1st Advice Post!!

yay! so today i received my first email in need of some tough love! here's the question:

There is a cute boy who works at the mall I visit, he recognized me the 2nd time I came in and made casual conversation and said for me to visit again soon.  How soon is to soon and should a girl never give out her number?  I'm new to town and a cute boy adventure sounds perfection.

ok here's my advice on this..i have always been a big believer in NOT giving a guy your number unless he asks. the fact that he remembered you is a good sign. a lot of girls seem to think guys are stupid & don't know what to do or how to get a girl etc...listen up ladies they are NOT stupid & in fact know everything they're doing...if a guys wants to call you HE WILL CALL YOU...if he wants to ask you out HE WILL ASK YOU OUT...boys know what they're doing and who they like and who they don't like...i always laugh when a girl says to me..hes too scared to be with me or he's just too busy...NEWSFLASH hes not. he just isn't that into you. That book btw is RIGHT ON..i love it & in college i think i read it a million a times...and despite what the book said i still did what i wanted and each time the book proved to be right & me wrong. So I would keep visiting him, not too much though you don't want to look like a stalker ha ha, but I would not give him your number unless he asks....and if he gives you his & doesn't take yours..move on. a guy who likes you, is interested in you & wants to know more about you WILL ASK FOR YOUR NUMBER & will call you. hope that helps a little & thanks for reading & submitting xoxo -K


Anonymous said...

men are hunters instinctivelly.

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