my mess

 soooo as usual i like to end the week with my messy hair....& if you're wondering why the end of the week for me is Saturday its because I work Saturdays - my "weekend" is Sunday & Monday...ok so my hair is pretty messy, pretty frizzy & just everywhere...but i still went out of the house & to work with it like this...have you been embracing your messy hair?

i have NO idea what that purple color on my arm is coming from...
so this is day 6 no washing or brushing my hair...but as you can tell i wouldn't even be able to get a brush through that beast...major washing tonight, for i have a professional photo shoot on Monday for some of my new outfits & lookbook...i can not wait to show you!

and lastly since i have just grown to love this girl...GO CATS!...have no idea what I'm talking about? 


breath in & out

hello lovers time for another post from A.....so sit back, relax & take a breath in..then out, in & out......can you guess where I am going with this....

Patience is an acquired attribute, and achieving it can be very beneficial. Patience is not a part of me, and it certainly is not in my family members. I know I lack patience, so I decided to try a new tactic that may help me: yoga. One night, after a few too many glasses of wine and obsessive stalking on face book, I encountered a Groupon selling 20 yoga sessions for 25 dollars. I had always wanted to try yoga and actually take more than one class, so I decided to buy it. And I have to tell you I could not be any happier. 

                The first class was challenging because I got stuck in the first row and found myself looking at the clock way too often. I think people have misconceptions about yoga and think it is easy because it is centered around breathing, but it is actually very difficult ( especially if you are always in a rush).

Although I enjoyed my first class, it did take me a few days to get myself motivated to go back.
I ended up going back a week later, and I left with a completely different mind-set than before. I felt calm and at one with the universe. I really enjoyed myself.

I guess the point of this post is to reach out to anyone who may feel like they never have time for themselves, or for those who are just as impatient as I am. I know its tough taking an hour out of your day to just relax but it may be worth it.

Sometimes you need to be in a peaceful mind set in order to accomplish your goals.
namaste - A



i confess......

this is one of my FAVORITE link ups from Leslie at A Blonde Ambition, i highly suggest you go & join this link up as well & read Leslie's blog, its a wonderful read! Soooo today i am putting a little spin on i confess...today is going to be I Confess..CELEBRITY Edition.....so lets go!

i confess as mush as i do NOT like Kris Humphries i do enjoy all the trouble he is making for Kim K


i confess that i really do hope Lindsey Lohan makes a comeback...she was once a talented actress before all that crap....remember Mean Girls & Freaky Friday...i mean those are classics! ha!


i confess i have a huge crush on Amber Heard...i mean come on, how could you not



i confess that even though he went a little insane- winning, warlocks, tiger blood etc. i still LOVE Charlie Sheen....i mean how can you not?! at least he's honest about what he does & doesn't try to hide it like Paris Hilton always does..."what!? you found coke in my purse....that's not my purse, i borrowed it from a friend..." for being Paris Hilton she sure borrows a lot of her "friends" purses....



i confess that i am OBSESSED with Miley Cyrus...i love her style & look



i confess that Madonna needs the shit beat out of her for what she said about "Molly" & Ecstasy...i mean is she serious?! good for Deamau5 for putting her in her place!


i confess that i have lost complete respect for Rihanna once she started letting that psycho Chris back in her life..& i will probably never support her or her music again...that's right i posted this picture so everyone can remember what happened to her & hopefully stop other girls in the same situation from going back!


i confess that as much as i don't like Kim K i don't agree with what Peta did - we don't want violence on animals, but lets not be hypocrites, we don't want violence on humans either


and lastly

i confess i was not surprised at all when Whitney Houston's toxicology report came back...when are people going to learn...drugs will eventually get you in the end....you are not superior, you are not different from everyone else...


man do i love confessing! what do you confess today?



Live Free

sooo over the weekend during my mini vacay i got to shop at my favorite brand, store...FREE PEOPLE...did you know they have they're own boutique? its fabulous! As you know i am a huge Free People lover, i literally feel like the brand was designed around me, ha ha....i think i love it so much because it is a hippie, natural type of look & that's me in a nutshell!....so i was super excited that they put a free people store at my old mall! The store was small & funky w/ hardwood floors. All types of different things hung from the ceiling. On the wall by the register they had wood sticking out covered in all type of bracelets...arm candy anyone?!?! .i.loved.it.
yes of course i bought something who do you think i am....look at those cute bags they give you when you do..thats a reason to buy something right there!

this is what the inside of the dressing room looked like...the cool designs on the wall are the same thing they had hanging from the ceiling....the door to the dressing room was a thick Aztec looking curtain & hanging on the mirror was a sign that said "Staff Favorites" followed by a piece of clothing they love.

i loved the hangers! they were actually wood covered with this adorable print...& these are the clothes i was going to try on...i was quite excited because unlike department stores, boutiques etc. you still can not find the same stuff as you can when you shop the actual store of the brand ....and let me tell you, a lot of stuff I def have not seen before in other stores...& trust me I am always looking for clothes wherever i go...

i love wearing dresses as long shirts...i actually really liked this orange sheer dress a lot, its the Free People Intimacy line...so yeah maybe its for bed but really you can rock it as every day wear too, just add a tank underneath

now i know from working at Nordstrom that when you put your customers clothes in the dressing room they (as in nordstrom) want us to add a few more outfits that we make up for the customer to try & broaden their horizons....so this outfit was the one that she put in my room...its cute, has an 80s vibe to it & also the ruffles give it a very girly feel

t-shirts...i love em, and u know what i love even more..Skulls..i don't know why but i am obsessed with skulls, so naturally i was drawn to this shirt...i loved the color on & the material was so comfortable & soft...i was thinking this is a def yes.......

soooo that ends my trip to the Free People store, clearly i tried on a ton more items....I'm not one to try on a few things, i literally circle the floor at least twice before i can go into a dressing room & start trying on...but one thing about me is; i am a FAST and i mean FAST clothing changer.....i can literally try on 20 pieces of clothing & decide what i want in 10 minutes, no joke...its a gift...i think it stems from my mother always rushing me wherever we go...haha! but overall my trip to the store was fabulous & i got some great stuff.....wanna know what I ended up buying at Free People....stay tuned.....


mini vacay

sooo as many of you know i had a mini vacay this past weekend w/ the BF (brandon, or what i call him Bran)....originally we were suppose to go to Lake Tahoe to stay at the cabin, but the weather looked crappy & i didn't feel like sitting in traffic...so we changed our plans...I'm originally from Northern California - Lafayette to be exact....Lafayette, Moraga & Orinda or Lamorinda as we call is is such an adorable place to grow up....its a small wealthy town perfect for families....so since I hadn't been home in over 2 years, we just decided to stay & do the "norcal" thing....my BF & I are both from the same town - we went to rival high schools, however we didn't meet each other until a few years into college...more on that story later...so since you didn't get to be with me on my mini vacay here are some highlights from our trip....

First stop - the yacht club to say hello to the BF's sailboat No Worries...i love spicy bloody marys

Rose, my BF's childhood dog

rose was excited to see us

brandons backyard

we took BART to the city

hello San Francisco! shopping is better in LA/OC tho...

we road the trolley, something i haven't done since i was little...we were complete tourists

riding the trolley to The Tonga Room

The Tonga Room at The Fair mount Hotel

I'm really not much of a drinker, but they had such fun tropical drinks

Next day we had a lot to do & a lot of relatives to see

Stopped at one of the amazing views of the bay

we drove by the house i grew up in

there use to be a wooden swing hanging from this tree

got to hang with Brandons sister Lauren

then Lauren & i went thru baby pictures of my BF...ahh i just wanna grab his little cheeks

before my love affair with starbucks there was Caffino, a local drive-thru coffee shop

<3 <3 <3

soooo that's a little bit from my trip....i did OF COURSE go shopping, and spent some money at the Free People store....but you'll have to stay tuned this week for my post on my Northern California shopping! sooo now I'm back home in socal...it was a great trip but i am SO happy to be home...there's no where better


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