i confess...

ok so since i am still new to blogger i didn't understand this link up business but now i get it haha....so today i am linking up with Leslie at BlondeAmbitionBlog...she is SO adorable & has a fabulous blog....i decided to chose this as my first link up because i really love the idea...so join in & go visit Leslie!

i confess......

i confess i haven't washed or brushed my hair in 6 days

i confess that i haven't shaved my legs in days...

i confess that i am not looking forward to the time change..i like when it gets dark early

i confess this blogging business is HARD...especially when u have a full time job & your own side biz

i confess I've been a little disappointed in some of my close friends these past weeks since i started blogging

i confess all i ate yesterday was junk food

& lastly

i confess that i spilled del taco in my car & still haven't cleaned it all up

what do you confess today?

please comment & let me know if you found my blog thru Leslie's linkup! XO


Anonymous said...

ha ha that is funny cool post idea

MonicaLeeBlog said...

lol confession posts are always the funnest to write!

MonicaLeeBlog said...

lol confession posts are always the funnest to write!

Anonymous said...

Love this one too! What is this link up thing though? How did you know to link? Explain please! Oh, and I agree with the close friends thing and I would add family to that as well. *snarf*


Anonymous said...

I confess I may slit my bf tires

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

Hey thanks for stopping by!! I am new to blogging as well!! (I love the name of your blog)!! New follower!!

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