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black on black

SO many times when I am styling girls & I show them an item that is black they say "i already have so much black...I want to branch out & try other colors"....& I ask them what do they normally go to when picking out an outfit for the day....& what do you think they say? 


Its always that way. I know you want to branch out & wear other colors but we all know they're going to sit in your closet untouched. So instead of trying to branch out & waste your money why not just embrace the black & wear it.

One of my favorite sayings is this ---


& let me tell you...I couldn't agree more. It takes up most of my closet....& instead of wasting money on buying colors I barely wear I am going to keep buying black & embrace black on black on black. 

sweater: topshop
leggings: target
boots: steve madden
sunglasses: ray ban
jewelry: tiffany & co

Are you a fan of black on black? 

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