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helllllo lovers! i hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I didn't do much but go to the beach & the farmers market....it was perfect & relaxing....oh & I got the next item for #TheMessyProject round 3!!! ok so moving on...so you have no idea how excited i am about today's post....one of my favorite bloggers is here today & i am sure you all know her & her sassy self! I love this girl & her blog...she keeps me laughing daily, so I am so happy she made a guest appearance on Messy.Dirty.Hair.......
Enjoy your next read.....

Oh hey messy.dirty.hair readers! I am so happy to be here today, as we all love us some Kelly. I'm Raven and I blog over at Don't Quote The Raven.


I am a mother of two, wife of one and lover of changing up the ol' doo. Since Kelly likes to promote "messydirtyhair," I thought what better topic to discuss here than just that?

And the age old question....

Do blondes really have more fun?

I feel I can answer this because I have had my hair every single color from A to Z (except ginger. No no no ginger for me.) No joke, my hairdresser tells me every time how she is amazed I still have hair left on my head.

Exhibit A:


And I haven't just switched from black to blonde and back once. No, I've done it upwards of ten times, at least. A girl can just never make up her mind, can she?

Anyway. Back to the question at hand. Blonde versus Brunette.

Which hair color got me laid most often?

Yeah ok, not going to answer that. But I will tell you this: my husband prefers brunettes, but he prefers me as a blonde. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but hey, I'll take it. (He also hates tattoos on women, and I have seven. Take that!)

Also, I know there is that stereotype out there that "blondes are dumb," but that's complete bull. I mean, just look at Pamela Anderson.

Ok fine, maybe not the best example but you get my drift.

What I'm basically trying to say is when it comes to which is sexier? I feel it's all in how you wear it. Granted, an ogre with bleach blonde hair isn't going to turn many heads no matter how confident she feels (hey, just being honest, don't hate the player...and you know the rest) attitude IS what is all boils down to.

So tell me...which do you think is better? Blonde? Brunette? A sassy attitude?

(Notice I left redheads out of the mix. Sorry, but I just can't go there. That is what hair dye is for people!)

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This is How my Garden Grows


Stesha said...

brunettes are sexy, blondes are cute...thats the way I look at it. I can pull off cute all I want but sexy??? not going to happen! great guest post today!


Sam said...

Hmmm.... I'm with Raven. It's all about the attitude! I switch from blonde to dark brown pretty much every year & love both!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I've been every color.. brunette, blonde, black, and red. I have to say that I love being a brunette. It's definitely what I love the best!

Ashley McCardia said...

I am lucky that I can pull them all off. I like myself blonde but my husband likes me brunette! Seems to be the way it goes.

Alicia Marie said...

I think I can pull off both, and even though I'm a natural blond, most people like me with dark hair. Go figure! I dye my hair depending on my mood. ;) Love both you ladies!! :)

Erin said...

I say brunette is sexy! Blonde always seems younger and cuter to me ;)

Hilary said...

I wanna go dark - where I've never been before.... but my fave part of this post: wife of ONE. Like 2 or 5 is a possibility..!

Sarah said...

I have had both extremes too. I'm now brunette, but I definitely feel like I got more attention as a blonde!

Anonymous said...

I have always wished i could pull off the exotic brunette look because most of my girl crushes are brunette but I love blonde for my self!!! however i def. am over that stereotype that blondes are dumb, its so outdated!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely have no clue.. Brunette can be so sexy, but I think blonds can pull it off on occasion too :D Haha!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Blonde all the way...I only say that because I look like hell with dark hair! ;) I wish I could pull off both. Love the new design, Kelly! It looks GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

I JUST dyed my blonde locks brown, but I've been blonde for most of my life. I have had brown hair once before (and it was while I was single), and I def got much more attention from guys as a blonde. And I think I've always thought blondes are sexier...but, I'm starting to think it's all about the attitude. :) I kind of love looking like an edgy, brunette as opposed to the sorority-girl-blonde Iv'e always been.

My-cliffnotes said...

As a brunette I'd say brunettes have more fun, but I have a soft spot for blondes

Chelsea said...

I think (fake) blonde is outdated, just like fake and bake tanning is old school. ;-) I say, embrace what ya got!

Sammantha said...

"that is what hair dye is for people" - oh gosh i love it!


Raven said...

so glad no one got mad at me for dissing on the gingers!

Scribble-N-Dash said...

It's all about the attitude... You gotta work what ya got and if you don't like what you got, change it THEN work it! :P
<3 Melissa

The Pink Growl said...

I've been both too and I've felt sexy as both...so it just depends on my mood more than my haircolor! haha

Kristen said...

I think it depends on the person. I say rock what makes you feel most confident. Even if it's red, who can deny the beauty of Julianne Moore?

Janna Renee said...

I love both of you, so you know that having the two of you in one place at the same time makes my day!! I prefer to be blonde (and not have to bleach or dye my hair), but I totally agree that it's all about the girl's confidence! Love you two!

Alana Christine said...

I think blondes have more fun (but I might be a little biased)! I tried going brown once, but I just wasn't feeling it. And I LOVED the ginger diss! hahahaha

lesley: the dream tree said...

definitely blonde!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Calling all GINGERS! BWahaha!! Raven, I love you!! I've tried the blonde/caramel highlights on my naturally black as night hair and then remembered I am BROWN! Yeah, that shiz got changed back the next day. #browngirlprobs Brunettes have more fun ;)

Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

Vicki said...

Raven - you look gorgeous with dark hair!!! Love ittttt :)

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