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Okay so I want to touch on a subject that has been happening a lot around me and to tell you why I think it has to stop.


Now there is a wide range of types of sexting. There's texting semi/nude photos, videos, texting dirty, sending dirty snapchats....and I am sure there's more that I just don't know about.

Personally I have never been a sexter. Its not my thing. But I know a lot of people who do it. Now it's one thing to get flirty via text but its a whole different game when you start to take it too far. Especially when your sexting with someone you aren't even serious with.

I just can't see the logic behind it as to why girls feel the need to text naked photos of themselves to guys they're talking too. Right off the bat you're already giving them the wrong impression. You girls, & I know not all of you, but the ones that are looking to settle down, what part of you thinks texting a naked picture to a guy gives the right message? You want a guy to take you seriously and like you for you, yet you're texting him naked pictures giving him the impression you're just looking for some fun.

Men are not going to take home the girl who texts naked photos to his mother. He's just not. But what I want to understand is WHY do we feel the need to do that? Is it because we are just so desperate for some attention we will risk everyone seeing that naked text just to hear 'hot' from the guy we like? Has it really come to that?

Come on girls, we are better than that! What happened to a little mystery? There are enough of those types of girls out there already....#sorrynotsorry

It's time to be different. Some how along the way we have lost sight of being the nice girls our parents brought us up to be. There aren't enough of those girls left anymore, but it doesn't have to continue being like that. We can be traditional when it comes to relationships. We don't have to succumb to what everyone else is doing around us. 

Different is a good thing.

Let's make being nice cool again. Being a hussy doesn't make you cool. Having respect for yourself and your body does.

Remember that.

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Jessica said...

Love this. Being classy sets a girl apart in the best way possible. I would take being the classy girl over the trashy girl any day:)

Unknown said...

I agree with you that I don't understand the point of sexting. I am married and don't even sext my husband (and actually never have). I feel like girls don't always think about the consequences of their actions when they send pictures of themselves... who knows where those pics are going to end up. Just because you sent it to you guy doesn't mean he isn't showing other people, sending it to other people, etc. Once it is out there, it is out there and you can't take that back. Technology is great, but it is also sometimes a curse. And I totally agree that having respect for yourself and your body makes you cool... not being a hussy! Well said!

The Pink Growl said...

I am loving these single girl posts you've been having lately! You are so right sista!

Unknown said...

I sent a picture one time and I've never regretted anything more. I was worried for months that he was going to show it to people when we broke up… and hopefully, he has since gotten rid of it and kept it to myself. What most people don't realize is once it's sent, you can't do a damn thing about it.

MISS you <3

Unknown said...

I sent a picture one time and I've never regretted anything more. I was worried for months that he was going to show it to people when we broke up… and hopefully, he has since gotten rid of it and kept it to myself. What most people don't realize is once it's sent, you can't do a damn thing about it.

MISS you <3

Kelly said...

I love this. Further proof, just don't do it.

Ashley McCardia said...


Nicole said...

I love hearing all of your thoughts lately! I have sent sexts to my husband while one or the other is traveling...but we have agreed that they get deleted immediately!

I agree with not being serious with someone, and people sending dirty texts...happens way too much! A coworker of mine has never met this guy in person that she's currently sexting and they send diiiirty pics all the time. To each their own I guess!

Andiepants said...

LOL we can all be hussies...just keep it in the bedroom. You never know where those nekkid pics will end up!


Tanya said...

Really good post.


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