Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is often viewed differently from other surgeries on the basis that it is an elective procedure, something that candidates choose to have done rather than a procedure borne out of a medical necessity. That said just because the motives are different doesn’t mean that the risks are any less. When it comes to cosmetic surgery you still need to be fully appraised of all of the facts and risks that come with it. So if you are considering appearance enhancing surgery be sure that you are fully au fait with all of the facts and ask yourself these questions beforehand.


Have you done your research?
This is one occasion that you can consult with Dr. Google and thoroughly research the procedure you are about to undergo. Having as much knowledge and information as possible about your procedure will help you feel confident about the operation and put you in the best possible position to ask your surgeon any questions you may have. You will be able to get a thorough understanding of what to expect from your chosen surgery and any alternative procedures that may be available to you, just in case you are having second thoughts about the procedure.

What are your expectations?
If you are undergoing cosmetic surgery it will be with the aim of improving or changing an aspect of your appearance. You may have an idea in your head as to what the finished product will look like. You may have even seen computer-generated images to give you a better idea of the final look. That said it is important that you manage your expectations in terms of what the final outcome might look like. The idea you have and the reality may be slightly disjointed. In fact, it is commonly suggested that patients expect improvements, not perfection.

You also need to bear in mind that the body can take a long time to recover from surgery and the initial outcome may not be the end result. Have patience and allow your body time to heal and adjust. It may be months before you see the finished result so bear with the 
recovery process.

What is your budget?

Due to the elective nature of cosmetic surgery, it is not commonly covered by most insurance plans and as such you will be liable for the medical bills. The cost of surgery will be dependant on the type of procedure you are undergoing and whether you will need to stay overnight. Whatever procedure you undertake you can expect elective cosmetic surgery to set you back thousands of dollars. Further, that is assuming that all goes to plan and there are no unforeseen errors or complications that result in you needing to incur further expenses.

Do you know the risks?


As discussed any surgery whether elective or not comes with it a number of inherent risks and cosmetic surgery is no different. Some of the most common risks to be aware of are blood loss, blood cuts, scarring, infection, and of course dissatisfaction with the outcome. What is more, cosmetic surgeons are not exempt from the possibility of things going wrong during the procedure, and in events such as this, you may even find yourself incurring the further expense and worry of researching diligent medical malpractice attorneys to put right what the surgeon did wrong. It is important that you are fully informed of all of the possible risks and their consequences before undergoing any surgical procedure.

Have you factored in sufficient recovery time?


Recovery time from cosmetic surgery will vary depending on the procedure but as a rule of thumb the more invasive the procedure the longer the recovery time will be. You will need to factor in certain things to your recovery time such as whether you will need time off of work, whether you are able to drive, the impact it could have on your workout schedule, or whether you will need help and support from friends and family to aid your recovery.

What is the location of your surgery?
You also need to factor in the location of your surgery and how you are going to get to and from your operation. If your surgery doesn’t require an in-hospital overnight stay will you need to book hotel accommodation nearby so that you can adequately rest after the procedure as opposed to facing a long and uncomfortable journey home? It may be that your surgery is scheduled for early in the morning and you need accommodation the night before to ensure your prompt arrival. Factoring practicalities such as this are not only essential for ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day but will also form an important part of the budgeting plan.

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