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Music is the only thing constant in our lives. Music is so universal and is shared throughout our society. Music may seem like just another way for the entertainment business to take our money, or for government to catch us engaging in illegal downloads, but it is actually quite the opposite.

I had gone so long without having my favorite albums and songs because I did not want to spend the money, but a couple weeks ago I had a realization that I needed music more than it needed me.

Listening to a favorite song can brighten your day or help you escape from the battles you face in life. I recently downloaded a lot of oldies that take me back to when I was young. Even though I am reminded of my past, listening to these songs help me feel grounded and keep me comforted.

Even though communicating your feelings is always the best way to find relief from grievances, sometimes it is okay to let go of your feelings by listening to other people’s problems expressed in song.

This quote summarizes the beauty of music perfectly,

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life- Ludwig van Beethoven.”


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Sarah Hartley said...

Music is everything to me. It's often the way that I remember memories or past experiences.


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