Online Dating

Has dating completely changed as we know?


Its a question I keep hearing everywhere. Its not like it use to be back in the day - a guy gets your number, you wait by the phone for him to call, he finally calls, takes you out on a date & so on. 

But today it's nothing like that. You'd be lucky if a guy even asked for your number. Nowadays its all about connecting online. Whether it be facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat or the ever so popular new social media outlet TINDER everyone is hooking up online. 


Is it better? 

Does it make the whole dating process easier for everyone? 

I go back and forth on that question. Sometimes I think it has, because its so much easier & less heart pounding to send a snap than to actually call a guy but then again who doesn't miss being courted? 


What happened to the old fashion guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy pursues girl?...is that completely lost in this mess of online dating?! 

No matter how you look at it dating & being single is tough. Dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony & OkCupid are more popular than ever before proving that dating the old fashion way is just not happening as much anymore. Everyone seems to be on some type of dating site whether for fun or for seriousness....its all happening online. It makes sense though. We are all so in tuned with our phones & being online its a shock anyone actually holds a conversation face to face anymore. In a way it makes me sad that the old school way of meeting guys & dating is gone.....to me there are just some things I like to preserve. 


Personally I have not gone the online dating route. Call me old fashion but I am just not 'there' yet. I'm not saying trying to find your soulmate online is a bad thing, to each its own....but what I am saying is that online dating has changed the dating world forever & I could only imagine how different it's going to be in the next 10 years. 

What are your thoughts on dating in today's world? 


roll it up

right now I am obsessing over rolled up jeans with short boots. I cannot not get enough. I like the look because its a nice change from always tucking in your jeans to your boots. Let me know what you think ---- 

sweater: local boutique
tank: BP nordstrom
jeans: william rast
boots: sam edelman
sunglasses: ray ban

Do you like the rolled up jeans with boots trend? 

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girl power

A couple weeks ago I was invited to live tweet from a fabulous event in Santa Monica. The event was put on by Surefire girls am organization dedicated to empowering teen girls. 

This event was the very first of many and I was honored to be able to experience it.

The day started at The Art Institute in Santa Monica with many girls arriving from all over Southern California. When you arrived the girls were to pick which 3 workshops they wanted to attend to that day on top of the various speakers and yoga session. There were 11 different workshops the girls could chose from all pertaining to bettering yourself and touching on topics all teenage girls go through.

The 11 workshops held were:


How do you make money, and how do you keep it when you do? What is a budget? How do you use a debit card vs a credit card? What are the terms you need to know with regards to finances – APR, interest, compounding interest, savings accounts, and more. Untangle the web and keep the money you need to get the things you want!


You want to look good, but what about strong? If you lift weights won’t you be big and bulky? And what about getting skinny – if you aren’t starving what’s the point? Learn about what you should do to be healthy from working out to questions about how your body works, to sports and what they can do for you. You’ve got this body – use it!


How do you get from high school to a successful future? How did other people do it and how can you do it too? What else is out there besides all the normal careers you’ve heard of? You have a sneaking suspicion there are a lot more out there, and it would be good to know what that is. These people are here to tell you. It’s time to explore.


You have a lot to say, but sometimes you don’t have the confidence to say it. What if you could find a way to stand tall and speak your mind in a way that people would listen. And that you would believe too? Find your inner voice and enter a room with power!


You love your friends, but sometimes things are complicated. You have friends you see all the time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like the girls you see every once in a while. And what about those girls that haven’t been so nice. What about the bullies? There are a lot of grey areas in high school relationships. How do you find your way, stand your ground and know when to be nice, and when to be strong.


The news is full of images of girls fighting to go to school around the world. You also have heard of child brides. Clearly the world is pretty dangerous for a girl. We are lucky in the US in many ways, but even in your own school, or city you might see things you wish you could change. So how can you help, and what can you do? Here is a how-to-change-the-world guide. Even if the world is just around your corner.

Before the girls broke off into their workshops the event was sponsored by some fabulous companies and brands so the girls got to enjoy free manicures from OPI & games from TOMS shoes. 

Can you guess the first workshop I attended?

Of course it was Mirror Mirror.

I really enjoyed the workshop because it focused on everything MessyDirtyHair stands for, which is embracing your imperfections and being comfortable in ones own skin.

Overall it was a very successful and fun event. I wish they had something like this when I was in high school. 

Check out the full event details and more on the awesome Surefire program HERE


Sometimes you don’t want to change the world – you just want to change your corner.  You know – those things that drive you crazy or make your spidey sense of justice perk up?  Well we’ve got just the people who can give you the tools to make a change right in your community.  Go ahead and be that girl who makes a difference right here – right now!


Your story makes you who you are. Whether it’s good or bad, sunshine or rain, it’s yours. How can you tell your story, or make up a new one if you don’t like the one you have? This is a time to explore film, blogging, YouTube videos and other methods you can use to report on your journey through this thing called life. Come on in and tell us where you’ve been, where you’re going.


Technology is cool – just check out your phone, apps, games, basically most of what you use in a day to connect. But what if you didn’t just use tech – you created it? Oh yeah. We’re not only talking phone apps, we’re also talking rocket ships –SpaceX – and a girl who works on them, as well as women who design the games you play, girls who make coding cool, and more – In today’s world it is Chic to Geek.


If you look at advertisements today (and who doesn’t?) you’d think that all women should stand about 8 feet tall and weigh about 20 pounds. Is that real? Well, um, no. So what’s up? And how do we change it? And while we try to change it – how can we think differently about it? It’s time to regain our power, be happy about who we are and tell the media to shove it. You’ll walk away inspired and renewed. It’s just like getting a good mani/pedi – for your soul.


Got big dreams? Good! So how do you go get them? Here’s a plan to get from where you are now, to where you wanna be. Who do you look up to and who would you like to be? Getting to your goals isn’t rocket science but it does take some work. Let’s get to it and start making those dreams come true!


Are You Ready For A Jumpsuit Frenzy?

This autumn is definitely going to be a jumpsuit frenzy. Jumpsuits are everywhere; they’re flooding the catwalks, they’re in every fashion magazine, and they are flying off of the shelves. Jumpsuits are one of the most popular fashion statements at the moment, and rightly so. Comfortable, versatile, and stylish; there really is a jumpsuit to suit every person and every situation. Are you ready for this jumpsuit frenzy? Of course you are.

Jumpsuits have a fascinating history, going back to the 1920s, when they were created to be an easy-to-wear item of sports and leisure clothing. The early jumpsuit designs were incredibly simple and made from just one large piece of material. However, as the century progressed, so did fashion, and the design and popularity of the jumpsuit. By the 1960s and ‘70s, the jumpsuit had developed into a fashion statement, and a very varied one at that. It was seen on ‘70s rock stars, ‘80s divas, and eventually made a comeback in 2006, with a much more sophisticated shape and feel.


Ever since 2006, jumpsuits in one form or another have been available in the main high street stores. They suit people of any size and shape; they flow over any lumps and bumps, and nip in at the waist to create curves even where there aren’t any. 

Whether you’re a size 8, or a size 18, there is a jumpsuit out there to suit you.
Personally, I like to wear jumpsuits when I go out. They make fantastic, low-fuss evening wear, and I have half a wardrobe full of them in different styles. I have a black wide-leg jumpsuit that is really quite glamorous, and is perfect for any night out. I like to wear it with red platform heels and a thin belt around the waist, giving me a tall hourglass silhouette, with plenty of red enamel accessories to match my shoes.


Jumpsuits aren’t only good for going out outfits though. I also wear them at home. They’re so comfortable, and it’s so easy to just slip a strappy jumpsuit on in the morning; then go without worrying for the rest of the day. There are tons of prints available, and even denim dungaree-style jumpsuits, which are really comfortable and fun to wear. You’ll never be short of compliments and conversation when you step out in a colorful jumpsuit. Team a patterned number with plain colored pumps or loafers and a big comfy cardigan, and you have a casual outfit that can take you from the hot summer weather through to autumn’s colder weather.

2013 is definitely the peak of a jumpsuit frenzy, and one that you should be a part of. 

If you haven’t got a jumpsuit already, then what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, go shopping, and find the perfect jumpsuit. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up getting hooked and buying one for going out, one for at home, and perhaps even one for work as well.

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so easy

Hello loves! Sorry I have been MIA...I've been busy with a new personal styling job & I got a bad eye infection so I've been all over the place.

So i know we have ventured into cooler weather but sometimes I still want to wear my dresses. So I wanted to show you an easy way to transition your dresses from summer to the fall season. 

All you need to do is add some leggings & a jacket...or if you prefer a sweater...but I'm not a cardigan type of girl...so i went with leather. I added my leather jacket to this dress because I love adding a rocker look to something so girly. 

Also I highly suggest adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe. Its a classic piece that never goes out of style & you can wear it with anything. My leather jacket is not real but its a pretty good faux one.

dress: alice & olivia
leggings: express
heels: jeffrey campbell
jacket: BP nordstrom
jewelry: kitsch

What do you think of adding leggings with a dress? Are you a fan of leather jackets? 

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give it some edge

A trend I am really loving right now is adding biker boots with a dress. I love the rocker chic look. Its like girly with an edge. Plus its a nice break from always having to wear heels with dresses. 

I still kept the look girly with a silver flowery statement necklace and jewelry. Its the best of both worlds. I can express my girly side and my rocker side.

dress: marshalls
boots: mia
necklace: express
sunglasses: rayban
jewelry: nordstrom 

What do you think of bike boots with a dress? Would you try this trend? 

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Why you should stop watching Broadcast network TV

TGIF lovers!!! I am so glad its Friday!! It has been a busy week! 

I hope you're all ready for your TV fix this week because I have my favorite TV friend Michelle back today for another round of TV Talk

SO sit back & lets talk TV 

We are lucky to be in an age where there is so much great TV content. So why watch TV the same old way you always have? Well, you don't have to! Let's talk about TV!


I watch about 30 shows on TV over the year (shut it). Not all at the same time or season, my DVR would explode and I'd never leave my house again. I watch mostly cable shows- meaning shows on FX, AMC, Showtime, and HBO. (Cable shows are 13 episodes as opposed to broadcast shows [ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox] which are 24 episodes a season.) 13 episodes translates to faster and tighter story lines, less wheel spinning, and better quality. 

Why better quality, you might ask? 

Let me paint you a picture….Can you imagine how long it takes to come up with 24 stories, write 24 scripts, rewrite 24 scripts after the network executives give notes, film 24 episodes, then edit them down to 22 minutes? If a broadcast show produces 24 high quality episodes that entertain week in and week out that moves the plot along…the writers deserve a fucking medal. And a coma length nap. And for all that hard work slaving away on broadcast networks- not a SINGLE broadcast show was nominated for the Emmy's last month. Not one. Because the broadcast model doesn't turn out the best programming. Cable does.

Breaking All the Rules

The FCC can't regulate cable like they can on broadcast. That mean the characters can employ…"colorful language", have sex, show gore, be crass- talk how we actually talk in real life. (Violence isn't everyone's cup of tea, that’s fine. That's not all cable has to offer.) 

Creators have more control over their shows and less input from the network executives. Do you want to watch a show written by creative storytellers who have been honing their craft for years all in the name of producing something entertaining…or do you want to watch a show carefully monitored by a middle aged white dude who has a business and finance degree who's worried the show's "racy content" might scare away the conservative affiliates in Utah or scare off the soda company who doesn’t want their beverage associated with a certain show? That's rhetorical. Obviously, you want the former.

Content Growth and Trust

Since 2010, ABC has launched around…30-35 dramas (other networks do too, but I'm using ABC as an example). They cancelled over 20 of them after or DURING their first season (GCB, Pan Am, 666 Park are just three.) I no longer watch ABC because I do not trust ABC (especially after they canned Happy Endings). It's not fair to the cast/crew of the show and it's not fair to the audience (us) to buy and promote a show, shoot and air episodes, then take it away without a conclusion. That's not fair. I spent time watching that, I talked about last week's cliffhanger with all my friends, I want to know how it ends!! But that's life on broadcast. 

(Moment of silence please: RIP many shows.)

Cable lets stories progress organically and they give them a second for a new show to get its "sea legs". Broadcast has the money, but won't risk it on a creative jump. It sucks. Right now, ABC's Sunday night line-up is shows with the same name: Revenge and Betrayal. (They also have Scandal- this is saying nothing of content or quality, this is pointing out that the network might want to expand their ideas a little…a LOT)

Now What?

Now more than ever, you can watch TV on almost any device, whenever you want, on SO many channels!

Netflix tried its hand in original content this year and it's phenomenal! 

Orange is the New Black is wonderful

House of Cards is sexy and sordid, 

I'm beyond grateful to have Arrested Development back in my life.

FX launched The Americans this year, and while it's weird watching Felicity kick a guy's face in, it's a really great sexy and suspenseful period show about the Cold War. It also has the crazy, campy miniseries American Horror Story (which reboots every season, so it's nothing that requires catch up). I haven't even mentioned Sons of Anarchy (hello, Christian Grey) or Justified.

BBC America has brought us the 'clonetastic' Orphan Black which I literally cannot recommend enough (one woman, seven characters, hairstyles, accents, and mannerisms?! A+ acting showcase). The beautifully filmed and wonderfully acted Broadchurch brings us a new twist on a murder in a small sea side town.

Showtime brings us Homeland, Masters of Sex, and my personal favorite, Shameless. And there are NO commercials. We get 50+ minutes of awesome, uninterrupted story telling! What's not to love?

If you missed Breaking Bad's breathtaking run, catch it all on Netflix. 

Seriously, there's only 62 episodes. That's nothing to marathon.

I guess what I'm trying to say is mix it up. We don't have to watch the Big 4. There's more and better content available. It's out there and it's so easy to find and watch. Fall TV season is upon us, so I implore you to maybe pass on a few broadcast shows in favor of a better  and creative and surprising cable show.

(*There are some great shows on broadcast: The Good Wife, Hannibal, Scandal, Parenthood among them. I'm adding this because I don't want to throw a blanket over all broadcast dramas.)


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