolving to do something better or to complete a task, it’s about promising yourself that you will do something for you. If you give yourself the chance to have 2020 vision (not to be confused with 20-20 vision), you are going to be able to take a step into the version of you that you always hoped you could be. Stronger. Happier. More able to say yes where it counts and no when it matters. You have the chance to be the best person you can be when you choose to live that way, and you get to do that in 2020. 

So, look right ahead of you and decide: do you want this year to be one that you begin with no idea of what you want from the end of it? Or do you want this to be the year that you are still wishing you could let go of the hurt, the pain, the boredom? The fact that the choice to make these changes in life is entirely up to you is overwhelming, I get that. But you do. Your choices are going to change your life in 2020, no matter what they are. You want to upgrade your car? You go for it. You want to heal after abuse? You own that and you heal the best way you know how. This is your year to do the best you can. It’s time to take ownership of your life and make it count. Happy New Year, ladies and gents: the time for change is now.


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