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helllo lovers! sooo today you have 3 options - 1.) You can check out my Halloween memory lane guest post over at Janna's blog Perception is Everything....2.) You can read the post I have for you today....or 3.) You could read both posts.........

soooo can we all agree number 3 is the best option? great! moving on-----> can you believe its already Halloween tomorrow?! craziness i tell you....time is going by in a flash & i hate it! why wasn't it this fast in high school when i was hating my life?! seriously it was the slowest. time. EVER...but then again that was because I hated high school....
ok anyways - you may have heard me mention them around here before but I babysit the most amazing kids ever. I am so lucky to be apart of this family. So Jen, the kids mom & I of course have become close too - 
Jen & I at my 26th birthday - 2011
Jen is really talented. She was a wedding photographer & owned her own company before she became a mom.  Those photo shoots I have....well Jen's the photographer...aaaamazing.  Besides her photography she is always doing fun DIY projects. She is currently in the process of the re-doing her old wooden 2 story doll house for Dylan. It is SO cool, I want it.
so it was no surprise Jen did her own DIY Halloween decorations...& I was obsessed with them....so of course I had to show you some of them. Her mantel is my favorite - 

The white spiders glow in the dark
the frame with the skeleton changes to a normal person like it does in the Disney Haunted Mansion 
bottom left is a black feathered wreath with orange GLITTER spiders
this frame does the same as above.....love the names of whats in the jars ---> 'snake oil poison' 
freaking adorable right?!....her kids of course love it too. Halloween is so much fun when kids are involved. Have you made any DIY projects for Halloween? 
Also -----> I had some fun playing dress up for Halloween this year...my mom got some free stuff from a friend & when I saw the box of costumes I died....it was filled with tulle, dresses, capes, glitter, spandex, tutus, wings, crowns, lace, sparkle...it was heaven....so be sure to check back tomorrow to see what costume I decided to wear .......& don't forget to wish Janna over at Perception is Everything HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! 

& a few more things.......if you dare


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On a mission to lose the cushion


The Pink Growl said...

you look just like a zombie!! AHHHH! i'm kinda scared of you rigth now!

Ashlyn said...

The zombie picture is incredible!!

Helene said...

ahahah awesome! and i will be reading both posts of course!!

Vicki said...

The Zombie picture is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, You are too sweet. Our family loves you! You bring sunshine into our lives every time you are here. Plus Dylan is a true messy girl! Love the Zombie pic. It's actually kind of scary!

My-cliffnotes said...

That frame is so cute

Janna Renee said...

I definitely agree on #3 haha. I am seriously loving her decor! I find a lot of Halloween stuff to end up cheesy, but that is so classy! You also make a gorgeous zombie ;)

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