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Ah remember TGIF back in the day? So many good shows. So I loved hearing what makes everyone scream yesterday....its good to know I am not alone! 

SO I haven't linked up for Friday Letters in forever, but instead of the normal Friday Letters I'm giving it a twist....

Friday Letters Celebrity Edition!

Dear Kim Kardashian: YOU ARE PREGNANT  Start dressing like it....& stop with all the throwback photos of you when you were skinny. Its weird that you keep doing that. Embrace your pregnancy. 


Dear Lindsey Lohan: I don't know how you do it. You're one lucky girl but trust me eventually all this luck will run out....& why are you so smug? 6 mug shots isn't attractive. 

Dear Selena Gomez: Spring Breakers? You are still very much associated with Disney. Stop acting like trash & be a role model...at least while you're still involved with young children


Dear Justin Bieber: Why are you being such a little shit - spitting on people?!....i can see you going down a very bad path

Dear Justin Timberlake: Can you please make an appearance on SNL every week?! 


Dear Maria Shriver: Your Christmas lights are still up....& you put them on!!!!?!?....another thing that needs to be added to my things that make me SCREAM list

Dear Adam Levin: As usual you are looking as hot as ever on The Voice

Dear Ryan Seacrest: I am still sad about the breakup with Julianne. Why didn't you just put a ring on it?!

 Is there anything you want to say to a celebrity?


One of my favorite things about sponsoring blogs & having bloggers sponsor me is I get to meet new people. When this girl sponsored me I had no idea who she was or what her blog was about. However, after doing my usual creeping looking around her blog I was in love....& that never would've happened if she didn't sponsor me <---- a reason why I think sponsoring others is a great idea

She is one of the coolest bloggers I have come across & one of the most supportive bloggers as well. She is ALWAYS promoting & help out other bloggers as much as she can. She's such a genuine, honest, real person with a super fun personality.

But my favorite thing - her love for Disney. She has a whole post dedicated to Disney Princess Inspired Nails!!! IT IS AMAZING! 

She is BEYOND talented in the nail departement & is defiantly beauty crazed. She has become one of my favorite people in BlogLand & I know you'll lover her too.....so without further ado meet 

I'm messy, you're messy & I'm glad we can all embrace our mess together! I'm Ange and I can be found obsessing over beauty products and my nails over at Hairspray and High Heels.  I live with the husband, where I'm a happy little housewife trainwreck and I try not to burn our apartment down with my crazy concoctions on a daily basis. I'm obsessed with big hair & animal print which makes my NJ stomping grounds the perfect place for me. I hoard nail polish, seriously, I have over 300 bottles it's taking over so if you know the number for nail polish-aholics my husband would love for you to pass it along. 

I'll be the first to tell you, I have Chanel taste on a Revlon budget so I can mostly be found writing about drugstore makeup finds, DIY Beauty Tips, the current skincare products I'm obsessed with to combat my unrealistic fear of wrinkles at 28, how crazy I really am and  my nails always my nails which on Wednesday's coincides with my absurd love of the movie Mean Girls so I wear  pink on Wednesday's

 A few of my many manicures - I'm obsessed, I told you! 

I'm in love with blogging and the community that comes along with it. Meeting new women through blogging has been one of the most precious gifts I have found over the past year, so I give you my top 3 pieces of blogging advice: 

Be Yourself: Nobody wants to read the same scripted review 50 times, make it your own. Make your readers want to stop what they're doing, get up and go get whatever it is your talking about. 

Don't Take ANY Shit: Any community, being primarily full of women is going to get bitchy. Stand your ground, hold your own & refer back to my first piece of advice. <-----another reason I love her

Love it or Leave it: If you don't love what you're doing, stop doing it. Don't make it a job, make it yours, make it fun and most of all make it all about you. 

To learn stalk more about me, come visit Hairspray and High Heels & we can hang out & talk nail polish!


Isn't she SO amazing with her nail polish skills?!? I wish she didn't live in Jersey so I could have Disney Inspired Nails everyday...& i LOVE the blogging advice

SO because Ang is a makeup beauty freak - its only natural that she is giving you messy readers a chance to win a $25 Sephora Gift Card!!!!

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tgif lovers & have a wonderful Easter Sunday

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Niken said...

oh yeah, Adam Levine is hot!

Jennifer said...

Kim still looks like a hooker yet is pregnant. Gross.

JT should be on tv everyday!

How funny that Lindsay was in the movie Just My Luck and wouldn't you know, she literally is THAT lucky?!

Rebecca said...

i totally agree with you about Adam Levin "fans self"

Shannon Dew said...

1. I wish TGIF still happened. What happened to good ole wholesome family TV night?

2. If Kim K would dress like she's pregnant {I read that she refuses to wear maternity clothes} she wouldn't look like a stuffed sausage all the time.

3. Adam L, I love you. That is all.

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Love this edition!! Seriously Kim is killing me!!! Love Ang! Shes become a great friend thru blogging too!!! Big fluffy heart u both!

Southern Love/ City Lights said...

Haha this is a really great post! I agree with every single letter you wrote! Love it!


Anonymous said...

Kim just irritates me entirely. And Bieber is definitely following Lindsey Lohan.

Heidi said...

Sooo Ummm I agree with ALL OF THESE! lol. I was thinking just the same thing about Kim Kardashian yesterday. I mean come on, she just looks pudgy when she could be looking cute and preggo!

Dinah Gacon said...

A to the men about Kim Kardashian....ugh that gets on my nerves!!!! And yes, Justin Timberlake could host SNL every weekend and I would be a very happy girl!!!!

Excited to get to know Angela, thanks for always sharing Kelly!!!

xox Hugs!!

Dinah @ sunshine super glam

My-cliffnotes said...

Love this!

Janna Renee said...

Kim K in the "whale" outfit I have seen kills me EVERY time. She really needs to get a stylist for this pregnancy. Haha

Divya Asha said...

Participating in your giveaway. Wish to win :)

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