Sadly we lost a very talented musician today - Davey Jones of The Monkees..so in honor of Davey todays song of the day is....
Daydream Believer by The Monkees

Did You See Her Arm....

Okay so today starts off the first day of my guest weekly blogger...MY SISTER! im really excited to have her blogging weekly because I feel she will bring a more serious note to my blog & touch on subjects that many others don't like talking about, but should be talking about. Welcome to Social Issues with A...

I think it’s safe to say that the biggest OMG moment during the Oscars was Angelina Jolie. She made a sneaky attempt to take away focus from the real issue at hand by exposing her leg multiple times throughout the night.  I don’t think it was a shock to anyone, as Angelina is known for her arrogant demeanor and nonchalant riskiness, but I think the absence of her arm on stage is what really threw everyone for a loop hole.

In our fast paced society it’s definitely easy to forget a meal once in awhile or to workout religiously due to high stress levels, but do individuals know when it’s gone too far.
There are two problems here:

 1. Angelina Jolie’s arm was skin and bone with no muscle or meat, &
 2. Jolie is in the public eye constantly, and she is adored my thousands.

What intrigues me about this situation is the idea that the media has no problem supporting the “anorexic” look. They don’t care that the viewers who are watching this are sub consciously thinking “My arm doesn’t look like this, why doesn’t it look like that, am I eating too much.” The media plays a role in all of this, and their biggest duty is to set the agenda for what viewers should be thinking about. You see, they are very sneaky because they of course don’t tell us to be as thin as her, but the fact that they show it on national television is implicit enough.

Let’s all remember that eating is good for you and having both arms is essential for functioning.

- A


Sasha Cohen tries to steal the show

Sasha Cohen just dumped ashes...turns out it was pancake mix..on Ryan Seacrest's Burberry suit at the Oscars. As usual Sasha is using a Hollywood event to promote his new movie The Dictator. And Ryan as usual was as classy as ever after the dumbing accrued.

Literally "spilling" ashes on Ryan...picture courtsey of gawker.com
Sasha you're not funny & what you did was dumb & pointless...and i still won't see your movie.


ahhhh Splendid made shoes

so Splendid is one of my favorite brands..its supersoft, effortless and bright, it has a very laid-back, go-anywhere vibe. its known for flattering cuts, bold stripes and understated details. they create chic pieces with plenty of versatility... if you haven't tried on any of their clothes you're seriously missing out.... but this isn't about their clothes...they have just introduced a new collection of Sun-Bleached Shoes and OMG i am obsessed!

they are so adorable & perfect for summer. they're lightweight & comfy. to be honest they kinda remind me of TOMS..just a little more pricey..

they'll look cute with jeans, rolled up jeans, shorts & dresses;  depending on the type of style you get. i would not recommend the tennis shoe looking ones with dresses...but its your call


here's today's song of the day - its been the new hit streaming through the radio airwaves....its a perfect song for getting ready to go out for the night...

"We Are Young" By FUN - & here's a link to their myspace page....yes, i know myspace is still around...


the IT color..

now isn't this the truth?!
i love OPI.com nail polish...not only because its a lot better than the cheaper polish you can buy at the grocery store but because of their silly names. i just love how random they are. i try & change my nail color weekly....i usually chose a color based on what kinda mood i am in...so i will be doing a OPI color of the week..this weeks color is called "The It Color" its a fun yellow! I call it Laker Yellow...i think its perfect for the transition from February to March...because who are we kidding, i love celebrating any type of holiday so my nails will be different shade's of green until St.Pattys day is over..here's how the color looks painted (because seriously sometimes the color in the bottle looks way different on..)....& please excuse my messy nail polish.....


spring trend

so if you like to keep up with the latest trends like i do here's what's hott this spring -

Palazzo Pants....you're probably like what the hell are those?! well if you watch Happy Endings on ABC  their Pennys  "flowy pants" ..but if you don't (but you should, the shows pretty funny) here's an example 
picture courtsey of pinterst.com

picture courtsey of pinterst.com
 now you don't have to get them in a flashy color, even though color pants are hott right now! you can do a more simple look like this one on the right. either way they're fun, flowy, and pants that won't make you feel like a fatty. you can thank me later.

oh miley!

picture courtesy of pinterst.com
so it's being reported around the web that miley cyrus has been seen leaving a medical marijuana club this past week. there is no report on whether or not she actually purchased anything but she was there.

heres how i feel about it - yes she was once with disney, but she's not anymore, and lets be honest she shredded that good girl image way long ago so I don't understand why everyone still gets shocked when you hear about her partying, or making funny faces at a penis cake.

but back to the marijuana...let me just say this..i rather her be buying marijuana & getting high hanging out watching a movie on her couch. then buying a ton of alcohol, getting shitfaced & either blacking out, getting behind a car or whatever marijuana >alcohol.


so i love music. its my life. i love the classics - beatles, elo, zeppelin, floyd, elton, queen and so on. i also love some indie & hipster music too...i guess i dabble in everything...everything but COUNTRY! ew keep that away from me..is that actually music? so todays song of the day is..........

Tiny Dancer by Sir Elton John

i just love this song, its so cute.. but i think what i love most about this song is everytime i hear it i think of one particular thing...the movie Almost Famous - not only is that movie fabulous & so well written but it has such great music! i love the scene on the tour bus after they just had a long wild night of getting wasted & fighting...and this songs brings them all together again.....enjoy



fringe! that is my number one must have this summer! you can find fringe tops in so many pretty colors. don't worry about getting a matching bottom, mix & match is more fun anyway. and please do not put a fringe top with a fringe bottom...that's just too much. remember less is more. you can find some fringe tops on http://www.shopbop.com/. your welcome.

ok so.

ok so you must be asking yourself what's this blog really about....well it's defiantly not about me or my life. and no it's not really about hair either. i just love messy hair. it has such flavor to it. what you will find on this blog is everything that i think is cool or that people should know about. yeah im sure you're thinking who cares what she thinks is cool, well then, don't follow my blog.

 ive had a lot of life experiences some good, a lot bad. however i wouldn't take any of it back because it brought me right to where i am now and i love where i am now. but with every experience good or bad you learn from it so i guess you can say some posts will be advice. and feel free to email me questions about anything - everyone i know always says i give the best advice, however be warned im blunt. ill tell you exactly the way it is. so if you can't handle the truth then you might not want to ask me any questions.

 i don't care about spelling, grammar, lower/upper case letter so don't be surprised if you find mistakes throughout my blog - English majors beware....

but have fun and welcome to this crazy adventure...

oh and right now im going through a weird Indian faze hence the picture




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