wicked witch

I was told I look like the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz in my new leggings..... 


I told them she really wasn't wicked if you've seen the musical 'Wicked'.....just misunderstood...

you can be the judge....

leggings: american apparel
top: feel the piece
boots: MIA
jewelry: tiffany & co
hat: h&m
sunglasses: ray banphoto cred: Marlene

& for the record I still love my new leggings wicked witch or not...& if you haven't seen the musical 'Wicked' yet do yourself a favor & see it immediately....it is AMAZING! 

happy monday loves! 

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If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? 

There are so many places I am dying to go too. 

EUROPE being my number one place.

Greece to be exact. 


One day I will get there...along with all the millions of other places I want to travel too....Italy, Paris, Australia, Fuji, Disney World, Chicago....I could go on & on, as I'm sure you can too. We all have somewhere else we would rather be. 


BUT that's why today is SO exciting!! 

I'm so excited to share an amazing giveaway with you today! I have been collaborating with a group of fabulous bloggers to give one lucky reader the chance to visit a loved one or travel to a city they have always wanted to explore! 

This fantastic prize package includes:

 $290 for flights (can be used towards any flight within the US), 

 $250 Visa Gift Card (for some extra spending money!) 


 $100 KiKi La'Rue Store Credit (everyone needs a fab new outfit to wear on vacation!)

For your chance to win, simply enter using the Rafflecopter below! 

SO tell me.....where would you go?

Good Luck Loves & Spread the word using #GlamVacay

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honestly amazing

i don't know about you but my lips are very particular when it comes to lip balm. To be honest they get irritated and start to itch when I just use the typical chap stick. I don't know why but it has always been difficult for me to find a good lip balm that won't irritate my lips and cause them to rash.

& then i came across Honestly Margo. An adorable line of lip balm inspired by nature.

BUT what really drew me in was the girl behind Honestly Margo, Margo. An adorable 12 year old girl who had an idea and took it upon herself with help from her mom to start her own business. Being an entrepreneur myself, I couldn't help but fall in love with this girl and her business. I asked her how and why at such a young age she decided to start this venture and here's what she said ------>>>

My name is Margo and I’m 12 years old. From a young age, I've always had an interest in having my own business.  I came up with many ideas from an online art shop to making clothes for my cat.  I’ve also always loved beauty products.  So I combined my passion for both business and beauty and began to create lip balms.  

Together with my mom’s help, we found the best natural ingredients for my project and I set to work creating my own lip balm formula.  After sharing them with my friends, they wanted more.  LOTS more.  My mom said to me, “Margo, there is nothing from stopping you from becoming all you’ve ever wanted to be.  Dream BIG!  If you want my help, I can guide you and you can make this little lip balm thing something WAY bigger.”  And from there I said, “LET’S DO THIS!”  Three months later, Honestly Margo was born.

So I brought together 2 things I loved.... starting my own business and beauty.  This endeavor represents my first adventure into business, but it’s just the beginning. I think my products represent girls of today.  Girls are smarter than ever before, and we’re taking the things we’ve been given and mixing them together in new & better ways. Honestly Margo is about pure ingredients, but it’s also about dreaming big, and taking a chance. 

Is she not the cutest thing EVER!? You gotta love a girl with such ambition to start a business at such a young age. I was SO excited to try her lip balms and hoped they wouldn't irritate my lips. When I got them in the mail they were so adorable! So skinny & little, perfect for ANY size purse, clutch, wallet or even your back pocket.

I got the three trio packet -

The Juliet: A Carmel Apple Lip Balm

The Penelope: A Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm

The Fiona: A Fruit Colada Lip Balm

The very first one I tried was The Penelope: A Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm, because fall is amongst us and I am a sucker for any type of fall scent....& omg did it smell A MAZ ING! But even better, it FELT amazing. It was so smooth on my lips, I was already hooked. BUT the best part, my lips LOVED it too. The lip balm did not irritate my lips at all. Just made them feel nice and smooth. I was excited to have found a lip balm I could wear.

However, I wanted to see how the lip balm would take to other people and their lips, because everyone is different so I enlisted in my friends Jenny & Stacy to try out the lip balm for themselves. I didn't tell them why, I just wanted their honest reaction.

I gave Jenny The Juliet - Carmel Apple Lip Balm & Stacy The Fiona - Fruit Colada Lip Balm. Here's what they said straight from their lips ---

"OMG I want to eat this lip balm NOW" - Jenny

"The smell takes me back to a tropical paradise" - Stacy

Its safe to say they were both in love with Honestly Margo. They both loved the feel of the lip balm on their lips and loved how skinny & small they were...perfect for a night out on the town when you only bring your small clutch. I know you girls know exactly what I mean. You can't fit everything, or really anything in the small clutches so having a skinny lip balm is key.

SO it's safe to say we're Honestly Margo's new biggest fans & we want you to be too! SO today the adorable Margo is giving you messy readers the chance to win a trio pack of Honestly Margo so you too can experience all the yumminess of these lip balms!

SO good luck & seriously do yourself a favor & check out Honestly Margo's ADORABLE website HERE . I can't wait to see what flavors she comes up with next! 

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who wear short shorts

Man do I love a good romper. I have become obsessed with them! I think the reason I love them so much is because they're just so easy. You slip it on, add some jewelry, put on some fabulous heels and you're good to go. PLUS they're versatile in the fact that you can dress them up or down...& boy do I love a good ol' day to night outfit. 

My newest romper is so much fun! Its a lot more 'out there' than my other ones, but I love the bright colors and how the short part comes out a little & almost looks like a skirt. Its perfect for my vacation to Maui in November. PLUS I just bought 2 new pairs of shoes & I haven't gotten new heels in forever so you get to see my first pair today ---->>>

How much fun is this floral romper from the online boutique Choies?! I love the flow of the shorts and the adorable cut out in the back. The blend of colors is so much fun & I love the bright pops of red. I added a nice red lip color to mix with the red in the romper. Plus it is so freaking comfortable. Its like wearing nothing

SO I know you're thinking 'how does she walk in those heels?!'...well let me put your mind at ease, these are THE most comfortable heels I have ever worn! Really! The truth is, I can't walk in heels. I mean I can walk, but I can't walk well. SO when I find a heel that I can walk perfectly in I have to tell everyone! They come in 3 colors too - tan, black and dark red. Ahhh Steve Madden I love you so.

Since there is already so much going on pattern and color wise with this romper I kept it simple with some basic gold jewelry. I am OBSESSED with this dainty gold necklace and earrings from one of my new favorite jewelry lines - Kitsch. It is the perfect amount of jewelry to add to an outfit like this.....i mean how precious is this star necklace & matching earrings --->>>

romper: choies
shoes: steve madden
necklace, earrings & bracelet: kitsch
rings: lincoln street boutique
watch: target

Are you a fan of rompers!? What do you think of my new shoes?! Check out all the other cute items that Choies carries! 

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A bloody curtain call

MONDAY! I had a very busy weekend! I am exhausted...but thankfully I have my amazing friend Michelle is here to take over the blog for the day! I have known Michelle for over 10 years. She is my TV Buddy. We are both OBSESSED with TV and even though we don't live in the same area, we still manage to 'watch' our shows together. SO I am super excited that she is here today to talk about one of my FAVORITE shows - Dexter....& another huge hit - Breaking Bad. 


Let me start by acknowledging that this may not be my audience.  But I love TV, Kelly loves TV, and Kel offered a platform for me to talk about TV- so here I am!

I don't know how many of you saddled up 8 seasons ago to watch Dexter or 6 years ago to watch Breaking Bad; but this year, the curtain is closing on the antiheros we spent so many Sunday nights with.  While each program features a variety of characters and actors I adore- I want to focus on saying "goodbye" to my favorite men of the Summer TV season: Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).  They are handsome, they do bad things, I root for them, and I will miss them dearly.


Dark Defender Dexter- blood spatter analyst by day, serial killer by night.  Dexter took out the trash in Miami and he looked good doing it.  While his ethical Code and late storylines wavered (I'm looking at you season 6!), Michael C. Hall's portrayal of Dexter is unflappable (Hall acts, narrates, and produces the program).  

Though Dexter is based on a book, Hall fully embodies the character and revels in the madness, rage, and betrayals assigned to him.  Seriously, his performance is electrifying and brazenly honest.  He makes me cry, he makes want to tear my hair out, and he makes me laugh (what serial killer wears pink pastel shirts and khakis?).
Masquerading as a sociopath is a much wilder beast- when his cool, calm, and collected fa├žade shatters from time to time, it's a dream to see this megalomaniacal psycho really break loose (think the bathroom at the gas station in the season 5 opener, tussling with Doakes at the ship yard, and the impromptu murder of a crooked cop in a van while ANOTHER cop unknowingly tries to gain access to said van).

Despite flaws in the plot in later years, Dexter has always been a character I cheer for and love to watch squirm out of close call after close call.


Now, let me shift to AMC's visual masterpiece, Breaking Bad.  The ensemble cast is extraordinarily strong and I could sing the praises of Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn all day, but I want to focus on co-lead (and my favorite character since day one) Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman- the original "Cap'n Cook".

Jesse has always been a wild card.  He's been a junkie, he's been a wreck, he's been victorious, he's lost everything, and he's flown too close to the sun.  Paul portrays all those feelings, impulses, and flaws beautifully; it's earned him two Emmy's (he's nominated again this year, I'll be crossing my fingers for him September 22) and countless fans and supporters who love both Aaron himself and Jesse.  

Jesse is the morality of the show, the ethical center.  Because he lives in an unethical world, the blood and turmoil weighs more on him than any other character.  He's seen how the sausage is made- through blood, power, unbridled pride- and he wants out and balance restored (jeesh, I sound like I'm talking about Game of Thrones!).  We don't know how Jesse will achieve peace or vengeance- but I think it's going to hurt.  I sit each Sunday with baited breath- also with wine and tissues because who knows what insanity Breaking Bad will hurl your way.

The worlds of Dexter and Breaking Bad are real- no one dies and comes back as a vampire.  The stakes are high, the consequences are cruel, painful, and merciless.

I've enjoyed both of these programs so much- Dexter and Jesse forever have a place in my cold, black heart.  Their character journeys have been spectacular to watch over the past few years.  

My Sunday nights will be so sad without them (well, until The Walking Dead and Homeland are back, duh).

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a little flirty

I am so excited to introduce you to an online boutique that has the cutest stuff, especially their dresses! They're girly with the perfect amount of sex appeal...or should I say FLIRT appeal.... 

Introducing Flirly girly + flirty....how freaking adorable it that!? They're a chic online boutique specializing in modern, trendy, good quality and affordable clothing......& I have been waiting to showcase the dress I got until the weather started to get cooler because it has a very autumn feel to it. 

How adorable is this boho shift dress?! I really loved the pattern with the pop of dark orange color. Since the pattern of the dress already has so much going on I didn't want to add much else, so I kept it simple with some diamond studs and grey bootie heels. I really love how comfortable & light weight the dress is....& how fun are the cap sleeves!? They have the perfect amount of 'puff' to them. But I think my favorite part of the dress is the back. I love how it 'dips' in the back. Too freaking cute! 

So I was playing around with the dress and I wanted to show you another way to wear the dress adding a little bit more leg. I know a lot of people think they can't wear quarter length dresses so I wanted to show you a way to spice it up a little bit.

All I did was take one side of the dress and tie it in a knot. No sewing or pinning needed. I really liked how it added a twist on the simple shift dress. It is the perfect way to take the dress from day to night.

So what do you think of this adorable dress? Do you like it tied up a little? 

So today is your lucky today because you can enter to win your very own dress from Flirly......& how freaking cute is this dress --->> pink & lace...i die!


PLUS get 5% off any order with promo code: messydirtyhair. You can visit Flirly HERE

Good luck lovers & don't forget to check out Flirly

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