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hi loves! so I don't usually do posts with blogging awards I have received but since these two awards are from my blogger GF I had to share them with you all.....so the fabulous Janna of Perception is Everything awarded me two lovely awards... then I woke up this morning (I wrote this post a few days ago) & was awarded by 2 different bloggers the Versatile award....a big thank you too Kat from Mom Uncensored & Amy from Thoughts & Tales from Amy K..go & visit these fabulous girls!

so with each of these awards you're suppose to list 11 random facts about yourself & nominate 11 other bloggers for these awards as well...since it's technically 4 awards I am only going to list 11 random facts, not 44....because lets be honest no one wants to hear 44 random facts about me...so let's get started

1.) I have really REALLY bad allergies, yet I live with 4 cats & 2 dogs


2.) I have 2 toes stuck together - they're webbed

3.) September - December is my absolute favorite time of the year


4.) I try not to wear a bra as much as possible


5.) I was anti iphone for a longggg time, it was all about bbm & blackberrys.....until October of last year, then my love affair w the iphone began

Add caption

6.) I can have a really bad temper


7.) I hated high school & will never go to my reunion

8.) I could live off non fat milk...i drink at least 3 full glasses a day

9.) I rather stay in then go out


10.) I was bullied throughout my school years...especially when I was in middle school



11.) I believe in ghosts, seen a ghost & have experience mediumship


sooo now is when I nominate 11 bloggers for these awards & to continue with this fun game. It's always hard for me to pick just 11 because well I love you all & I don't want to repeat who everyone else picked so here they are, hope you'll join in girls!!

The Rules:

Include the award's logo in a post or on your blog.
Share the love, & link the person who nominated you.
Tell 11 random facts about yourself
Nominate 11 other fabulous bloggers.
Link your nominees to your post & comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

1.) Nicholl  @ Nicholl Vincent  
3.) Jenna @ Yours Truly
4.) Kelly @ Mrs. In Training
5.) Nikki @ The Pink Growl
7.) Amber @ My Three Bittles
8.) Stesha @ Classic & Bubbly

& I am adding one more for good luck!


thanks Janna, Kat & Amy for the awards!

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see you sunday for social sunday!



Sam said...

Who in the world would have bullied you!?
Your sign about fall is making me smile :)
Thank you for the award love!

The Pink Growl said...

Thanks for the shout out my lover! :) I want to hear more about this medium experience you had, that sounds crazy! We have a lot in common, which I already knew but found out even more with this post. I love skim milk too!

Michelle said...

I hate wearing bras. I try to wear them the least amount as possible.

Angie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you! I also love fall, skim milk and believe in the "ghost " thing. The bullying kind of stinks, but glad to know life is all good now! Love your blog~new follower for you! Please come on over for a visit~Angie

Alana Christine said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm the same way about the staying in thing--I'm a major home body!

Jess said...

Congrats on your awards love! I think if most of us our honest with ourselves, NOBODY liked high school. Plus, I always managed to be friends with people in different grades from me so I doubt I will go to my reunion either. And oh man, do you watch Long Island Medium???? I'm sure the show is stages as most reality shows are, but I still love it!!!!!

Jess said...


Amber Nicole said...

DUDE!! I feel so special to be a part of those 11 :)

I too HATE bras. I'm totally braless as I type and probably will be ALL day cuz I'm a rebel like that (and because I don't think we're going anywhere today).
I kind of hate make up and "pretty" hair.
My blow dryer died a bit ago, so I went like 3 weeks without one. I complained a bit but really, I didn't mind. My hair would have crazy moments but I wore it down more and it was just happier.
I finally bought another blow dryer and it's gotten used twice in the last 2 weeks. That's it. I know. I'm proud of me too!
I like messy hair and less make up.
Iphones are amazing. I have a friend that was like that about her BB too til she got an Iphone.
AND, Sept- Dec is my fav too! FALL!! Good Gosh, another reason I'm ready to leave Alaska--REAL fall!! :D

Tere Shake said...

oh girl you need to go to your reunion so everyone can see what you have become! one amazing girl!

i love the dinner party picture, only because i do that.. every weekend. "Sorry i cant go to your wedding brother, i am too busy watching pretty little liars".

Love ya girl!

Gina said...

I'm not wearing a bra right now... TMI? & I don't think anyone really liked high school.. Unless you were one of the B's picking on people to make yourself feel better about yourself (back story? I think so)


KB @ kiss, laugh, and dream said...

September through December is my absolute favorite too! Football, scarves, maroon orange and yellow leaves, I love it all! :)

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

OMG!!! I'm so honored to be on that list. Seriously, I love ya girl. You are awesome. I seriously LOL'ed when I read your random facts.
Ok seriously the bra thing is me. I'm like an A cup so I really don't need a bra. The ONLY reason I even wear one is so that my husband is happy my nipples don't show (hahaha) I would go braless like all the time if I could. I only wear one when I go somewhere if like if someone is coming over. My husband knows now to call if a friend is coming over or whatever so that I can make sure to put a bra on first! And I already pinned that one too because that is totally me. Bra comes off at some point & after that I'm not putting it back on for anything. Sorry...the day is over!!!!
hahahaha Thanks for the blog love girl. You are awesome & I love your blog!

Courtney B said...

Amen to Sept-Dec being favorite months!! December just might be my favorite this year because my baby is due then :)
How do you survive your allergies each day with your pets?? I would die!

studentfab.blogspot.com said...

So sad to hear about your bad school experience :(

great post!


Julie Marie said...

hahaha!! i love this, kelly. my daughter has webbed toes too, on both sides.. =) people always ask me if she's a good swimmer. lol
and seriously the ecards, i could make a whole blog of them. they crack me up..

LyddieGal said...

congrats on the award!
i feel the same way about taking off my bra, hahaha.

Jenna said...

Awww thanks love! After a rough day, this was really nice to come home to :) You're not alone on the awful allergies! I feel like I'm allergic to everything. Once May hits, the sneezing doesn't stop until Fall...blah!

Yuli Conversations said...

You are so cute and sweet. thank you so much for the award, and congratulations on yours, you obviously deserve it- you blog is awesome and fun!!! I'm sorry you were bullied in school, I was too, especially in middle school. Thats when we had just arrived to USA and i didnt know any english. Boy it was hard, but thats all over and behind us, eh? :D


Stesha said...

congrats on the awards and thank you for nominating me!!! you are so cute!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love fall too! I just wish we had a real fall here in SoCal :(

Lady Elizabeth Grace said...


Thank you so much for the nomination, it was really thoughful of you! I LOVE non-fat milk too! Everyone always thinks it's gross but I think it's yummy.


Lady Grace


Holly said...

Your toes are so silly! Um, totally need to come to Cali for the fall! That's my favorite season too! I got picked on in middle school too! Bitches. I also would never go back to high school. No way, Jose!

Amber said...

OMG it's like you are part mermaid, I am so jelly!!! High school was the worst!

Janna Renee said...

My grandpa had webbed feet and it was awesome! I am so with you on the stay at home thing! I used to think I was an extrovert, but the more I look into it, I'm beginning to believe that I'm an introvert!

Unknown said...

I am so flattered! Thank you so much kelly!! I wish i liked milk-i have super low calcium because in fact, I've never tried it in my life.

Raven said...

even your allergies have allergies BUAHAHAH!!! STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!!! and even though I posted about people bitching about losing their stations today on my blog, if anyone ever took away my Bravo I WOULD BE PISSED!

Rachel Rodman-Kunkler said...

my son has his 2nd and 3rd toe conjoined on both feet too. i guess it happens around 14 weeks in utero. when my last son was born thats the first thing i wanted to know... if he had his brothers toes. he didn't.

Yvette | Classic Glam Blog said...

I love Sep-Dec too! :) Happy Weekend xx

Amy Breckenridge said...

i also hated high school and will probably never go to a reunion...i'm with you on that one!!

Anne said...

Screw all the highs hook haters. You're fabulous & I can't wait for you up get your fab jewels I picked out!

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