With all the social media, especially twitter - its very easy for people to get caught up in their emotions & everything & RT something that maybe should not have been said. BUT EVERYONE is guilty of putting their foot in their mouth, we have allllllllllll done it. So please don't act like you have never said anything you regret towards someone else....because thats a lie. We all make mistakes. 

I think a lot of you have REALLY over done the shit talking on MessyDirtyHair today in blogland....& you writing posts or talking about MessyDirtyHair doesn't make YOU any better.

Two wrongs do not make a right. 

BUT it seems we have a handful of women that really get off on this shit & a ton of girls that are just sheep.......

Which brings me to this disturbing email a ton of bloggers got last night ---

I thought I would share it because I see a lot of posts about bullying today  & I just would like to know what category this goes under ---- &  this "clap sisters" started in March with these tweets to certain bloggers ---

and its pretty ironic who the 2 VERY FIRST FOLLOWERS are....

Do we need another GOMI? I feel like I am in an episode of Pretty Little Liars - read on ----> 

From: Clap Sisters <sisters@theclapsisters.com>
Date: Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 11:11 PM
Subject: The Clap Sisters

When you first saw this email in your inbox you probably had no idea
who it was from. That ends now because we are about to get very close.

We’re Reagan and Kennedy. Just like you, we’re two bloggers with our
own blogs full of roses, lilies and Jesus. We’re sick of it. We’re
sick of the front everyone puts up, we’re sick of this so-called
community which fails to hold anyone accountable or accept that maybe
we are, in fact, just a bunch of women who want to gossip over a glass
of wine.

Enter the Clap Sisters. Be it over a cup of coffee, diet coke, or
wine, we’re here to be your bitchy friends who are always up for a
good gossip session.

We’ll talk about blogs, reality television, and even our own personal
drama. But it won’t be like any other blog you’ve seen before. We
aren’t holding back - not anymore.

Let us emphasize something: We are one of you. If you’re getting this
email, it means we have a pretty good relationship with you outside of
the Clap Sisters. We’ve interacted, touched base, maybe even touched

We think that you’re a fun, connected blogger. Considering our
history, we know you have some good gossip to share with us. (Or, as
we like to call it, “clap.”) When our site is launched, you’ll have
the opportunity to anonymously submit your dirty, juicy clap with us.
And don’t worry, your identity will never be revealed without your
written permission.

Not only are we inviting you to participate, we’re giving you warning.
We said it before, and we’ll say it again: We aren’t holding back.

The Clap Sisters website is scheduled to go live Saturday, April 13 at
10:00pm Eastern time. Be there or be square. In the meantime we are
taking submissions for future posts. If you’d like your clap to appear
in future posts, please click on the following link. As always, your
anonymity is important to us and we will never reveal the identity of
our sources without your consent.


Clap: Dirt, Juice, Gossip, Rant
Example 1: The Clap Sisters aren’t real sisters.
Example 2: Kennedy is a former coke addict that’s been to rehab 3
different times. She always plays up the good girl image, but my best
friend was her live in nurse.
Example 3: Bloggers that claim to hate drama really annoy me. Tweeting
or blogging about how you hate drama, like Blogger A did, perpetuates
drama just as much as the harsh words do. You’re not any better than
us Blogger A. (Included: Link to/screenshot of tweet)

PS Your secret is safe with us.


You can be the judge of that email.

Think for yourself ladies, don't let certain bloggers drag you into this because you don't know the whole story.

*comments are turned off

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