rainy day chic

ok so i have been meaning to blog about an outfit i wore when i went to northern california because since the weather is totally different from orange county, i had to change up my wardrobe a little...& of course it was pouring rain on the day we had a ton to do.....but its okay because actually my hair LOVES the rain & i was prepared with a warm yet chic outfit...btw it was raining while we did this little shoot...thanks babe!

Jeans: Willam Rast
so i hate being cold...i also hate being hot so making sure i have the right amount of clothes on is key....i decided to pair my William Rast skinny jeans, which i got at Nordstrom Rack....yes, the rack. I'm sure many of you are thinking nooo not the rack that place scares me...newsflash: its EXACTLY what they had in Nordstrom, its just product that wasn't sold or over ordered........i use to be freaked out by the rack too until i worked at Nordstrom & a blouse that was $200 in Nordstrom that i just watched on the shelf until one day it was gone, i thought i missed my chance & then i found it at the rack for WAY less & my love affair with the rack began....plus who cares where you buy it - just make sure its a reputable company....unless you're getting it on ebay...then who knows where its from....

Boots: Steve Madden Leg Warmers: Hollister & Co
as you can see i am still wearing the same Steve Madden boots that i usually wear rolled over, however for this look i decided to zip up the backs and tie em up! the reason for that is because i decided to bring out my leg warmers...oh yes one of my favorite things to wear during the winter...you should see my holiday ones!...now i know a lot of people have trouble with leg warmers & keeping them up...the key is thick socks & thick enough pants so they won't be able to slide down...skinny jeans & leggings work perfectly....but be careful with leg warmers..don't over do it..its a once & while type accessory....i loved that my leg warmers matched perfectly with the grey stripes in my shirt....
Top: Free People

the top i am wearing is one of my favorites...its Free People of course & the material is like a sweatshirt so its super warm, but not too heavy...i am obsessed with anything stripes & the ruffles on the bottom just completed the look for me...i love ruffles...i think its because its such a girly thing & i am DEF a girly girly!

Leather Jacket: 'Joiyou' from Nordrom BP

so i rounded out the outfit with my leather jacket...not real leather....i love my leather jacket & i think it is a STAPLE for every girl...you can literally wear it with everything...and as you know I love versatile items...i chose my leather jacket to wear with this outfit because it went perfectly with my biker boots....so even though the weather may be crappy  you can still be chic & trendy but stay warm at the same time!



Prim and Propah said...

I love a good leather jacket! So multi-purpose and ALWAYS cool.

Prim and Propah

hi i'm chantelle! said...

your always so cute! wish my hair was as sexy in the rain!



Unknown said...

Love the Free People top! Cute outfit all around :) xoxo, morgan

Anonymous said...

Great look, loving your boots!

Anonymous said...


I'm the Editor of LA Family Magazine. We're starting a Life After College section with weekly columnists who not only discuss their own lives, but speak for their generation on what it's like transitioning from college to the "real world." I like your voice and think you'd be a good fit. I know you're in orange county, but we also are adding an Activities&Attractions in LA section if you like to find and write about hidden gems in the city.

Check us out at LAFamily.com and our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/LAFamilyMagazine. Let me know if you're interested. You can contact me at editor@lafamily.com

Michael Soll
Editor, LAFamily.com

Katherine Krieg said...

love love love this outfit!! so perfect for northern california! can't wait to follow more of your fashion adventures!

Kell said...

Pshaw! I LOVE Nordstrom Rack! I could spend all day in that place. I just love your outfit!

The Sweetest Thing said...

Super adorable outfit, girl! LOVE IT! I personally LOVE william rast!

Rachel said...

CUTE! I totally agree- I am notttt happy if I'm too hot or cold! I haven't been to Nordstrom Rack.. but I love Off Fifth and I'm pretty sure it's the same concept- why would I pay $295 for a DVF blouse that I found for 30!? :D Ahh the simple joys of life.



Alexa said...

Oh the absolute cutest outfit! Love it!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Your hair likes the rain?! I wish mine did. You are so lucky! My hair won't do anything in the rain.



Unknown said...

I love your hair...your total style is adorable for me!
you look always so cool!!

xxx Ros.e.

Marella said...

Amazing post dear and gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

Vicki said...

love your hair hun!! xo

Unknown said...

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