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Wish Janna a happy birthday  HERE

& Happy Halloween lovers!!! I hope every single one of you is dressing up today....don't ever think you're too old for Halloween!!

So my mom got a fun box of costumes from a friend a week or so ago. When I saw the box of costumes I died. It was like girly girly heaven. There was tulle, sparkles, dresses, glitter, crowns, wings, lace & so so much more.....so of course i tried on everything....& then I begged my mom to let me keep at least one costume.....(side note: my mom has a store where she sells vintage & used furniture/clothing/jewelry)....but she said no Kelly....boo you whore mom...yeah that's right bevy I'm calling you out - I am still bitter I couldn't keep at least one costume.....

so before all the pretty costumes headed off to the store to be sold I just had to have a mini photo shoot in my favorite one.....& it's really no surprise that outta all the costumes I chose the puffy tulle pink dress so I could be a Princess.....I don't think as a girl you ever grow out of wanting to be a princess....am I right? or is that just me?

I could LIVE in that dress. I chose to have my mini shoot on a bed because it just felt so 'Princess & the Pea' like....please tell me you all remember that children's story!? I am not that old....

& now onto my favorite part of Halloween  Dolce. If you have no idea what I am referring too you should read this post HERE first.

So PetSmart had seen the post I am referring to above & offered to send Dolce a costume of her choice to wear & model for Halloween. Since Dolce can be a little brat sometimes always, we - as in my cat Dolce & I, decided to go with the devil costume. To be honest I think she looks too sweet & adorable in the costume & it takes away from the evilness of the devil. What do you think ---->

thank you PetSmart for sending Dolce this adorable costume!

& now for Dolce's original costume. As you know I really get into Dolce's costumes & I was SO excited about this one. Mainly because last year I went to the Halloween Store on November 1st & got it half off - so score there - but also because I am a bit nautical obsessed.....

Ahoy there matey! 

Click play to see a quick minute of Dolce in action 

Is she not the cutest sailor you have ever since?! & as usual she was SO good in her costume & let a ton of people take pictures of her....i think out of allllllll her costumes this is by far my favorite! What do you think?

Ok lovers, that's it for today! Wishing you all a very fun & SAFE Halloween !!

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do it yourself

helllo lovers! sooo today you have 3 options - 1.) You can check out my Halloween memory lane guest post over at Janna's blog Perception is Everything....2.) You can read the post I have for you today....or 3.) You could read both posts.........

soooo can we all agree number 3 is the best option? great! moving on-----> can you believe its already Halloween tomorrow?! craziness i tell you....time is going by in a flash & i hate it! why wasn't it this fast in high school when i was hating my life?! seriously it was the slowest. time. EVER...but then again that was because I hated high school....
ok anyways - you may have heard me mention them around here before but I babysit the most amazing kids ever. I am so lucky to be apart of this family. So Jen, the kids mom & I of course have become close too - 
Jen & I at my 26th birthday - 2011
Jen is really talented. She was a wedding photographer & owned her own company before she became a mom.  Those photo shoots I have....well Jen's the photographer...aaaamazing.  Besides her photography she is always doing fun DIY projects. She is currently in the process of the re-doing her old wooden 2 story doll house for Dylan. It is SO cool, I want it.
so it was no surprise Jen did her own DIY Halloween decorations...& I was obsessed with them....so of course I had to show you some of them. Her mantel is my favorite - 

The white spiders glow in the dark
the frame with the skeleton changes to a normal person like it does in the Disney Haunted Mansion 
bottom left is a black feathered wreath with orange GLITTER spiders
this frame does the same as above.....love the names of whats in the jars ---> 'snake oil poison' 
freaking adorable right?!....her kids of course love it too. Halloween is so much fun when kids are involved. Have you made any DIY projects for Halloween? 
Also -----> I had some fun playing dress up for Halloween this year...my mom got some free stuff from a friend & when I saw the box of costumes I died....it was filled with tulle, dresses, capes, glitter, spandex, tutus, wings, crowns, lace, sparkle...it was heaven....so be sure to check back tomorrow to see what costume I decided to wear .......& don't forget to wish Janna over at Perception is Everything HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! 

& a few more things.......if you dare


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let it be

hey hey hey! I know, it's Monday boo freaking hoo....let's move on ----> so yesterday the BF & I got our annual pumpkins....at Walmart for a grand total of $5 for 2. oh. yes.....picked up a new pumpkin sketch book & got down to carving. So I wasn't feeling any of the sketches in the book. They we're all so Halloween.  Ha, I know it is Halloween, but I wanted something girly...like Hello Kitty in a witches hat?! I love Hello Kitty. I don't know if  I've told you guys that. I'm obsessed......the BF won me a big hello kitty last year at the fair...it's pretty amazing....ok wait, I'm getting sidetracked....hello kitty can do that to you....ok back to pumpkin carving. ---> I decided I wanted to do something fun that incorporated my blog somehow...i know so original, ha..... soooo I decided to trace my first logo.......I am actually shocked at how it turned out....I thought it would be a total disaster but it's not. I mean...its not great, but i'm pretty happy about it....what do you think --->

& the BF... well he found something in the sketch book & of course it turned out aaamazing ---->

ahhh I love this time of the year! But enough of me today...I've got a pretty cool chick taking over the mess so I'm outtskies........seriously i need to stop writing these posts so late...outttsikes? really Kelly?


The last time Miss Kelly featured me here just a couple of weeks ago I had hit a wall. If you chose to follow my gongshow of a blog after that feature, then you'd know that the struggle just kept going, and going and going....and going some more until this past Thursday.

In retrospect of the situation, I couldn't control it, so I allowed my emotions to control me.

And let me just tell you ladies (and gentlemen - are you here? ... Bueller?) living in fear of the unknown is no way to live. I know that it's easier said than done, trust me, but if there is one thing that I have learned this month - there is always a plan in store for us, and once we relax and stop trying to control the situation, the situation will work itself out...on it's own.

What is meant to be will be, right?
It's the start of a brand new week - don't ruin today by worrying about tomorrow.

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& tomorrow I will be guest posting over at Janna's blog Perception is Everything while she's out celebrating her Birthday...I'm showcasing some Halloween costumes over the years ----> some cute, some slutty....you get the gist.....so be sure to check it out, because I won't be showcasing the costumes on The Mess.

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not a honey boo boo pageant queen

happy Friday loves! so a quick update on Lucy - thankfully her body is taking to the medicine. She is doing better & her breathing has started to get better. She was a strong girl & fought for her life these past 2 days & she could have not done it without all of your love & prayers. It truly is amazing what prayer can do. However, we are not out of the clear & sadly will never be. Lucy has a heart murmur. She will always have heart failure. When we took her to the ER the vet told us she has months to maybe a year left....but we can help increase her life span by changing her lifestyle---> i.e. no more walks, no running, diet change, her life needs to be as calm & peaceful as can be. So that's what we will be doing. 

Took this picture yesterday ---> A blogger , Michael @ Crazy Tragic Almost Magic tweeted about Lucy with that hashtag & it just melted my heart....i cannot express enough how blessed I felt to have you all behind Lucy. 

---------> & because I am so thankful for everything this past week with Lucy I am offering 20% off any Sponsor Ad all weekend with the promo code - teamlucy - (all lowercase letters) 

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Also a big thank you to Amber, Jenna, Carley & Jade for all their amazing work with this months Messy Project! They're a GREAT group of girls so be sure to check out their blogs. And I am so excited about the new girls who have just signed up for future Messy Projects! Interested in signing up? You can check out all that info HERE

& besides going through the whole Lucy thing, I got sick & have an awful cough. My energy is just drained & I hate that I have been MIA around 'blogland' & with emails. So if you're waiting for an email from me I promise to get back to you next week.

.....& now moving on to another fabulous blogger! I am excited to introduce you to the last but certainly not least of the messy sponsors this month. This girl is a beauty! She has the looks of a pageant queen.....{ & no I do not mean Honey Boo Boo type of pageant queen }. She writes an adorable & fun lifestyle blog. I really enjoy reading it & she post's the cutest picture of her baby boy. Plus she has an adorable shop! So without further ado 

Hey guys! I'm Elise….wife, stay at home mom, blogger and face behind ‘That's comma with a K!’ I like to blog about random happenings, motherhood successes and failures, and very rare tellings of my house wife duties. I blog in sweats which means you probably shouldn't turn to me for daily fashion. My husband is a way better cook then I am, so don't count on fabulous posts from the kitchen. But I can promise you a good laugh here and there, an adorable little boy to look at every now and then, a shop full of toddler ties, and some tips on how to add a few inches to your height with some big hair! 

 Its your last day on earth - what do you do?
As cliché as it sounds, I would spend the day on crazy adventures, with the people that I love the most. If they have stuck around until my last day, they deserve to spend those last hours right by my side!

What is the story behind your blog name?
Well, although I've been married for over 2 years, and have yet to change my last name, my married last name is Komma. Every single time I have to use my married last name, I always have to reference by saying, that's comma [like the punctuation] with a K....and here we are today!

What’s one thing we don't know about you that you think we should?
I think of myself as a very open person, and I think that shows through my blog...but something fun and cool about me is I have a twin brother! Yeah, be jealous...I'm clearly a little bias, but it is the best way too grow up!

Fabulous right!? ....she def has some amazing big hair...a girl after my own heart ----> so today Elise is giving away the chance for one of you messy readers to win $20 Gift card to the one & only TARGET! It's been a Target party this month at Messy.Dirty.Hair. So you know what to do & if you're new around here I highly suggest being signed into your email, facebook, twitter accounts...you can thank me later. 

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ROUND 4 - #TheMessyProject

words cannot express how much all your comments, prayers, tweets, texts about Lucy meant to me & my family yesterday. Unfortunately, Lucy is not doing any better. She is the same. She has heart failure & her lungs are filled with fluid. She has been put on medicine & the doctor told us the next 48 hours are crucial. All we can do is pray that she will pull through. 
I know you all know this is a really hard time for my family & I right now because our animals are family to us but I don't want to spoil the fun of #TheMessyProject so I have to move on with what I have scheduled. 

its baaaaaaaaack!!!!!

hellllllo lovers!!!! so we're back with another round of #TheMessyProject....my favorite! If you're new around here & have no idea what #TheMessyProject is you can check out allllll the information HERE but here's just a quick intro to help you get more acquainted with the project ---> 

This month I was able to get something a little different than past months. I knew it was going to be a challenge for everyone because it wasn't a top, it was a dress........& it's funny, because after going over everything, I find this months project seems to have a totally unplanned theme to it....& I know it's because of the weather & season change....so we'll see if you can figure out the theme....

Sooo to me this dress was a more date night/clubbing outfit. But I didn't want to do the obvious......so I decided to take this sleek & sexy dress & gave it a 'hipster' feel...here's what I did ----> 

I chose to wear my short biker boots to give the dress a more funky feel. Then I added my long black vest over it so I could 'dress it down' a little

I wore my knit hat to add a winter touch to the dress. I wanted to keep with the darker theme so I added a few black beaded & leather bracelets along with big & noticeable rings

.....& of course no hipster is complete without some big black glasses

so what do you think?!  this happens to be one of my favorite messy project looks to date! i think its because I am obsessed with my knit hat & glasses...... what can I say...I'm a hipster at heart. 

How would have you styled the dress?

Now it's time to see what the other 4 girls did with the dress.. ?! Check them out ----->

Amber @ My Little Bittles

Carley @ Suburban Sweets

Jenna @ The Life of the Wife

Jade @ An Organized Mess

Interested in joining #TheMessyProject!? Reserve Your Spot Today!!! You can do so HERE


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