okay first things first - i have a fabulous guest post over on Amanda's blog For the Love of a Cupcake that I am super excited about so go over to her blog & check it out...& then come back & see what I'm okay with today....

Today I am linking up with the fabulous Neely of A Complete Waste of Makeup & Amber of Brunch with Amber for It's Ok Thursday...so lets see whats okay today!

sneak peek from my guest post HERE

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok to send cards to your friends just to say hello

Its Ok to obsessively check your blog follower numbers when you're close to hitting a certain mark

Its Ok to not be hungry, yet you eat junk food all day


Its Ok if you have zero interest in The Bachelor/Bachelorette series....this show has been on too long


Its Ok to get mad at anyone or any type of media that brings up Britney Spears past & puts her down....come on people stop wishing for another breakdown!


Its Ok to go to the mall, look around & even put something on hold but knowing in the back of your head you won't be back, you just don't want anyone else to touch it....


Its Ok to give your boyfriend a folder of pictures of what you want your ring to look like so nobody gets upset......

Its Ok to call in sick to work not because you're actually sick but because you need a mental health day...


Its Ok to think some of the stuff people blog about is all made up...



Its Ok to be confident but not cocky....its a fine line


Its Ok to watch The Tony Awards just because you love Neil Patrick Harris & then while watching realize you love The Tony's!

& lastly

Its Ok if you have Messy Dirty Hair! Embrace it!!! I dare you....


now if you haven't already go & check out my fabulous guest post HERE & let me know what you think! enjoy your thursday loves!



Jess said...

OH I LOVE IT'S OK Thursdays! I might have to start joining in!!!
-I've never watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette.... ever. But really the only Reality Shows I have watched are PROJECT RUNWAY and recently The Voice.... mmm Blake Sheldon!!!!
-My hair is SO GROSS right now. I'm actually getting ready to wash it, but It hasn't been touched since Sunday and I just went running in the Houston Humidity!

Kate said...

Finally starting to embrace my messy hair! I'm doing a review on a natural curly hair brand soon, would love if you checked it out :)

The Pink Growl said...

It's totally ok to take mental health days and to skip the gym every now and then. We all need that! I am definitely channeling my inner Kelly and trying to embrace my natural hair more these days, with the help of new moroccan oil products of course! :)

Shannon Page said...

You are too cute with the glasses - love it!! It's TOTALLY okay to show your BF what you want for an engagement ring:) I did that!

Ashley said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone on the Bachelor and Bachelorette!!!
And the engagement ring picture folder - TOTALLY ok in my opinion!

Carolyn said...

Love this!! :) I totally am rocking the messy dirty hair today. HAHA I was WAY too lazy to wash it. :) And I got a compliment on it today. Go figure.

Erin said...

Totally okay to call out sick for any reason other than being sick! I would never use my sick days if I didnt.

But the Bachelor my dear friend...oh that's not okay haha

My-cliffnotes said...

Love these, NPH yes please!!!!

Happy Thur gorg


Kaitlyn (Keeping up with Kaitlyn) said...

Love the statement about the bachelor/bachelorette! I had even seeing the commericals!

Also, my vote goes for the ring at the very top!! LOVE!!

Thank you for the follow:)

Renée said...

Totally loving your blog and the whole concept of natural beauty!! Checked out your guest blog post, baller!!! Loved your outfits...please come live in my cupboard and be my personal stylist!!! :) Thanks for the awesome comment on Mani Monday, will totally paint your nails in rasta if you work your magic on some awesome clothes styling :)Defs gonna keep reading chicita! OH, and it's ok to have wine and ice cream and call that a nutritous dinner ! :P


Mimi said...

i've never been into watching the bachelor and the bachelorette, i honestly feel like they're pointless. so this makes me feel better, yay that it's okay to have zero interest in them. ;)

<3, Mimi

Kristin said...

mental health days are a must

Yuli Conversations said...

love the first photo! you sexy thing you! ;D


Laura Wilson said...

I love your hair SO much. Hair jealousy is going on right now... I also love Britney and Neil Patrick Harris. I've always loved Broadway, loved being in plays and every time I am watching the Tony's, Neil Patrick Harris ends up being my favorite part. He is just so dang lovable (it doesn't help that one of my favorite shows is How I Met Your Mother). Love your blog, so glad I started following!

KateJames said...

A lot of girls don't know the line between confident and cocky.

Andrea said...

Love your guest post :) The pic on your post today about not going to the gym because you are already f$%#@ amazing is fabulous! I literally had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard!

Nikki @ makeupHER said...

The engagement thing is hilarious and totally ok! You should definitely just make a board on pinterest and "accidentally" send it to him!

Alexa said...

Kelly this post made me smile. Love the Neil Patrick Harris line. Haha.

PSbyDila said...

Great post! Love your hair!

Janna Renee said...

I definitely eat the junk food to "get it out of the house" Haha. Will and I went looking at rings together to give him "ideas". Luckily, I fell in love with a costume ring, and he took it to the jeweler as a base for a design. I love that I have a custom ring that no on in the world has. You should hint that to the bf too ;)

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