with just a few quick changes...

Happy Monday lovers!!! Today starts my 4th of July holiday vacation!!! Hollar! So I'm off today through Thursday! I could not be more excited! Today's post is a guest post that I wrote a few weeks ago for another blog & I actually really loved the way this post turned out so I wanted to share it with you guys incase you never got to see it...& im sorry for the repeat if you have read this post!  
Soooo have you ever been out all day & then the day continues into the night but you're still wearing your day time clothes with nothing to change into to make the outfit a little more night time appropriate? Well today I am going to show you 3 simple outfits that can go from day to night with a few quick changes. & in these pictures I am on day 5 of no washing or even brushing my hair.....

Jeans: Hudson :: Flip flops: Tory Burch :: Watch: Marc by Marc :: Sunglasses: Fendi :: Purse: Gucci

So here we have a typical day time outfit...destroyed jeans, flip flops & a white tank...pretty plain Jane, yet one of my favorite outfits to wear....perfect for a day at the mall or a walk on the beach....so let's take this simple day time outfit & give it a night time feel...

Heels: Steve Madden :: Blazer: BP Nordstrom :: Clutch: Tory Burch

 Still wearing the exact same jeans & tank top all I did to spice the outfit up was add a black blazer, some heels & a clutch...perfect for a date night....just a few certain items can change the whole dynamic of an outfit...plus I feel adding black to anything will dress it up

Dress: Free People :: Jean Jacket: BP Nordstrom :: Gladiators: MIA :: Purse: Tory Burch
This dress is defiantly more of a dressier look but I toned it down with some flat sandals & added a jean jacket...the dress is a little short so adding the leggings also tones it down...but lets dress it up by taking away a few things....

Boots: Sam Eledman :: Purse: Chanel :: Glasses: Chanel

 So I lost the jacket & the leggings so the dress will be a short mini again, added some short boots, a Chanel crossover....& you're ready for a night out on the town.

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity :: Striped Tank: BP Nordstrom :: Shoes: TOMS

Another casual outfit, very simple....hair up, jeans, a tank, & some canvas shoes...nothing to flashy, but perfect for a day of running errands....also if you currently don't own a pair of TOMS please invest in a pair asap...they are SO comfortable & light weight, you will never want to take them off. Plus when you buy a pair they give a pair of shoes to a child in need.....
so here we go again day to night...

 Boots: Jessica Simpson :: Necklace: Express :: Bracelets: Nordstrom Jewelry :: Purse: Tory Burch

Still wearing the exact same jeans & tank all I did was take my hair down & pull the front back. I added a statement necklace & some bangles. Some high black boots & a Patent Leather purse for some extra shine.....& you're ready for a night out at a concert or dinner with friends. As you can see I wear the same white tank top with everything. Never underestimate the power of a white tank.

Again, nothing much was really changed with any of these outfits, I didn't have to take anything off to make it more night appropriate...with just a few accessory changes you can literally change anything from day to night. But always remember less is more.

I hope these quick day to night changes will help you with your outfits & inspire you to change up your day time looks. wishing everyone a wonderful 4th of july holiday!



Marisa said...

Great post Kelly! I love the 1st outfit. You're right, everything is better with black! :)

Ashley said...

hudson jeans are my FAV!! and i love how you added the blazer and heels and made it look so chic! enjoy your vacation doll!

Sarah said...

You're so cute! I want all of your outfits, stat! Think we should have a closet swap....;) just a thoughttt. haha happy monday, chica!! xo

Tere Shake said...

happy 4th! i wish my work was cool and gave us today thru thursday off. that would be awesome! love the outfit changes girl!

Katie said...

Cute post :)

Lauren said...

cute post!! i totally agree with you that shoes and accessories are really what shapes an outfit. I esp. loved the first and last looks. Great style as always :)

Sarah Beacom said...

Hey there, Kelly! Visiting and now following your blog from the California Bloggers group on 20sb! I'm a displaced Californian now living in Texas. I was born and raised all throughout OC from HB to Anaheim area, but moved here to finish up my degree. Hope you'll get a chance to check out my blog, follow back, and leave some So-Cal love!:-)


Tabitha Mahoney said...

Lets trade legs okay? Great thanks.

Off til Thursday, so jealous!


Amber said...

I saw this post at Amanda's blog, and I loved it! Glad to see it's a repost :) You look great girl!

Kristin said...

were those the suede black Steve maddens? i just got them

smk053078 said...

It's crazy how a few accessories can change up an entire look! Well done!! You always look like you are having the BEST time! Love your attitude! ;)

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

Thanks for linking up with The Blogger Party!
Keep spreading the word on facebook and twitter, I really appreciate!
Thank you so much for the love & support!!

Stesha said...

all of these looks are fabulous! you are rocking the Tory awesomeness is fab!


Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Love these transitions! I especially love the first one.. jeans and a white tank... always a classic look! Following you :)

biggestlittleblog said...

I love your style...it seems so effortless but put together at the same time.

Thanks for sharing these day to night ideas, the less work I have to do to switch over the better!

Keep up all the fun posts!


Anonymous said...

Glad you two worked out your differences .

Meg {henninglove} said...

enjoy your vacation!! and i love your hair down is kinda your signature look but i love your hair up in the bun. it shows off your beautiful face more

Kelly said...

It's nice to meet you Kelly! I'm the other Kelly :P
I love all of these looks! You did such an awesome job turning daytime style into nighttime fun. Also day 5 of no washing? How do you do it?! My hair gets so greasy by day two :(

Janna Renee said...

I love what you did with EVERY outfit. I especially like the last pair of boots, and I always tell people that they HAVE to get TOMS. I hope you have a fabulous 4th and enjoy your vacay! xoxox

Head to Toe Chic said...

Loving the destroyed jeans with the black blazer and heels! You look gorgeous!


Yuli Conversations said...

omg you are such a cuttie!!!! you look so great in every outfit! I especially adore the second pic- you look hot in glasses!!! ;)


AMY PALMER said...

These looks are great! Love the sophisticated jeans, blazer, and glasses look. Thanks for sharing them and thanks for visiting Blank Pages!


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