bigger is better

Bigger really is better....don't you agree? 

size does matter.

Hair wise that is. 

Its no secret that I love BIG hair. I have big beastly hair. Its messy and curly....& a lot of the times its dirty and gets tangled really bad....

SO bad that it has turned into dreads....one time it was so bad that I needed the help of someone else to comb it all out....thanks bf :)

Its been hard to find a good detangling spray for those times when I embrace the mess way too long. Sometimes even my conditioner doesn't do the trick. 

But then it was like the hair gods were listening to me & introduced me to a brand called 

First off anything with the word 'rock' in it - im interested....i mean hello what girl doesn't wish she was a rockstar?!...just me? ok moving on....

so I was introduced to this amazing hair line of products for girls that like love BIG HAIR & then I saw the packaging....


pink, sparkles & hearts?!?

 I was in LOVE. 

SO in good messy fashion I waited until my hair was extra messy & extra dirty. 

5 days in...still waited a few more days before washing

The rock your hair shampoo & conditioner both smelled good & looked so pretty in my shower....i was loving it already.

One thing that impressed me was the shampoo - have you ever tried a shampoo & after you wash it out of your hair it feels almost hard like? Well after just the shampoo my hair was soft as if I used conditioner already. I was loving this stuff already

I still used the conditioner though because who are we kidding, have you seen this beast?

After washing my hair I used the Rock Your Hair Leave-In Conditioner and started to brush out my curls. 

My brush was going nicely through my hair and surprisingly wasn't making me cry bloody murder from pulling out knots. I was excited

So since its Rock Your Hair & all about BIG hair I decided not to straighten it & let it go natural....which can go 2 ways - either ill wake up with knots & tangles causing a messydirtyhair day....or ill wake up with untangled curly waves. 

it was untangled curly waves.

I was REALLY impressed with how well the texture of my hair took to this new product. I have worn my hair curly a million times but this time I could tell a difference & i LOVED it. 

Leggings & Tank: Victoria Secret 
Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen
Headband: Forever 21

I usually like to use some type of curl enhancer the next morning after my hair drys so I used their Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift...& it left my curls so soft & light weight - not crunchy & hard like some sprays can do

My hair was the right amount of big with still my messy touch....plus i feel the products really made my hair shine. 


Thank you Rock Your Hair for the fabulous hair day Easter Sunday!

SO I normally don't recommend a lot of products on here so you know I mean it when i'm telling you guys about it. Do yourself a favor & defiantly check out the Rock Your Hair website -

Everybody's hair can always use some new product....& because I know SO many of you are huge fans of Dry Shampoo...Rock Your Hair makes a FABULOUS Dry Powder, which I also got to try...its literally an instant lift & volume to dull hair....you will fall in love & be throwing all those other brands out....plus its only $17!!! 

will you ROCK Your Hair?

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Rachel said...

I'm always looking for new leave-in conditioners or detanglers, since my curly waves are a mess! Thanks for introducing me to a new brand!

Anonymous said...

I love big hair!!! Thanks for the recommendations :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair does seem to have more volume but umm.. those pants!!!! ♥

Emily said...

I really wish my hair would naturally curl like that!! It is sooo pretty!

Kelly said...

I LOVE big hair and your polka dot pants!

Sparkles and Shoes

Michelle (michabella) said...

Love your hair!!! I wanna try the root pump spray! Love me some big hair :)

Meaghan Alvarado said...

I might have to try the root lift. It looks like our hair is pretty similar, it will be nice to have a products to embrace my wavy-ish curls.

Kait said...

I love a good root boost so I'll be looking into this ASAP! I use VaVaVoom right now and I absolutely love it, but this deserves a try! Thanks for sharing :)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

cute pants!


Unknown said...

I've been really wanting to try these products for a few months because my hair is super thin and flat. It would definitely react to my hair differently but holy - your hair loves it. I can see such lovely changes - it really did make your hair shine!

Dang.. I really need to try these products..as if I dont have enough already aha

Unknown said...

Love the bottle and I LOVE a good root lifter!!

P.S love your leggings!!


Dinah Gacon said...

Gotta love trying new hair products....I will for sure check ito out! P.S. I too think your leggings are amazing!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Priscila@mommode said...

You are like my hair idol. If only I had the guts to pull off messy hair like you!!! One of these days I won't feel so self-conscious of my messy dirty hair.

alycia said...

those pants...FABULOUS!! Victoria Secret here I come ;)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Your hair looks SO soft and shiny! It sounds like great stuff! I love that they have a hair powder too! And how adorbs are your leggings?!

Jennifer said...

I will have to check this out for my very big hair also.

Postcards from Rachel said...

You're so pretttyyyyyy. :) Love the hot pink bottles!

Janna Renee said...

You make this stuff sound magical!

My-cliffnotes said...

Need I mean if it was poison but you said it was cool I think I'd still want it ;)


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