happy Thursday everyone! so today I wanted to go more into detail with my birthday outfit since my main passion is fashion....hey that rhymes! ok sorry...as you may know my theme was nautical, so lets jump right in!

so I wanted to incorporate every color - red, white & blue & i didn't want to look like a flag, so I added a touch of red by wearing red sandals, a red ring, red nails & a bow...just the perfect amount of pop!

A light jean jacket works with almost every outfit

I love this sandals because the back strip is blue!

they call this type of skirt a "cupcake" skirt....can you see why though?

I decided to change up my usual silver and wear gold jewelry instead...i feel it goes better with my nautical theme....

Skirt : BB Dakota

Top: Thrift

Sandals: Splendid

Sunglasses: Fendi

White Ring: Betsey Johnson

Red Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Red Beaded Bracelet : Lincoln Street Boutique

Jean Jacket: BP. Nordstrom

Key Necklace: Tiffany & Co

Nail Polish: OPI Vodka & Caviar

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ill tell you whats in the box....

welcome back lovers! hope you all had a wonderful memorial day holiday! my birthday weekend turned out to be everything I hoped it would be! everything we planned on doing we did! so of course i took A TON of photos...i mean an overload.... i wanted to show you my whole birthday weekend in one post so i made collages of my birthday highlights! so let's get this started!

i have the pleasure of babysitting these wonderful kids every week....so the weekend before my birthday we all got together for dinner at Ferrells, a fun, loud burger & ice cream parlor...its always a good time. i just love their family

so i told everyone they had to dress nautical theme & i was super excited because my mom decorated the boat all nautical & even got me a sailor hat.....we had appetizers on the boat to hold us off until lunch. We lucked out having such a beautiful weather while boating around Newport Harbour (considering the day before it was drizzling)

I got Fendi sunglasses!


so a lot of you saw my little tease i posted on Saturday of me with the infamous Tiffany & Co box....my amazing boyfriend got me this adorable silver bracelet with the Tiffany charm heart in the Tiffany blue....I'm obsessed....along with that he also got me some OPI nail polish & Victoria Secret boyfriend sweats...as usual he went overboard & spoiled me :)

reppin' my Laker socks
bowling was a blast....the 6 of us played in teams of 2..we played 3 games & I added up all our scores at the end....my sister & her boyfriend beat us, but i would hope so considering their hard core bowlers with their own balls & shoes...the boyfriend & i came in second & my mom & dad came in last...it was a good time

can you see Maxx's bandage from his IV...my poor baby

about an hour before my actual birthday after the day of celebrating, my dog had an awful emergency and we had to take him to the ER....he ended up staying overnight & $500 dollars later, hes doing a lot better. But it was a crazy way to start off my 27th birthday in the animal hospital. It was a SUPER late night, so the next day we slept in & went to sushi for lunch....and of course staying with theme I dressed nautical

then on Monday we ended the day at the beach...it was a beautiful day & the hottest of the weekend!

so the weekend was a success & I got some fabulous stuff....come back tomorrow & see more detailed pictures of my birthday outfit....i was a little obsessed



bring it on!

happpppy Friday & happy 3-day weekend....i am so excited i get 3 days off & i have a busy 3 days planned ahead for my birthday...i usually always have a party but I've decided no more birthday parties until i turn the dirty 30...but let me tell you, I throw some pretty awesome parties...so this weekend is family filled, but then again there's nothing better than family

My 1st Birthday!!!!!

Friday night my dad is flying down from norcal & we're going to sushi at Mahe ...highly recommend this place if you are ever in the Dana Point or Seal Beach area!

Saturday we're going boating around the Newport Harbour..my boyfriend is especially excited for this since he loves to sail & misses his boat back home...so he'll be our captain...& of course since I am obsessed with anything nautical I am making everyone in my family dress nautical...check out my nautical themed pinterest board HERE

boyfriends boat 'No Worries'

after boating & grabbing lunch in Newport we're heading off to do some birthday shopping at one of my favorite outdoor malls Fashion Island...i will defiantly be making stops at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Quicksilver & The Victoria Secret PINK Store....



then ending the night with some good old fashion bowling!! everyone in my family, boyfriends included, are obsessed w bowling...my sister & her BF even have their own bowling shoes!...so we'll play in teams & I'm not gonna lie i am a pretty good bowler...i may not be athletic in anything but bowling is def something I am good at!


then on Sunday, my actual birthday, will be spent all day soaking up the sun at the BEACH...

last year at the beach on my birthday...yes, i wore my crown the whole time

i LOVE where I live!

& Monday beach day too...duh! so now I am just counting the hours until my work day is over so I can start the celebrations! and lately I've been going through old photos & found a few from my past birthdays...its so fun to look at old photos!

3rd grade






bring it on 27...

what are your plans this weekend?!?

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Hey! It's Ok!

hellllo lovers! so today i am linking up with the lovely ladies Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup & Amber of Brunch with Amber for It's Ok Thursday! Both of these girls have fun blogs, I highly suggest you check them out & link up! So let's get this started.....

Hey! It's Ok!

It's Ok to have ZERO interest in 50 Shades of Grey...at least you're not just jumping on the bandwagon


It's Ok if you really are not a gym person....not everyone goes to the gym


It's Ok to stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone....stay true to yourself


It's Ok to still get giddy, excited & to feel like it's Christmas day, when you go to Disneyland just like you did when you were a kid...never grow up!

our favorite ride....& in my defense we were in the very back & it was shaking a lot...

It's Ok to love your pets more than people

It's Ok to not be into the new music & stick to the old classics


It's Ok to have haters....take it as a compliment


It's Ok to wanna be showered in glitter....literally...ok maybe that's just me....


It's Ok to admit when you're wrong...seriously, try it sometime

It's Ok to sometimes feel like you want to quit your job, pack up everything & start over again somewhere new....


& lastly

 It's Ok to have Messy Dirty Hair...duh......embrace it


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