my mess

tint of pink!
so like last week i want to post my messy hair so you can see its just not something i say, but actually do...plus another thing i wanted to touch on is ROOTS...you know what im talking about....if you have never dyed your hair, then no you don't know what im talking about...i have been dying my hair since i was in the 7th grade...not by choice tho..remember the Sun In Spray? well i used it & it turned my hair orange so I had to start getting highlights and once you start....its reallyyyy hard to stop...over the years my hair has been Blonde, Brown, Red & Black...don't believe me? ill post pictures next week of all my colors...right now tho i am sticking to blonde..it just suits me better...you know the saying blondes have more fun..its actually true..its crazy how different people treat me when i am not blonde...its weird....but i do love my brown hair & it will be back someday!...

anyways back to ROOTS..it takes about 3 hours MINIMUM to dye my hair...and its NOT cheap (but SO worth it) so i try to go as long as i can w/o having to dye it..also its better for your hair...i haven't had my hair done since November when i was in a hair fashion show so i def have the roots, but instead of hating on it i actually embrace it & love it...it adds something different to my hair..kinda gives it an edge, so stop being that girl who FREAKS once a little tint of brown starts showing, embrace it..

so i do have to mention i have the most AMAZING hair stylist...she is so fabulous & so inspiring...i absolutely adore her...not to mention she is SO talented...here's her web site Kelly K....go check out all her work, you'll be in awe....also she blogs as well at http://kellyhairandmakeup.tumblr.com/.....

so today's mess is going on Day 7...yes day 7....of NO washing or even brushing my hair.....


Side Clip!


Anonymous said...

Good one! I'm getting some mad, crazy roots right now too (I like to pretend it's on purpose ombre) and, yup, I get them because I can't afford to get my hair done as often as I'd like so more often than not there are roots!


Lady Elizabeth Grace said...

I cannot believe you are able to go that long without washing your hair. I would be beyond a mess! Love the weekly pictures!

Lady Grace

Tone-Lise said...

Love your blog, it's amazing and awesome!
I'm now following it:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for finding me so I can now follow you! So much fun!! :-)

Unknown said...

wow! well done!
I admire you... and I understand your sacrifice to have messy hair!
I looove your blog!
u got a new fan dear!
xxx Ros.e.


Taylor Morgan said...

I like your glasses! So cute! :)



Anonymous said...

loved ur hair,and i love the roots ;) thanks for visiting my blog

i'm following u, hope u can follow back ;)

Irene said...

I've TOTALLY embraced the roots as I've gone to ombre too! Thanks to Pinterest, i showed the FABULOUS Dina of DK Salon in OKC what I wanted, and we left a few blonde streaks in the front (greeks aren't blonde, right??!). Keep posting pics!!

Until my blog is up, follow me here:

Anonymous said...

Love it ! I can't wait to get my hair done. It's funny bc your the one who got my hair orange too and now i can't stop dying it!!!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Ummm your hair looks fantastic for not having brushed or washed it in seven days. Good lord. My hair would be so hideous, it would probably grow legs and walk away from me and I'd be bald. lol

yiqin; said...

your hair is nice <3

Tessa: said...

Haha, so funny to see that every women is having the same problem. I've dyed my hair for years but stopped like a year ago. (Turned out that the shade was pretty much my own color, so the roots aren't obvious) I wish I could wash my hair less often.

Silvanita Belén Teglia said...

Your hair looks great considering you haven't washed it in such a long time! Mine would look like hell :P lol!
I really like your blog, I'm your newest follower on GFC & Bloglovin'!


Unknown said...

there's no way mine would look that good on day 7!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

I am so overwhelmed by all the sweet comments!! Thank you guys so much! I'm going to post my hair secrets soon!!

Xo Kelly

Zoe said...

Your hair is beautiful! I love my hair messy.


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