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sooo over the weekend during my mini vacay i got to shop at my favorite brand, store...FREE PEOPLE...did you know they have they're own boutique? its fabulous! As you know i am a huge Free People lover, i literally feel like the brand was designed around me, ha ha....i think i love it so much because it is a hippie, natural type of look & that's me in a nutshell!....so i was super excited that they put a free people store at my old mall! The store was small & funky w/ hardwood floors. All types of different things hung from the ceiling. On the wall by the register they had wood sticking out covered in all type of bracelets...arm candy anyone?!?! .i.loved.it.
yes of course i bought something who do you think i am....look at those cute bags they give you when you do..thats a reason to buy something right there!

this is what the inside of the dressing room looked like...the cool designs on the wall are the same thing they had hanging from the ceiling....the door to the dressing room was a thick Aztec looking curtain & hanging on the mirror was a sign that said "Staff Favorites" followed by a piece of clothing they love.

i loved the hangers! they were actually wood covered with this adorable print...& these are the clothes i was going to try on...i was quite excited because unlike department stores, boutiques etc. you still can not find the same stuff as you can when you shop the actual store of the brand ....and let me tell you, a lot of stuff I def have not seen before in other stores...& trust me I am always looking for clothes wherever i go...

i love wearing dresses as long shirts...i actually really liked this orange sheer dress a lot, its the Free People Intimacy line...so yeah maybe its for bed but really you can rock it as every day wear too, just add a tank underneath

now i know from working at Nordstrom that when you put your customers clothes in the dressing room they (as in nordstrom) want us to add a few more outfits that we make up for the customer to try & broaden their horizons....so this outfit was the one that she put in my room...its cute, has an 80s vibe to it & also the ruffles give it a very girly feel

t-shirts...i love em, and u know what i love even more..Skulls..i don't know why but i am obsessed with skulls, so naturally i was drawn to this shirt...i loved the color on & the material was so comfortable & soft...i was thinking this is a def yes.......

soooo that ends my trip to the Free People store, clearly i tried on a ton more items....I'm not one to try on a few things, i literally circle the floor at least twice before i can go into a dressing room & start trying on...but one thing about me is; i am a FAST and i mean FAST clothing changer.....i can literally try on 20 pieces of clothing & decide what i want in 10 minutes, no joke...its a gift...i think it stems from my mother always rushing me wherever we go...haha! but overall my trip to the store was fabulous & i got some great stuff.....wanna know what I ended up buying at Free People....stay tuned.....


Anonymous said...

Free people is you Kelly. Fabbb

Giuliana said...

That's super nice, where exactly is this store?



Rachel said...

I love Free People! That looks like such a cute place to shop with the bricks outside and all!

xo Rachel


Jan said...

Did you know they have Free People stuff at Marshalls? ;)

Love your blog!


The Chic Sheet said...

This new store opening close to you could be a good and bad thing. Good because now you can go there whenever you are in need of some retail therapy...And on the other hand it could be bad on your wallet ;) Haha!


oomph. said...

store ambiance is so important. looks like a fun store to shop in. they have such great things...love the boho vibe, too.


Sassi said...

lovely pics!

Danielle said...

YAY!! I adore free people!!

james said...

i wish i could try on clothes that fast ;-) happily following you!

x, james

Katharina said...

cute blog honey :)



Annie said...

Definitely LOVE Free People - and their stores are so cute :)

The Other Side of Gray

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