happy thursday loves! hope you all had a wonderful holiday! mine was perfect but you'll hear about that tomorrow in Fridays Letters! I just wanted to remind all of you participating in The Messy Challenge to please get your pictures in.

If you want to be included in The Messy Challenge blog post the deadline to get your pictures in is Monday July 9. Email me a picture of you & your messy hair & what day you went too - MessyDirtyHair@gmail.com

And a big thank you to the girl who have already submitted their pictures! Remember even if you went 1 day of not washing your hair, you are embracing the mess!

Also Monday starts GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! & be on the look out for #TheMessyProject.....wanna be apart of #TheMessyProject in August?

email -  TheMessyProject@gmail.com




Unknown said...

Suh-WEET! Totally planning on doing this, but my time is short now that the deadline is MONDAY! Uh oh! Better get started! And I have really oily hair, so if I'm gonna go without washing, I better get the baby powder ready! Works better for me than dry shampoo... also, do we take one picture a day? Also also, I live in So Cal, too!!! xoxo

Janna Renee said...

You've already got mine! I can't WAIT till BOTH reveals! I think I have my shoot booked for tomorrow, so I may be ahead of schedule! Love you!!

Jess said...

HELLOOOO!!!! I am back! Thank you so much for your amazing guest post!

PS If I can find the time, I totally need to link up with you... my hair is NASTY thanks to traveling. I can't even remember the last time I washed it.. yikes!!!


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