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wahooo TGIF!!! So its finally the weekend yet again....my 4th of July was PERFECT! There were some changes in events so my boyfriend & I ended up on a "staycation" at this beautiful hotel about a mile from my house over looking the ocean....we basically layed by the pool all day, got waited on, ate, drank & watched fire works.....it was pure heaven. ...

So I'm ending out the week with Friday Letters with Ashley at Adventures in Newlyweds

dear dad: thank you for coming through & making this 4th of July the best ever...

dear boyfriend: that's 6 july 4th's together...& i wouldn't have it any other way...this 4th was one for the books!


dear lakers: YES! you finally did something right! I am beyond excited to have Steve Nash as a Laker for the next 3 years...lets go!!!!


dear time off: oh man you have been beyond wonderful....i actually for the first time in awhile feel rested


dear chantelle: #calitrip #shopping #sushi #pictures #fashion #fun #cantwait

dear sun: we are in such a huge fight right now I don't even know what to say to you.....thank god I can't see you right now because i wouldn't be able to look at you in the face, I'm so disappointed in you for NOT COMING OUT the entire time I was off.....we live in California right?

ok so I'm exaggerating, it wasn't even close to this via
dear payday: helllllo loverrrrrr...ha i don't know what I'm "hellllo lovering" about...it goes mostly to bills anyway #boo


dear seth macfarlane: i always thought you were talented but you blew me outta the water with TED...I haven't seen a movie that funny & with a good message in so long...def a MUST see!


dear celebrity media: stop trying to analyze & figure out what happened between Tom & Katie...bottom line - she just wanted out....& i think she's been planning this for some time...


& lastly

dear mom: thanks for having my back ALWAYS


That's it for today lovers! Have a wonderful weekend...Super exciting stuff is coming up here on Messy.Dirty.Hair. within the next 2 weeks...I'm talking giveaways, blog design, #TheMessyProject, Sponsors, the messy challenge....& so much more!

also I am participating in this super fun program that the adorable Shanna at Because Shanna Said So is hosting! If you like jewelry & getting to know other bloggers, defiantly check it out HERE

See you Sunday for Social Sunday!!! Don't forget to linkup! This week's questions are TV related!



The High Heeled Brunette said...

Lucky you! I worked more this week than ever & will be working the whole weekend. So have some fun in the sun for me. It's supposed to be nice out this weekend! :)

The Pink Growl said...

awww I love this! So glad you enjoyed the time off with your fam and boyfran! I didn't realize you guys had been together for so long - sweet! I was just telling one of my coworkers that it's Friday so that means I have to pay bills, which sucks! yuck! I hate bills!

Janna Renee said...

Wow! Y'all have been together 6 years? That's longer than us. Haha. I totally agree with you about the Tom and Katie thing. If you don't work out- it's because you weren't on the same page and it wasn't true love. Simple as that. Have a great weekend, Lovah!

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Yay for six years! I loved all your photos! You sext thang!

Anonymous said...

Cute post, love all the pictures! That Tom and Katie one made me laugh so much!

Yvette | Classic Glam Blog said...

Perfect Friday post! Sounds like fun! Happy Friday xx

Anonymous said...

I usually don't comment but thanks Kelly for the shout out...love u and Iim not only your mother but I'm Italian and of course I have ur back always.....love u and ur sis. Mom

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Great Friday Letters! Looks and sounds like you had an awesome 4th of July! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we reunite! We should have a girls night! Sushi and whatever! xx

My-cliffnotes said...

6 4th's aww sooo cute. You two are adorable.

Happy weekend.


Pamela said...

Aww this was our 6th year celebrating July 4th together too!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like your 4th was awesome!! Here's to a great weekend ahead...hopefully with some sun :)

Unknown said...

How cute are you?! Happy Friday to you!


kaylee said...

STEVE NASH... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! I was too happy! I am also looking forward to watching Ted! Looks like you had an awesome fourth! Really enjoyed reading this post!

Kristen said...

Haha love these letters. Glad you found my blog, your's is great too! I'm now following on bloglovin! Love that we are both OC bloggers, us girls gotta stick together :) Plus I'm known to go more that a day or two without washing my hair ;)

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Owww 6 years together thats a lot of holidays! Sounds like you had a great break, even if the weather didnt play nice the entire time :)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

It sounds like you had an amazing 4th!!!! Happy weekend girl!

The Preppy Student said...

what a wonderful 4th of july! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow my preppy blog. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog! I also just added a giveaway you should check out!

teresweetstyle said...

great post honey, i love your look!


Anonymous said...

Hey, girl, HEYYYY! *waves* I love your Friday letters and hope you're having a great weekend. Those greeting cards are so funny, thanks for posting them because they brighten my day. And I didn't even know about their divorce lol I'm late! Also, I love your July 4th look :)

Yuli Conversations said...

HELLO gorgeous!!! you are so cute, i love it! Looks like you had a fabulous 4th of july! I love your swim suit and a matching headband! Muah!:*

Yuli Conversations said...

HELLO gorgeous!!! you are so cute, i love it! Looks like you had a fabulous 4th of july! I love your swim suit and a matching headband! Muah!:*

ms.composure said...

omg i SCREAMED when i heard that Nash was coming to the LA Lakers!!! i am such a laker fan!!! and i am so happy to see what happens to the team with such a gr8 player!!


Kristin said...

and once again the sun isnt out today. booooo

xo kAr said...

omg AMEN! i am so sick of hearing about TomKat!!

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see TED!!!!!!! Now I'm even more excited. I already love Family Guy so I knew it was a must.
And agreed on the TomKat - who flippin cares??!?!

Happy Following!


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