ill tell you whats in the box....

welcome back lovers! hope you all had a wonderful memorial day holiday! my birthday weekend turned out to be everything I hoped it would be! everything we planned on doing we did! so of course i took A TON of photos...i mean an overload.... i wanted to show you my whole birthday weekend in one post so i made collages of my birthday highlights! so let's get this started!

i have the pleasure of babysitting these wonderful kids every week....so the weekend before my birthday we all got together for dinner at Ferrells, a fun, loud burger & ice cream parlor...its always a good time. i just love their family

so i told everyone they had to dress nautical theme & i was super excited because my mom decorated the boat all nautical & even got me a sailor hat.....we had appetizers on the boat to hold us off until lunch. We lucked out having such a beautiful weather while boating around Newport Harbour (considering the day before it was drizzling)

I got Fendi sunglasses!


so a lot of you saw my little tease i posted on Saturday of me with the infamous Tiffany & Co box....my amazing boyfriend got me this adorable silver bracelet with the Tiffany charm heart in the Tiffany blue....I'm obsessed....along with that he also got me some OPI nail polish & Victoria Secret boyfriend sweats...as usual he went overboard & spoiled me :)

reppin' my Laker socks
bowling was a blast....the 6 of us played in teams of 2..we played 3 games & I added up all our scores at the end....my sister & her boyfriend beat us, but i would hope so considering their hard core bowlers with their own balls & shoes...the boyfriend & i came in second & my mom & dad came in last...it was a good time

can you see Maxx's bandage from his IV...my poor baby

about an hour before my actual birthday after the day of celebrating, my dog had an awful emergency and we had to take him to the ER....he ended up staying overnight & $500 dollars later, hes doing a lot better. But it was a crazy way to start off my 27th birthday in the animal hospital. It was a SUPER late night, so the next day we slept in & went to sushi for lunch....and of course staying with theme I dressed nautical

then on Monday we ended the day at the beach...it was a beautiful day & the hottest of the weekend!

so the weekend was a success & I got some fabulous stuff....come back tomorrow & see more detailed pictures of my birthday outfit....i was a little obsessed



Jenna said...

That boyfriend of yours sure knows how to make a girl happy! Haha :) Happy late Birthdy girly! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fab day! Looks super fun! I love the sun and the water! And good pick by the bf...my hubby got me that same one our first Christmas together! Love it!

What was wrong with Max!? I'm so sorry to hear that. Our furry little friends are so close to us. It's so hard when they're not well. I hope he's doing better and better.

Btw...how are you doing those photo collages on your blog!? Love em and want to use them on mine! Is that the Instagram app thing you told me about and then you can use it one your blog?



Jan said...

Cute fun pics! :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Courtney B said...

It's beautiful!! He did good :) What a perfect birthday weekend!

Kelly @ Fashion or Fiction said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I love that blue and white skirt you have on in these pictures. Where is it from?

Jess said...

Awwww! Poor Maxx! I'm glad he is doing better though! And your sailor hat and Tiffany's surprise are amazing! I am super jealous! Glad you had an awesome birthday!!!!

Tere Shake said...

what a fun birthday! i love the theme. you are one spoiled girl. what better way to be though? right?
the emergency vet clinics RAPE you with the prices but what else are you gonna do. it costed us clost to a grand to take my 2 dogs there when they got kennel cough. it was awful!

Erin said...

Well look at that, you have a wonderfully thoughtful boyfriend. AND you got to be nautical and go to the beach and bowl. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Happy belated :)

hi i'm chantelle! said...

hahah your dog story is still the best thing of this whole weekend.

Anonymous said...

Omg your outfits after your birthday were soooooo freaking cute. I loooooove that bandou! Our poor little maxxxyy poo that was soo scary , I'll never forget it. Fun birthday!!!!

Rip Rosie

Irene said...

What a FUN birthday weekend!! I was pretty much MIA on all electronic devices and out of town, out of MIND! lol!!! Happppppppy birthday!!!

Amber said...

What a fun Party theme!!! I would have never thought of something like this, but it looks like so much fun! Happy birthday!!!

Janna Renee said...

I saw what was in the box on Twitter ;) I'm glad you had such a great Birthday! I absolutely adored your nautical outfit!

Gigi.T said...

Really cool pictures! It looks like you had a great birthday ♥

Feel free to visit my blog :)

Carolyn said...

Looks like a blast!! :) Except for the puppy part! Glad they're feeling better!!!

mimika said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog :) Your suggestion definitely helps thank you! Happy birthday too looks like you had a lot of fun!!

annpaige said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!! Looks like an amazing and fun weekend!!!

New post - colour blocking - http://annpaigefashion.blogspot.com

Alyx said...

Wow, it looks like you had an awesome weekend!!
Love the sailor theme - so fun, and that hat just makes it that much more awesome.

jordan high heels said...

Really a fun party theme,see you again.

t said...

Looks like an amazing birthday!


Unknown said...

Really looks like the perfect birthday weekend!!

Great presents!! Lucky you!!


Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so fun and I'm so happy to stop by and follow! Ummm you scored with the boyfriend and the gifts! Happy belated!

holly foxen wells

Yuli Conversations said...

love your outfits, love. happy late birthday!! :D

Holly said...

Looks like your birthday was so much fun!!! I love that nautical theme! Can I have that boat please?! That's one of my goals in life - own a boat :) Haha! I'm so glad you had a fabulous weekend of celebrating! Happy birthday again, doll face!!

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