i confess......

this is one of my FAVORITE link ups from Leslie at A Blonde Ambition, i highly suggest you go & join this link up as well & read Leslie's blog, its a wonderful read! Soooo today i am putting a little spin on i confess...today is going to be I Confess..CELEBRITY Edition.....so lets go!

i confess as mush as i do NOT like Kris Humphries i do enjoy all the trouble he is making for Kim K


i confess that i really do hope Lindsey Lohan makes a comeback...she was once a talented actress before all that crap....remember Mean Girls & Freaky Friday...i mean those are classics! ha!


i confess i have a huge crush on Amber Heard...i mean come on, how could you not



i confess that even though he went a little insane- winning, warlocks, tiger blood etc. i still LOVE Charlie Sheen....i mean how can you not?! at least he's honest about what he does & doesn't try to hide it like Paris Hilton always does..."what!? you found coke in my purse....that's not my purse, i borrowed it from a friend..." for being Paris Hilton she sure borrows a lot of her "friends" purses....



i confess that i am OBSESSED with Miley Cyrus...i love her style & look



i confess that Madonna needs the shit beat out of her for what she said about "Molly" & Ecstasy...i mean is she serious?! good for Deamau5 for putting her in her place!


i confess that i have lost complete respect for Rihanna once she started letting that psycho Chris back in her life..& i will probably never support her or her music again...that's right i posted this picture so everyone can remember what happened to her & hopefully stop other girls in the same situation from going back!


i confess that as much as i don't like Kim K i don't agree with what Peta did - we don't want violence on animals, but lets not be hypocrites, we don't want violence on humans either


and lastly

i confess i was not surprised at all when Whitney Houston's toxicology report came back...when are people going to learn...drugs will eventually get you in the end....you are not superior, you are not different from everyone else...


man do i love confessing! what do you confess today?



Unknown said...

love all these confessions! i totally agree about the WH thing. Drugs destroyed her. so sad!

love from San Francisco,

Unknown said...

amber is gorgeous

Aimee L said...

Thanks for keeping it real. You sound exactly like my boyfriend with the Whitney Houston comment lol!! He actually posted pretty much the same thing on FB and people were hating on him so much for it!! So stupid...


P!nky said...

Great confessions, I with you about Kris Humphries. KIM just needs to go away but PETA shouldn't bomb anyone.

Don't know who the blonde chica is but she's smoking!

Dear RiRi you are a role model and every other woman who believes in you will let their abuser back in their lives because of you. so wrong.

happy friday!


Mimi said...

i love your confessions, i agree with a lot of them! i am so with you on #1, #2, #6, and #8. ;)

<3, Mimi
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The Sweetest Thing said...

oh im with you on most of those - really. granted, i am not a fan of Kim!

Anonymous said...

I like this post a lot! I hope Lindsay Lohan makes a comeback, I like Miley's style, and Madonna annoys me too. :)

P.S. Thanks for supporting my blog. I also tagged you, check it out!

Lots of love, B
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xxyy said...

lovely post. xx


Anonymous said...

SO TRUE about rihanna! that makes me so mad. how can people forget??

Giovanna said...

Fun post! I must confess I love Miley Cyrus too!! hahah She seems so real!


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