The Wiegand's: Group Giveaway Day!

Hi Lovers! Happy Saturday! Quick post - the GROUP GIVEAWAY has started so head on over to The Wiegand's: group giveaway day. & enter to win not only my vintage headband but also a ton of other stuff like a starbucks gift card, blog ad space, sephora gift card, jewelry & so much more! All the details on how to enter can be found on Casey's Blog!

*My personal giveaway starts up again on Monday & here's a hint....#Neon

Also my 3rd article is up on LAFamily.com , today I talk about Living on a Budget....I am sure this something we all deal with daily so go check it & let me know what you think! And if you like the article, share it, tweet it, like it! You can check out the rest of my articles on Life After College on my column page

Graduation Aftermath }

We had a great turn out last week with my first batch of sponosors...if you didn't get to meet the Messy Fabulous 5 you can check them out HERE....& if you are interested in being a Messy Sponsor check out my sponsor page HERE

happy weekend lovers!



Sarah Hartley said...

You have so much awesome stuff going on :)

Janna Renee said...

Haha it was a very good article, but the complete opposite of the budgeting post that I did! I shared it on FB!

Claire said...

i definitely could be better about living on a budget! i'm a new follower :)


Alyx said...

That is such a fun headband - I love it!
and I totally hear you about living on a budget - it can be tough!

Ashley said...

look at you! giveaways and articles everywhere! :) i'm going to have to head over to Casey's page - love the look of her blog!

happy monday friend!

Annemarie said...

Oh I'm off to check out your article about living on a budget now! I can use the tips! xo

Unknown said...

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