Can Guys & Girls be JUST friends?

Got another advice email today! Here's the question:

What is your take on adult girl and boy "best-friendship"?  I am not certain I believe it truly exists. Signed Always the best friend

I gotta agree with you there. I don't think they can truly exists either. Mainly because when hanging out with the opposite sex its impossible after a while for someone not to develop more than friends feelings. Especially on the girl side. I think for guys its hard to not blur that line between friends and hooking up because lets be honest sex is whats on guys minds most of the time, all the time. And then theres girls who are friends with guys in hopes that they will want a relationship eventually, but what usually ends up happening is you become friends with benefits & the only one getting hurt there is you. I see that you wrote adult in hopes that maybe with maturity things would be different, and yes in some rare cases, depending on the type of people you are & the lifestyle you live sure maybe you could only be friends, but in all reality I feel after a certain point someone is going to start developing more feelings. I have actually been there before. I had a very good guy friend in college who I was close too, we both started to like each other, so we got together. It was a crazy year let me tell you & i don't mean good crazy...and the result..well it ended bad. we didn't talk, he didn't hang out with the group anymore. to be honest it was awful because we were so close before, i missed my best friend. But thats what happens in life & I defiantly did learn my lesson.


Anonymous said...

you couldnt have put it more perfectly. i agree with you ompletely.

Ashley said...

i feel ya on this. i have definetely been through the same thing/ it sucks and you never win! howevvver one time i got to blow the guy off...and then naturally had bad karma with guys for 4 years.


hi i'm chantelle! said...

you are gifted.


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