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Hi Guys! I'm Hollie and I have a lifestyle blog that aims to humor some, inspire more through style posts, and share my adventures. I like to switch it up, so you won't find the same thing over there every day. Stop by and say hi here! I'm so jealous Kelly is going on vacation. Okay and excited for her of course! I went to Hawaii for the first time last summer and couldn't believe how beautiful it is! It is honestly breath taking. I decided to share some of my pictures from my trip so you all can get excited to read about Kelly's trip!

Enjoy :)

A big thank you to Kelly for having me guest post for her while she's on vacation!



coast 2 coast

Greetings, fellow followers of Kelly's blog!  I am Jessica of I'll Take That in Purple, and today I have the honor and privilege of sharing some of my New York City words of sartorial wisdom with you!  When Kelly asked me to guest post, I decided to bring some of the east coast to her west coast based blog.  And since I sometimes get a creepy hankering to go around photographing fashionable New Yorkers without their knowledge, I did what only seemed natural and appropriate: My New York Sunday via Instagram.  
My morning started with a latte...
At Peels!  They have a build-a-biscuit bar.  I reluctantly opted out...
(As Kate Moss says, nothing [not even biscuits] tastes as good as skinny feels.)
Because I skipped the biscuit, my gal pal and I decided that we deserved crepes.
To hell with Kate Moss!
Ahh, SoHo in the Springtime!
Fashionable patrons who don't know they are being photographed.
The maxi dress is out in full force!
I love this girl's Christmas themed color-blocked ensemble.
(Note: I don't know these people.)
And this girl I actually do happen to know... but what's a picture, really, if it's not candid and slightly creepy??
This one's my favorite.
HOLY PANTS!  This guy is my hero.
Apparently animal pants are trending this morning.
Somehow, my (normal) denim jeans feel so inadequate...
OMG shoes.....
It's official... I can't go even one day without some vintage shopping.
I should note that, while trying to photograph these necklaces, I was scolded for photographing the seller's 'art' without first asking permission.  I love New York...
I mean, really.  Where else can you find a wall like this? 

Hopefully I was able to provide a momentary distraction while Kelly is out vacationing somewhere exotic and fabulous! 
Please visit me at my home sometime (the figurative one that lives on the Web is fine, but do let me know if you feel so inclined to come all the way to the big apple)!

Thanks for having me, Kelly!  Always a privilege. 



Tressage Sauvage....

 Tressage Sauvage: French for 'Wild Braids'

I'm Arden, and I blog at TOPCOAT. It's a blog dedicated to my one true love, high fashion editorials from the world's chicest magazines... I post daily, and I always promise to bring you the latest editorial trends and also the best of what is timeless. You can find more here, and on Twitter (@ArdenRubens).

When I was first introduced to Kelly's blog, the title of her blog did remind me of this very Vogue Paris Beaute editorial.

It's all about the messy, dirty, fun, long, blonde, gorgeous locks...

When I was set to guest blog here, I had a good look through the archives for the perfect piece to post here, yet I kept coming back to this one. I think this editorial shows the perfect mix of high fashion hair, with very wearable styles for everyday. Hope you like it! xx

Aline Weber by Giampalo Sgura for Vogue Paris November 2011

Styling by Geraldine Saligo

Hair by James Pecis





Hello to The Mess!  Kecia here from Couture Zoo, helping Kelly with my second appearance as a guest post-er, this time while she soaks up some sun and fun in the Aloha state and works on her perfectly messy beachy hair!

Kelly is famous for her sex kitten chic messy hair.  Unfortunately not all of us have hair such as hers that we can embrace the mess.  I have stick straight hair.  It won't do a darn thing.  It wouldn't hold a perm let alone a wave.  So when my straight hair gets messy I just look like Vince Neil in his glory days after a particularly rough night.  With hair like mine, there are only two options for embracing messy dirty hair, hats and pulling it back...

A classic beanie is always on trend

Super chic with a top knot and scarf

I have a hat similar to this, but I admit that I've yet to be brave enough to wear it

Taylor Tomasi Hill has the messy top knot perfected

I'm a little bit in love with Jill Sander's veiled knit hats.  I would mos def wear this if I lived somewhere like NYC

Sport a pony tail with a fun elastic.  I'm in love with this one from Etsy seller Moon Raven Designs.

I love a punchy feather to adorn my frock


bikinis, beaches & bloodys oh my!

Aloha lovers! why aloha? well I'm leaving for HAWAII tomorrow!!! I'm going to be visiting one of my besties Kendall who lives there right now...& you all know kendall from Out & About w/ Ken ! And even better, another friend of ours who we both haven't seen in awhile is coming as well...plus my mom is joining the gang too...im lucky to have a cool mom...(shes cool now, in high school she was SO strict)... we are all SOOOOO excited! I'm staying at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach in Oahu.....so while I'm gone I have some AMAZING guest bloggers that will be posting daily so be sure to check back!

& of course i will be blogging my whole vacay when I'm home.

so I'm off...Hawaii here i come!



the color run

hellllooo lovers! so over the weekend i did the 5k Color Run, to support the big brother & big sisters foundation. The event was held at The Great Park in Irvine. 12,000 People attended the run! It was crazy! Quick insight on the run - there are 4 checkpoints that you run to & at each stop you get sprayed with a different color paint!

So if you haven't noticed yet i am not much of a gym person. I never work out besides for Pilate's. i just hate the gym. but for some reason i am a fan of running 5ks...i did the 5k Mud Run last September so this will be my 2nd...& def not my last!

the color run is everywhere in the United States & i highly suggest signing up...even if you don't work out or aren't athletic. if i can do it, you can too. plus who doesn't like being sprayed with PINK paint!?

on our way to the run!

pre-run...yes im a dork w/ my camera case

 and we're off!

 first checkpoint was YELLOW...that's my boyfriend running with the heart on his back...i decided to bring my camera w/ me on the race & put a plastic bag around it so i could get the full effect...the next pictures are literally pictures i am taking while running through the yellow haze.

crazy right? can you see the footsteps in the yellow haze?

after getting sprayed with green right in the face!

coming out of the blue haze....next stop the FINISH line & the best color of all....PINK

we did it! so of course we had some fun in all the color....they give you extra packets of the dry paint so you can have a little fun after the race....& we did.....

such a fun event, cant wait till next year....out of all those colors the only color that I still have a streak of in my hair is.....green, booo i wanted it to be pink..haha!



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