going to the chapel....

ah wedding season! its defiantly in the air and everywhere you look people are getting engaged. I think one of my favorite things about wedding season is being able to dress up for the occasion...who am I kidding, i love finding any occasion to dress up.

PLUS as the temperature starts to climb which means you can start preparing for the upcoming phenomena that is wedding season! This year, we will see a resurgence of lace overlays and trick necklines, a look that is both flirty and appropriate for a wedding chapel.

I am sure you all have your fair share of weddings coming up this summer - here's an idea for the perfect summer wedding attire 

1.)  Embellished Waist Lace Dress, Miss Selfridge, $105.00  
2.) Turquoise & Caicos, Essie, $8.00  
3.) Jersey Blazer, Flannels, £235.00
4.)  Adonis II Heels, Badgley Mischka, $225.00
5.) Mint Earring Studs, Etsy, $19.00
6)     Clutch in Mint, A03 Designs, $98.00
7.)  Romance Pearl Personalized Bracelet , American Bridal, $22.95

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the time my weather girl lied to me.....

seriously though!

i hope everyone had a good weekend...jackie our weather girl lied to us and said it was going to be nice & sunny over the weekend....

it was not.

im praying june gloom doesn't come early!

BUT i still managed to have a nice weekend even without the beach ----

left to right

one. at home pedicure & manicure...nails: OPI 'no room for the blues' - toes: Sinful Colors 'neon'
two. saturday morning snuggles with maxxie is a must
three. i love how excited they get when they know we're going for a walk
four. spent my friday at the park with my favorite kiddos
five. keds by kate spade - yay or nay?? i say nay...{ so did the majority of instagram too }
six. sometimes there is nothing more refreshing than a coke in a can
seven. lucy had a girls day & got her nails painted - wearing a mila rose designs headband
eight. cooking dinner with the bf - salmon, steak, potatoes, rice & asparagus 
nine. had coffee & did some shopping with an old friend...love these DV for Dolve Vita sandals

what did you do this weekend?

TODAY is your LUCKY day! I have one of my favorite fashion bloggers here today....you already know her from fearless fashion friday. She's an LA girl living in Colorado.  She writes Peace Love Sequins...& just by her blog name you already know she's fabulous! SO today you get to meet the girl behind PLS & see what she has to say about blogging. SO without further ado meet

Lindsey from Peace Love Sequins

Hey Messy Girls! I’m Lindsey from Peace Love Sequins!

My blog is mainly about fashion and style! I feel fashion is a great way to express yourself and there is always something for everyone!

Peace Love Sequins

The main topics I write about are Fashion + Style, Beauty, Runway Style, and Tips + Tutorials!

5 Random Facts
  1. My dream would be to work for Harper’s Bazaar!
  2. I am seriously a Disney addict! Disneyland is my second home.
  3. I walk terribly in heels, although this is something I am working on!
  4. I am married and have two adorable kitties, Max and Rocky.
  5. I grew up in Southern California but I am braving the Denver cold to finish school!

My Top 3 Blogging Advice
  1. It’s not about being famous! It can be hard seeing all these big time bloggers and even those who actually make a living blogging and feel that you could replicate their success. This should not be the reason you blog. You should blog for you and if people follow great, if you end up being able to make it into a career great! But it should not be your number one goal!
  2. Experiment! Try new things! Blogging is great for finding and trying new things! I have came across some awesome products or companies through blogging! Plus once you try something new it is always fun to share your experience with your readers!
  3. Comment, Comment, Comment! This is something I am awful at. But being a great and active commenter on your favorite blogs is a great way to build community and make friends! A lot of times the blogger will even come back and visit your blog! I have met some awesome blogger through commenting! I even showcased my top commenters for my blog first birthday!

I hope this tips helped! And I loved being able to take over Kelly’s blog for the day!

how freaking adorable is her blog header!? ....& great blogging tips! SO today is def your lucky day because Lindsey is offering one lucky winner ONE YEAR of Large Ad Space on her blog!!!! Can't get more exposure than that! SO good luck & be sure to say hello to Lindsey!

*Feeling Lucky?*

Enter to win Julep Nail Polish HERE
Enter to win a Shabby Chic Banner HERE

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the only bee ill let sting me....

some Friday wisdom for all you lovers....I think starting off Friday with some inspiration is always a good idea....

SO can you believe that we only have 4 days left in April!?!???! Complete craziness. I am usually SO excited for May because its my birthday month, but for once I am so not ready....28. I am going to be 28. Only 2 years left of my 20s....what the hell!? 

okay but enough of me complaining about getting older, one thing I am excited for is Summer....& then you know whats after summer??....the best time of the year!!!!!! If you don't already know this about me, September-December is MY absolute favorite time. I love the weather, the seasons, the holidays and the spirit. 

I have so many things coming up within those months, that it just gets me so excited. SO whenever I am feeling down or just having one of those days, I remind myself of everything coming up so I can get myself outta that funk. 

Here are a few things I am looking forward to within the coming months --- 

SUMMER at the beach


Disneyland for my birthday

me everyday - via

My Sisters College Graduation from Cal Poly Pomona

The OC Fair  

Spa & Hotel Pool Day on the 4th 


Hall & Oates Concert in August 


The San Clemente Annual Street Fair

Last year...its crazy like this every year!

Palm Springs Girls Trip with my 2 Besties...there's a lazy river at out hotel!!!


Maui with the whole family in November

Maui 2009

What are you looking forward to this summer???

SO today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a pretty cool chick. She is a SoCal girl like myself but is from the bay, also like myself.  She'es honset & real....she's a girl after my heart. PLUS she has killer style & some killer tats....so without further ado meet ---- 

Hello Messy.Dirty.Hair readers, I am Brittany Michelle and it is an honor to be gracing you with my virtual presence!

My claim to fame is making all my caviar wishes and sapphire dreams come true over at The Sapphire Bee blog & shop. Stop by my online Park Place real estate and you will find me chronicling my outfits, projects, meals and everything else that I fancy.

currently split my time between the beautiful suburbs of San Francisco where I live with my musician boyfriend and Southern California where I attend an overpriced art school.

I am a mom to one very spoiled chihuahua, named Spade who I rescued in 2008. He has more personality in his tiny chichi paw than most standard size adults I have encountered.

When I am not in the pursuit of my inner Michelangelo, tending to business in my boutique or blogging you can find me cooking up some pinteresting treats, traveling the world or volunteering with some of my favorite organizations.

3 blogging tips: 
+ Blog for yourself without expectations 
+ Have a great well written "about" so new readers can get to know you better 
+ Don't get discouraged, building a good network of readers doesn't happen over night! 

I am collector of tattoos and life experiences and I have a weakness for coffee, Julep nail polish, vegetarian cuisine, sassy accessories and American history. I love meeting new, interesting and weird people so stop by sometime and lets be friends!

Isn't she so awesome?!? & how freaking adorable is her dog?!? SO today Brittany has an aaamazing giveaway for you messy girls - she is giving away

3 of her favorite Julep polishes -- from the It Girl Collection EdenMackenzieAbbie $42 value 

tgif lovers

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#TheMessyProject -----> Into the Desert

its baaaacccckkkkkkkkk!

wow! can you believe this is the 10th project?! So exciting!

SO If you are new around here & have yet to hear about the project, you can check out all the info HERE..... but here's just a quick little intro to help you get more acquainted to the project  ----> 

so this round I tired a piece that I felt most people would like and would most likely buy. For one it can be worn a lot of different ways and two I really loved the girly but also rocker feel it had to it. I always love buying clothes that can be dressed up or down & I thought this was one of those pieces.

SO i decided to go with this longer in the back floral tank tunic with a stud collar

so for some reason to me this tunic had such a festival, Coachella feel to it and since it is Coachella time & everyone around me is going I decided to turn this tunic into something you would wear to Coachella or a music festival 

{ sidenote: Coachella is a weekend long musical festival in the desert....is a socal thing }

*Coachella via

Tunic: Forever 21
Shorts: Hollister
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Lace Bra: Urban Outftters
Jewelry: Free People, Lincoln Street Boutique, Lucky Brand

so as you can see I decided to tie the tunic on the side to give it a more shorter, edger look. Then I added my classic destroyed jean shorts. I chose to pair the tunic with destroyed shorts rather than plain to add to the edgy look....& instead of wearing a tank underneath I just decided to wear my black lace bra

my favorite part of the outfit is my shoes....instead of just wearing the usual flip-flops or gladiators I decided to spice it up with my new suede Dolce Vita booties. I am obsessed with these shoes. Not only are they adorable, but they are SO comfortable. Plus they have such a desert feel to them which I love....& of course no Coachella outfit is complete without tons of mixed bracelets & a hippy head band.   

 SO Do you like the tunic tied up? What do you think of the desert booties with it? How would you have styled the tunic...I would LOVE to know!

NOW go & check out how the other ladies styled the tunic ---- & they're all SO different & show them some la la loveeee

UPDATE ----> 

#TheMessyProject will be happening TWICE a month starting in June. Even though both groups have been filled through the year, when a bloggers month comes up some of them may not be blogging anymore or just can't participate anymore....SO I have started a list of people who would like to participate so you can be called if a spot needs to be filled. If you would like to be put on this list please email TheMessyProject@gmail.com with the subject line: PUT ME ON THE LIST & include your name & blog link.

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so shabby

Just a little Friday wisdom for you peaches
& here we are again, at the end of the week! I was SO busy this past week with school & real life I cannot wait to just sit on the beach & relax.....its going to be 80 degrees here this weekend so this girl is EXCITED! 

SO today I have a special guest for you & if you are a Shabby Chic lover like myself you're gonna wanna stick around!

I am so excited to introduce you to one of the cutest little Etsy shops - Oopsie Daisy Decor & the girl behind it is even better. I had always seen these freaking adorable banners on pinterest & I always wanted one.

People use them for celebrations or to share some exciting news...they're just so cute & shabby.

When I got mine, I was in love. It was SO adorable and delicate. Perfect for my Shabby Chic room....you can't tell in the picture but the heart it glittery!!

SO of course since I loved mine so much I had to introduce you to the girl behind these adorable banners. A California girl & a lover of all things pretty.  She is a complete sweetheart & has such an adorable little family.....PLUS she's a brand new mommy.....& she's got a special surprise for you all too....

Hey Messy girls!! I have been a fan of Kelly and her Messy theory for quiet some time. 
I go without washing my hair for DAYS.
Sometimes thats because I have a new baby and can't find time. Other times it's because I have 
learned to EmbraceTheMess all because of miss Kelly.
So *high five* and *booyah* if you are on board the messy.

I blog over HERE, mostly about motherhood, marriage, and sometimes whatever happens to fall inbetween. 
I'm a Cali girl - but the hubs and I are in Seattle for a few months and then we move to Arizona for the next 4 years for Dental School. Moving with a new baby = NOT FUN. But it's gotta be done.
I am excited to get my tan on though, and to settle down in 1 place for 4 years. 
I love comfort. I love my comfort circle.
Included in my circle is lots of glitter.....and burlap. SO, I decided to share my passion for both in an Etsy shop.

SOOO I'm here today to giveaway ANY banner from my
 Etsy shop - OR we can make a custom banner just for you. It's 100% free, and 100% up to you.

Good luck!


SO what would you put on your banner?

ALSO - Receive 20% off any banner on her site using the code MESSY

*Check out my Shabby Chic Pinterest Board HERE

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PS. #TheMessyProject is LIVE on Wednesday!!!!!!!


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