Hello to The Mess!  Kecia here from Couture Zoo, helping Kelly with my second appearance as a guest post-er, this time while she soaks up some sun and fun in the Aloha state and works on her perfectly messy beachy hair!

Kelly is famous for her sex kitten chic messy hair.  Unfortunately not all of us have hair such as hers that we can embrace the mess.  I have stick straight hair.  It won't do a darn thing.  It wouldn't hold a perm let alone a wave.  So when my straight hair gets messy I just look like Vince Neil in his glory days after a particularly rough night.  With hair like mine, there are only two options for embracing messy dirty hair, hats and pulling it back...

A classic beanie is always on trend

Super chic with a top knot and scarf

I have a hat similar to this, but I admit that I've yet to be brave enough to wear it

Taylor Tomasi Hill has the messy top knot perfected

I'm a little bit in love with Jill Sander's veiled knit hats.  I would mos def wear this if I lived somewhere like NYC

Sport a pony tail with a fun elastic.  I'm in love with this one from Etsy seller Moon Raven Designs.

I love a punchy feather to adorn my frock


Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

I need said cute hat!

Unknown said...

you are right Kecia ( through Kelly )...these are so useful when u have a bad hair day, no matter what kind of hair you got!
xxx Ros.e.

p.s. I always enjoy when u are doing these posts girls!

Jan said...

Wish I could get to that perfect top knot level too! My hair just slides out or ponytails and braids and everything LOL


Yuli Conversations said...

I love hair on the second picture, well the scarf oh the head. Its totally Rihanna style! I love it on other girls, I did that too, but i look silly.. haha


Brandy Bruce said...

Love all these great pictures and cute ideas!

Nicole Rene said...

I love that skull hair piece sooooo spunky :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!


Anonymous said...

I just ordered one! Can't wait to get it!


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the scarf with my top knot yet. Need to give it a go, but I have a feeling I'll look goofy too!


Anonymous said...

Fab, right!?


Anonymous said...

As always, thanks Ros.E!


Taylor said...

I love those hats!!! and Yes i wish I could have messy hair that was amazing! mine looks like I stuck my finger in a socket if i don't do anything to it. Damn perfect hair people!

Janna Renee said...

I love Kecia! I wish I could do the messy thing, but my hair has never been died/bleached and I rarely use product or stylers, so my stylist calls it "virgin" hair. She says that I should just be happy that it is "pretty". Pretty is so boring, though!


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