health kick w/ nikki

Good Morning everyone! I am super excited today because I have a new guest blogger who will contributing to MessyDirtyHair.

So meet Nicolette, a true Southern California girl, born & raised. As a fellow animals & fashion addict she is perfect for MessyDirtyHair, considering im not much of a health nut..i REALLY wish i was though...I am so excited to have her talk about eating right & getting in shape! Also keep your eye out for her posts on accessories! Welcome Nikki!

I’m working on trying to eat healthier meals to get my body back into shape for Spring & Summer season. The one thing I had the most difficulty with was trying to figure out what dishes to make!!!! I know what is considered “healthy” and how to eat right, but the hardest part is trying to create a meal out of it....especially meals that are still delicious and flavorful. If you are trying to find QUICK and EASY ways to create healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; get the application on your phone called: SKINNY SKILLET! It is so awesome. It lists all the recipes you will need to make these delicious healthy meals, as well as, the nutritional value so you can make sure you are tracking the right amount of calories. The application also includes a picture of all the items. This way you can see what it looks like before you make it! And if you are busy at work and want to email your lover, or friend, you can send the recipe straight to their email from the application. Skinny skillet is the way to go to get you back on track with a diet that doesn’t involve starving yourself. Check it out at: TheSkinnySkillet.com! -N


Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm always up for new healthy and fitness advice and suggestions!


Anonymous said...

yss me too considering im lazy and nevr cook!

Anonymous said...

hopefully cake is on the list.


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