I cannot get enough of these hash tag videos....if you haven't seen the one with Justin Timberlake watch it here  ---- http://youtu.be/57dzaMaouXA ---- after you watch hashtag2

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i've got an itch...

So I don't know about you but I am itching for spring! And most importantly spring fashion!

There are some really great trends coming up for spring 2014 & what better way to show you what's in store than a small preview of the Lincoln Street Boutique spring 2014 line?! 

There are so many fun pieces & something for everyone! If you're not already following them on Instagram do it right away & add some LSB to your wardrobe 

- username: LincolnStBoutique -       

What's your favorite look from the Lincoln Street Boutique spring line? 


who wants to win....

                                      {Blushing Boulevard}                 {The Style Record}                 {Kelsey Bang}                 {Wild One Forever}
                                         {Pink Avenue}                         {Blue Eyed Finch}                      {Salt Style}                   {The Fashion Fuse}
                                         {Messy Dirty Hair}               {Stylin in St. Louis}             {The Red Closet Diary}             {Divine Delights}
                                                                                                {Rasberry Glow}                 {My Fash Avenue}

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hellllllllo my loves! SO as you can see MessyDirtyHair has a whole new look & a new little tag line. But before I touch on the tag line I just wanted to say a big thank you to the ever so talented Kristen at WTF Designs for coming up with the exact look I wanted for this next chapter of MessyDirtyHair. She is amazing & highly recommend!

& now onto the new tag line...

"Where Fashion & the Single Life Meet"

MessyDirtyHair will always be about embracing your imperfections and learning to be comfortable in your own skin....& of course I will still be posting about the latest fashion trends and my looks but since so much has changed in my life in the past 8 months I needed a space where I could talk about because there is so much going on inside my head.

If you don't already know about 8 months ago I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of over 6 years. Things were not heading in the right direction anymore and it was time to get out. It was the right decision & couldn't be happier...BUT to say my life did a complete 180 is an understatement. I hadn't been single since I was 21 and I was now 28. I was thrown into this world of dating that I had no clue how to navigate. Everything had changed since I was last single. I was freaked out and scared out of my mind.

The first couple of months were tough, I cannot lie. But with the help of some new friends I was able to start transiting into this new life. The single life. 

So this blog is now going to be filled with not only my fashion but my life. The dating, the boys, friends & everything else in between. It feels weird to be so open about something on such a public platform but I know so many girls are also living the single life and dealing with all the crazy changes that have happened in dating so I figured we could be in this together while I search for mr.right.

SO with that said, I leave you with a question ---->> What do you think has changed the most in the dating world?


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