starbucks SECRET menu....

i lalala loveee starbucks....it's been my favorite forever...they know me at my local SB...my usual drink is a grande non fat carmel macchiato with extra carmel sauce..not upside down...oh yess its so delicious..go try it, you can thank me later...however i found this secret menu of drinks that SB does make but are not on the menu...thought you'd like a taste....


Shehryar Siddiqi said...

As a former Starbucks employee, I can assure you that if you want the majority of these drinks, you can't order it by name. The only drinks that are known pretty much anywhere you go are the tuxedo mocha, captain crunch, and blended strawberry lemonade. Of those 3, the only drink that Starbucks considers an actual "secret menu" drink is the blended strawberry lemonade. They have an actual button on their register for it as well as a recipe card for baristas.

The rest, you need to actually order it by the recipe. Otherwise, you'll just feel silly when the barista doesn't know what you're talking about. So if you want an "oreo frappuccino", you need to say "I want a double chocolate chip frappuccino with white mocha instead of regular mocha"

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