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hiiii guys! okay two things today - so while browsing around different blogs & websites I have been seeing a lot of people with questions regarding domain names, web design, HTML, links, etc. & I know sometimes you just can't find the answer looking online or through all the pages of information on the actual web hosting site. I had mentioned to one blogger I could help her with her domain change & I got a slew of emails from a lot of people asking me similar questions, so I thought I'd let you guys in on another aspect of my life if you too need any help -

Besides my 9-5 job in Marketing I also started my own side business TechSocial OC, Specializing in Custom Website Design & Social Media Optimization. I also do Business Consulting, Marketing & Product Branding. Just because I am located in Orange County, doesn't mean I can't help you with your website/blog. I have already had previous clients from outside of the area I've done work for.

My logo

so with that said if any of you have questions about domain transfers, HTML, connecting sites, etc you can always email me at TechSocialOC@gmail.com & let me help you!

Now if you're looking to have a website/blog custom built or you need some business consulting please check out my website www.TechSocialOC.com. One of my specialities is taking a look at your business or blog & from there I take an extensive look into the different aspects within your business/blog & finally an all encompassed marketing strategy is proposed. I can help your business grow. For one company I recently set up their very first facebook page & within 3 months they have over 700+ followers. So I know what I'm doing. The first website consultation is free.

Check out my 2 latest jobs:

and since I haven't posted this in a while i have my OPI color of the week! this weeks color is called
Are We There Yet?
Its a very pretty orange, coral color with a slight gold shimmer

I've become obsessed with this app that adds the dots

I just want to say thank you again to everyone who has entered my giveaway this past week! I am so excited to have new followers & I hope you all enjoy everything here on The Mess. I will be announcing the giveaway sometime this week. If you don't win - don't fret because its my birthday month & like I said I have giveaways all month long - I have 2 more giveaways on this blog this month & then one more giveaway that will be hosted on the beautiful Casey's blog - www.thewiegands.com.  I'm not gonna let you know what my two giveaways are but I will let you in on the giveaway for Casey's blog  -

Vintage Headpiece

These beautiful head pieces were my very first giveaway & I will be giving away the one I am wearing on Casey's blog - don't worry I will let you guys know when that happens.

But that's it for now lovers, have a wonderful day & come back tomorrow for day 2 of my professional photo shoot! Check out day 1 HERE



My-cliffnotes said...

Yep I'll be emailing you later on this, I need you :)


Dasha Crawford said...

Such a cute logo! Love the nail polish color!

LooWho said...

Love this!! I totally need some tech social in my life! You're amazing!

Jan said...

Love the logo! :)


Yuli Conversations said...

i think your logo is the best/cuttest I have ever seen! I love love it!


Mimi said...

wow, i think it is so amazing that you have a side business! and your logo is very cute! :)

<3, Mimi
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Alison Hutchinson said...

I can tell that you know what you're doing with websites -- yours looks amazing! I find it very hard, but am trying :)


Janna Renee said...

You are so multi-talented!!!


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