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Greetings, fellow followers of Kelly's blog!  I am Jessica of I'll Take That in Purple, and today I have the honor and privilege of sharing some of my New York City words of sartorial wisdom with you!  When Kelly asked me to guest post, I decided to bring some of the east coast to her west coast based blog.  And since I sometimes get a creepy hankering to go around photographing fashionable New Yorkers without their knowledge, I did what only seemed natural and appropriate: My New York Sunday via Instagram.  
My morning started with a latte...
At Peels!  They have a build-a-biscuit bar.  I reluctantly opted out...
(As Kate Moss says, nothing [not even biscuits] tastes as good as skinny feels.)
Because I skipped the biscuit, my gal pal and I decided that we deserved crepes.
To hell with Kate Moss!
Ahh, SoHo in the Springtime!
Fashionable patrons who don't know they are being photographed.
The maxi dress is out in full force!
I love this girl's Christmas themed color-blocked ensemble.
(Note: I don't know these people.)
And this girl I actually do happen to know... but what's a picture, really, if it's not candid and slightly creepy??
This one's my favorite.
HOLY PANTS!  This guy is my hero.
Apparently animal pants are trending this morning.
Somehow, my (normal) denim jeans feel so inadequate...
OMG shoes.....
It's official... I can't go even one day without some vintage shopping.
I should note that, while trying to photograph these necklaces, I was scolded for photographing the seller's 'art' without first asking permission.  I love New York...
I mean, really.  Where else can you find a wall like this? 

Hopefully I was able to provide a momentary distraction while Kelly is out vacationing somewhere exotic and fabulous! 
Please visit me at my home sometime (the figurative one that lives on the Web is fine, but do let me know if you feel so inclined to come all the way to the big apple)!

Thanks for having me, Kelly!  Always a privilege. 



Anonymous said...

Love the blog post im a hugh fan of vintage shopping

Morgan Brooks said...

I adore this blog post, so much! Such wonderful photos. Everything is so adorable. I love your blog as well love and am following. So happy I found you beautiful girl!
It would be lovely if you could check out my latest post!

Rachel said...

Hahah Love this post! So funny... love that Kate Moss quote- and even funnier that you ditched it 2 seconds later- story of my life!

xo Rachel


Janna Renee said...

I just adore New York...I hope to go back this summer, and if so- I will definitely try to capture some pics as great as these...Those pants? Priceless!

Jensia said...

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