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Its Friday!!! Friday! Friday! Friday! Finally. So first off a big THANK YOU to everyone who commented & sent me tweets about yesterdays post. Your support means everything to me & it was so great to hear all your encouraging words.....& thankfully I am SO happy to report that Google was able to retrieve my email address & I got everything back!!!

And just so this doesn't happen to any of you I recommend changing your passwords as often as possible....& make it as hard as possible to get through.....& if you didn't know the email address you use that is connected to blogger, if for some reason you decide to delete that email & make a new one for your blogger account, every picture that you ever posted with that email will be deleted as well. I had no idea how connected my email & blogger account were until this whole thing happened.  

ok moving on ---> Also if you live in the Southern California area or happen to be visiting this weekend then you should stop by The Penelope Lane Fall Boutique!!! Check out allllll the information on the event HERE & visit The Penelope Lane Blog HERE

 soooo it's that time again. the end of the month when we all scramble around trying to figure out who & what blog we should sponsor....well i'm going to make this easy for you. Sponsor Messy.Dirty.Hair....duh of course! 

But why? Why should you sponsor my blog out of allllll the millions of billions of blogs out there? Well here's one reason---->
when you sponsor my blog - it isn't about how many followers I can get or increasing my blog traffic - its about YOU & YOUR BLOG.....how can I HELP YOU?! 

I have sponsored people in the past where I felt their main concern was a.) money & b.) using me & my giveaway as a way to gain more followers & increase their traffic. You can tell when the person doesn't really care to promote your blog......that's why it's different around here. My sponsorship program isn't like anyone else's. I am here to help & support you & your blog. Let me take over some of the work & help get you & your blog out there! 

I have my degree in marketing, so let me help you with the in's & out's of branding & marketing your blog so you & your blog can soar to the next level. Messy.Dirty.Hair. was only started in February 2012.

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Breaking News!


its funny how you think you know a person & then with the snap of your fingers things change. 
its like you never knew them from the beginning. 
things had happened in the past that made me think, but my mind dismissed them.
and then my life took a sudden left turn.
after a series of events I realized things needed to change in my life. 
but little did i know this big change would have some consequences.
my ex boss decided to use my personal information to gain access to my personal gmail account. he then continued to change the password. and then finally he DELETED the account. 
how this happened....i don't know.
google didn't protect me. 
my privacy was violated.
i lost everything.
i have filed a report with google & they are working on trying to get my email account back....but until then if you read past blog posts all you will see in place of all the pictures is this ---->
a big gross black nothing. 
BUT i will not let this get to me.
nothing is going to ruin the high i am on.
i have never been more excited in my life to start a new journey.
i am ready for something new & nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal. 
no one is going to break my spirit.
so if you see that big black nothing from past posts - my apologies....& any girls that have been apart of The August & September Messy Project I would really appreciate it if you could re-send me your horizontal picture so I can have everyone up again on the tab ---> send pictures to TheMessyProject@gmail.com
So bare with me ladies while my blog is going through this.

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in your face

hellllo lovers! so I'm super happy - alllll my shows are pretty much back & boy do i love my tv shows - but the one I was the most excited for was How I Met Your Mother - or as the fans say HIMYM. I seriously could watch nothing but this show for the rest of my life....& it lived up the premiere! so who else is a big HIMYM fan & what is one of your favorite episodes?

 so i was sent a dress a few weeks ago from the adorable brand Kiki La'Rue. I actually never heard of the brand until I started blogging so of course I was excited to find a new clothing brand! When I opened up the package to see the dress I was sent, I'm not going to lie --- I was nervous. 

I was nervous because this dress was something I would never buy or even try on if I were in a store. Not because I don't like it, but because it just isn't my 'look'. I think what I was nervous about the most was the pattern. If you have noticed I don't wear a lot of patterns. And this dress has A LOT going on.....But I was excited to try something completely new. 

So I tried on the dress......& I LOVE it. I didn't think I would love it as much as I do. So because there is already a lot going on with just the dress I added simple accessories to complete the outfit ------>

Dress: Kiki La'Rue Heels: Steve Madden Blazer: Thrift Bangles: Nordstrom Earrings: Forever 21

This dress is not only so adorable but so comfortable to wear. I felt like I was wearing nothing....& it turns out I actually adore the print of the dress & all the fun colors.
 So to complete the look I just added a black blazer, black heels & simple gold jewelry - gold hoops & bangles. I wanted to make this more of a night time outfit so I decided to make my eyes darker than usual by just using a simple black eye liner to outline the eye & then a brush to blend the black & give me the smokey eye. 
So what do you think!? Would you try on a dress with this much going on? How would you wear it?
so because Kiki La'Rue is basically aaamazing they have offered to give you messy readers a chance to win a $50 giftcard to their shop & free shipping using the code MESSY ---> so you know what to do & if you're new around here I highly suggest being logged into your facebook, twitter & gmail

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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The best dollar I ever spent!

so here we are again. monday. but i am actually happy this monday. there were some recent changes in my life over the weekend & i will be starting a new chapter in my life. so this monday isn't just your normal monday. its the first day of my new life. im excited. 

& before we move on a big Happy Birthday to my mom -----> she's means everything to mean & seriously couldn't imagine my life without her. She's not only my mom but my best friend......if only I knew i'd feel this way back in high school...ha ha but that's for another time ----> 

SOOOOO i have The Messy Girl of the Month taking over the blog today! She's hilarious& if you don't already know her & her blog, well that's sad for you because you're missing out! take it away Lauren!


Hello everyone! I’m Lauren from “L Bee and the Money Tree” taking over for Kelly for the day. On my blog I talk about anything and everything related to personal finance for young women including items to save on, budgeting, how to make your closet go further as well as venting about personal finance in life and the media.  Today I wanted to share a story with you about the best dollar I ever spent--it probably isn't what you think!

Picture it: Macon Georgia,2007. Two girls are wandering through the Salvation Army looking for costumes for the Tacky 80's mixer later that evening. In addition to finding the GEM of an outfit seen above (thanks to Capable Carrie for the photo!) I ended up finding the holy MUTHA of all nightgowns.
A nightgown can be a great way to cuddle up with friends.
It was worn and faded, but incredibly soft. Some mistaken volunteer had put it in with the dresses instead of which the sleepwear, a department I otherwise would never have gone to (used sleepwear? Call me old-fashioned but that's like having herpes on speed-dial). Still--it had a logo I found incredibly funny, and since it was
crotchless sanitary I decided to go for it. I rationalized that it was, after all only a dollar, and I thought I'd wear it that evening at the sleepover after the mixer for giggles and discard it the next day.
That's right. It says "I Only Sleep with the Best". Which incidentally, is true.
I never got rid of it though. At first it was the comforting softness, the way the cotton fabric allowed my skin to breathe and the lack of pants kept me from having night sweats. It was long enough to wear around to lounge in and provided an endless amount of comments and laughs for every sleepover I took it to.
I wore it after all the break-ups and the drunken all-nighters in college. In my mid-twenties I wore it after each and every bad work day; the ONLY thing I wanted to wear when I was sick. The silly nightgown and impulse buy became something else entirely--a security blanket I needed to make me feel comfortable and safe when I was at my most vulnerable. Call me sentimental, especially since I'm devoting an entire post to a mere piece of fabric, but the nightgown is what I now consider the best dollar I ever spent. After years of shopping addiction and impulse spending it is one of the few purchases I never regretted.
Flash Forward to now: July 2012. I was in bed in my beloved gown eating bean dip. (yeah, I eat bean dip in bed! Get at me!) And fatty-fatty-no-friends that I am, I spilled dip all down the nipple area of the shirt. You can see the damage below.
That's a mighty big stain for such a small girl. Well, I really like dip.
The stain didn't come out, and I feel like such a slob walking around the house in a dip stained nightgown while my hot boyfriend is nearby. Alas, into the trash the nightgown goes.... but not without all the fanfare and the proverbial "ten-gun salute" it so rightly deserves. I am so super sad to see you go, but I guess after six years it is time to get some new PJ's. It's not like I didn't get my moneys worth.
Perhaps it is because it was such a great bargain; an item that I got a lot of use out of I feel just a tiny bit better about placing it into retirement.
Thanks for the memories comfy white trash 80's nightgown. Goodnight and good luck.
Help me grieve my loss! What's the best dollar you've ever spent?
Interested in being Octobers Messy Girl of the Month? Or still not sure who to sponsor? Check out all my stats, testimonials, & rates HERE.....join the mess! 
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short & sweet

Hey! have YOU accepted the challenge?! what challenge you ask? THE MESSY CHALLENGE! Check out all the info HERE....& if you have accepted grab the button & display it with pride! 

The Messy Challenge


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TGIF!!!!! Thank god right?! I'm super excited for this weekend - since my grandparents are here we've got a busy weekend of shopping, Newport, the beach & celebrating my moms birthday! Just gotta get through work today...seriously yesterday felt like the longest day ever....ever...it was weird. Have you ever had days like that?

ok soooo I was apart of this super fun linkup from Megan at Shine On & Angela at Hairspray & High Heels called All Lacquered Up! It's pretty simple, you get matched up with someone & you send each other some nail polish! I LOVE nail polish & painting my nails weekly so of course I wanted to play! I got paired up with Haley from Haley's World which was awesome because I already knew her & her blog! So we emailed each other to get an idea of what type of colors we wanted - we both wanted darker, more fall like colors....duh! Sooo I was super excited when I got her package & there were 2 fabulous colors from OPI - A fun navy blue with some shimmer called 'Yoga-ta Get this Blue!' & 'You don't know Jacques!' which has turned into my new fav fall color ----> so much so that I sent one to this pretty lady for her birthday. Sooo of course I painted my nails instantly... so what do you think? thank you again Haley!!! 

All Lacquered Up
So today I have a very cool girl for you to meet! She has a fun lifestyle blog where she dabbles in everything from life with her hubby, to recipes, to her adorable children. Its just one of those blogs that has something for everyone!...& I love when she has confessional Sunday! So without further ado ----> 

Hi there, I'm Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos.  No, it's not a comic book, but sometimes I do feel like SuperMom!  I started blogging to capture the chaos that reigns supreme when you have 2 parents who work full-time, 2 rambunctious boys, and a Black Lab who has never outgrown the puppy energy! And I sprinkle in some recipes, and other life ramblings in the mix as well.  Stop by and say hi sometime, I love meeting new people!  

Of course, I would spend my last day with my sons and my hubby.  I would take them to the beach and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the ocean and watch my beautiful boys playing and having a great time.

I would want to be able to be invisible whenever I wanted.  How cool would that be?  I would totally play pranks on people and just appear out of nowhere. :)

Welllll... this is embarrassing, but I'm going to say it anyway.  I'm 29 years old and I flippity flappin love Justin Bieber.  I really did try to hate him... I did.  But every time his music comes on the radio, I make sure my windows are rolled all the way up and I JAM OUT! :) *don't*judge*me!

Also something fun - Mia started a pen pal program a few weeks ago.  She has already had people from all over the world sign up! Plus who doesn't like getting snail mail? I know I do..hence my penpal Holly. So join the fun & get a pen pal...Sign Up ----> HERE 

So I'm not gonna lie I did enjoy that Bieber song 'boyfriend'...hmmm.....ok moving on soooo today Mia is giving away a $20 gift card to TARGET!! I think what I love the most about Target is with just $20 you can still get a lot! SO you know what to do - & if you're new around here I highly suggest being logged into  your email, facebook, pinterest, & twitter accounts. It will make your life SO much easier! GOOD LUCK! 

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hello loves! first a BIG thank you to Lyzz, Trina, Tere, & Brie for their amazing work with #TheMessyProject Round 3 this month. They really went above & beyond & I was so happy with the way it turned out! But you know what that means...time to start planning round 4...& thank you everyone who visited all the blogs to see the different looks! Your support means everything! I really adore this project & I am so glad you all love it too!
soooo today I am participating in a fun linkup from the hilarious Erin over at Living in Yellow called 'I Believe....' - the linkup was based off of this quote - so grab her button, link up & share what you believe -
i believe in messy hair
i believe everything happens for a reason
i believe that family is the most important thing
i believe it's impossible to ever be bored
i believe staying in bed all day when its raining should be a law
i believe after a breakup changing your hair color or cut helps ease the pain
i believe shopping can fix anything
 i believe there is always hope
i believe in God
i believe that being a mom is the HARDEST job alive
i believe men have it made
i believe that people who lie are unhappy
i believe that you don't know true love until you have a dog
i believe jealousy is the root of all evil
i believe you can never have too many purses, clothes, shoes
i believe in black on black
i believe in ghosts
i believe in embracing the imperfections in life

 what do you believe?
& big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sissy today! She's 24! ahhh i can't believe it! Where did time go?! I will always remember her as my baby little sister! love you ash!
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