spring trend

so if you like to keep up with the latest trends like i do here's what's hott this spring -

Palazzo Pants....you're probably like what the hell are those?! well if you watch Happy Endings on ABC  their Pennys  "flowy pants" ..but if you don't (but you should, the shows pretty funny) here's an example 
picture courtsey of pinterst.com

picture courtsey of pinterst.com
 now you don't have to get them in a flashy color, even though color pants are hott right now! you can do a more simple look like this one on the right. either way they're fun, flowy, and pants that won't make you feel like a fatty. you can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

What kind of top do u wear with it if u want it to be more casual and do heels only look good with it?

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

you would want to wear a tight shirt, that you can tuck in. you don't want to wear baggy pants with a baggy shirt.

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